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Bonus Tiers
Amount Required to Earn Bonus Bonus Diamonds Received
$10.00 USD Receive 50 Extra
$25.00 USD Receive 200 Extra
$50.00 USD Receive 500 Extra
$100.00 USD Receive 1,500 Extra

Choose the Amount of Units you Wish to Purchase
Minimum Purchase of 1 Unit. 1 Unit = 500
500  Costs $5.00
Please log in before purchasing Diamonds.

Any Diamond Transaction will prevent Sylestia Advertisements from displaying for 30 days from the date of transaction. This will re-apply after any transaction.

For every $20 of Transactions within a 30 Day Period, Sylestia Advertisements will be disabled for 60 days. This is a cumulative bonus up to a maximum of 360 days, but it does not stack with the previous clause.

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