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Forum Index > Official Games and Contests > 2021 Fall Festival - Themed Pet Design
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Level 75
Guardian of the Realm
Site Administrator
Joined: 12/17/2012
Threads: 989
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Posted: 9/2/2021 at 12:59 PM Post #1
We are looking for help coming up with new Themed Pets for the upcoming 2021 Fall Festival, due to begin mid-late October! You can submit Themed Pet Designs for all species.

Please make sure to read the rules carefully!

1. Navigate to the Generator, select a species of your choice and then choose various colors for your design. Once done, post your design(s) here in this thread. Please only post one entry per species and try and keep everything to one post. You can also make sure that submitted images are sized to 250 (&size=250) to prevent designs being too small or too large.

Guide on How to Create and Share Designs

2. All designs submitted must be Fall Themed. This means anything to do with the season, such as any holidays that occur within the season, weather, etc.

3. All submitted designs must have been made by the poster. Please do not use other players' designs. It is both disrespectful and if we see someone posting other player's designs, you will be disqualified from this contest and receive a Forum Strike. To clarify, a Design does not equate to a Theme. Multiple players can submit, say, a "Pumpkin Lupora", as long as each player designed their own version.

4. Please do not make any negative comments in this thread, this thread is for contest entries only and not discussion.

5. Please do not reserve posts. If you reserve a post I will delete your post.

6. Please do not Ping me with your submission. Please only Ping me if you have a question.

7. The end date is October 3rd at 11:59 PM server, after that there is no guarantee that we will see your entry and the thread will be locked once designs are picked.


Any player who has a design chosen will receive one 2-Visible Fall Festival Themed Pet of their choice (maximum of 2 total if a player has multiple selections). Winners will be PMed to choose their prize.

We will NOT announce which designs were chosen, so please do not ask if we are going to announce it. If a thread is created listing all of the available Themed Pets, we will provide the list to the author upon request.
Level 75
Luck of the Draw
Joined: 6/26/2018
Threads: 51
Posts: 1,673
Posted: 9/2/2021 at 1:00 PM Post #2
Fungal Forest Aeridini

Wood Duck Aurleon

Sugar Skull Bulbori

Petrified Gargoyle Draeyl

Bewitched Mists Faelora

Sour Candy Ferrikki

Rampant Magic Griffi

Enchanted Lagoon Kelpari

Secluded Pathway Lighira

Witches' Brew/Noxious Potion Luffox

Forbidden Forest Lunemara

Hellhound's Fury Lupora

Enchanted Jewel Morkko

Lucid Dreams Nephini

Poisoned Chalice Ny'vene

Ghoulish Delight Nytekrie

Autumnal Chill Puffadore

Calico Corn Qitari

Spellcaster's Curse Ryori

Crystal Ball Sylvorpa

Bloodstone Vulnyx

Sagebrush Zolnixi

Edited By Skor on 10/5/2021 at 4:03 PM.
Level 75
Frosty Hands
Joined: 10/18/2018
Threads: 28
Posts: 1,466
Posted: 9/2/2021 at 1:02 PM Post #3
Neon Dreamer Aeridini

Enchanted Ballroom Aurleon

Electric Night/Air Bulbori

Potion Maker/ Magic Potion Draeyl

Hallowed Moon Faelora

Night/Pumpkin Thief Ferrikki

Graveyard Guardian Griffi

Mystic Psychic Kelpari

Lonely Ghost Lighira

Haunted Mirror Luffox

Poltergeist Lunemara

Blood Hunter/Wolf Lupora

Ghost Town Morkko

Migrating Monarch Nephini

Moon Dancer/Dust Ny'vene

Carousel/ Carnival Night Nyterkrie

Cyberpunk Puffadore

Rosey Witch Qitari

Moon Guardian Ryori

Arcane Justice Sylvorpa

Dark/Collapsing Star Vulnyx

The Familiar Zolnixi
Edited By Hysteriantics on 9/15/2021 at 4:14 PM.
Level 75
Master Sylestiologist
Joined: 12/16/2020
Threads: 42
Posts: 353
Posted: 9/2/2021 at 1:07 PM Post #4
Golden Apple Aeridini

