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2017 Advent Calendar Nov 30
Black Friday Extravaga.. Nov 21
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Welcome to Sylestia, a Free to Play Virtual Pet Browser Game
Sylestia offers a wide range of your favorite Virtual Pet Game features!
Create fully customizable Pets from over 20 different Species.
Capture, Generate, or Breed as many Pets as you like.
Create fully customizable Avatars from thousands of collectible items.
Explore the vast regions of Sylestia through an open world RPG system!
Black Friday Extravaganza
November 21st, 2017 at 1:59 PM
As this year's Fall Festival wraps up, the Black Friday Extravaganza is about to kick off! Starting Thursday, 11/23 at 12pm and running through Sunday, 12/3, this event will have a ton to offer!

We will be having a mega Diamond Shop Sale with virtually everything offered at steep discounts! We will also be offering unique bundles as well as re-releasing all Restricted Trait Disruptors including those for sets that previously did not have an RTD!

All previously retired Monthly Avatar Items will also be returning in addition to some other non-Festival Avatar Sets.

We will be releasing the Wheel of Themed where players can purchase a spin to win various Themed Pets - most of which will be retired and/or low population Themed Pets.

Lastly, we will be having various mini-games throughout the upcoming holiday weekend with awesome prizes. You surely won't want to miss out!
Black Friday Extravaganza
Fall Festival Overview
Fall Festival Pet Traits
Examples of Sylestia Pets
Puffadore (Female) Ny'vene (Male) Aeridini (Female) Griffi (Male) Zolnixi (Female)
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