Hooded Crow Aurleon

Bog Monster Bulbori

Alluring Phantom Draeyl

Evening Wine Ferrikki

Spooky Tarantula Luffox

Demonic Portal Lunemara

Full Moon Nephini

Autumn Reflection Ny'vene

Vintage Alien Nytekrie

Cornucopia Qitari

Reaper's Dawn Zolnixi
Level 65
Majestic Green Thumb
Joined: 7/3/2020
Threads: 43
Posts: 1,723
Posted: 9/2/2021 at 1:10 PM Post #5
Golden Cresent Aeridini


Glowing Pumpkin Bulbori

Darkest Dawn/ Final Dawn Draeyl

Dry Grain Faelora

Mystic Witch/ Skullmoth Witch Ferrikki

Barn Owl Griffi

Grim Reaper Kelpari

Eventide Lion Lighira



Howling Dusk/ Howling Midnight Lupora

Pumpkin Pie Morkko

Moonlight Cat/ Golden Eyes/ Cresent's Shine Nephini


Final Night/ Bloody Night Nytekrie

Midnight Shimmer Puffadore

Candy Corn Qitari


October Harvest/ Pumpkin Harvest Sylvorpa

Vampire Night Vulnyx

Fallen Leaves/ Autumn Leaves Zolnixi
Edited By Zolnixi on 9/7/2021 at 4:57 PM.
Level 75
High Priest
Joined: 9/30/2013
Threads: 1
Posts: 65
Posted: 9/2/2021 at 1:12 PM Post #6

Golden Autumn Bulbori

Virulent Vial Ferrikki

Fate Reader Griffi

Spiced Wine Kelpari

Midnight Magic Lighira

Spiced Chocolate Lunemara

Neon Nightmares Sylvorpa

Spiteful Demon Zolnixi

Edited By FortunesFool on 9/6/2021 at 3:41 AM.
Level 75
High Warlord
Joined: 4/6/2013
Threads: 28
Posts: 709
Posted: 9/2/2021 at 1:12 PM Post #7
Spiced Fig Aeridini

Stormy Day Aurleon

Endless Twilight Bulbori

Mountain Dawn Draeyl

Roasted Squash Faelora

Midnight Seance Ferrikki

Dried Herbs Griffi

Moonbeam Kelpari

Blueberry Walnut Lighira

Garden Mum Lunemara

Toppled Headstone Lupora

Sunlit Maple Morkko

Vampire Melon Nephini

Spellbook Nytekrie

Eternal Slumber Qitari

Rotten Gourd Sylvorpa

Ancient Curse Vulnyx
Edited By Junco on 10/3/2021 at 8:25 PM.
Level 75
Collector of Souls
Joined: 3/19/2020
Threads: 24
Posts: 230
Posted: 9/2/2021 at 1:13 PM Post #8
Midnight Magic Ferriki

Oil Spill Nephini

Dark Carnival Lighira

Whispering Winds Puffadore

Dark Omen Aeridini

Harvest Moon Ryori

Fogbank Sylvorpa

Dread Pirate Ny'vene

Witch's Familiar Zolnixi

Cinnamon Fire Griffi

Midnight Moon Vulnyx

All Souls' Night Morkko

Wandering Spirit Bulbori

Edited By Bassarid on 9/19/2021 at 7:21 AM.
Level 75
The Fortuitous
Joined: 9/21/2016
Threads: 5
Posts: 100
Posted: 9/2/2021 at 1:14 PM Post #9

Warlock's Warding Ryori

Level 75
High Warlord
Joined: 2/27/2017
Threads: 26
Posts: 669
Posted: 9/2/2021 at 1:15 PM Post #10
Toxic Brew Aeridini

Cursed Omen Aurleon

Lurking Gargoyle Bulbori

Howling Ghoul Draeyl

Moonlit Mage Faelora

Arcane Idol Ferrikki

Mystic Potion Griffi

Murky Forest Kelpari

Eerie Lights Lighira

Mystical Wish Luffox

Ghostly Flame Lunemara

Abandoned Crypt Lupora

Haunted Forest Morkko

Silent Specter Nephini

Squash Soup Nyvene

Cursed Moon Nytekrie

Enchanted Woods Puffadore

Lonely Ghost Qitari

Carved Squash Ryori

Spellbound Enchanter Sylvorpa

Unearthed Grave Vulnyx

Cranberry Sauce Zolnixi
Edited By Ley on 10/3/2021 at 4:45 PM.
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