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Community Polls
This page is reserved for community polls where we seek the community's guidance on various topics related to the growth and development of Sylestia. At any time, you can visit this page to see if any polls are active. When a poll is active, all players can voice their opinion within the announced time frame of the poll.

Your vote will only be accessible by the Admins of Sylestia, so please be as honest as you can when contributing! Each player can only submit their opinion once per poll.
Active Poll: Which species should be revamped next?
Poll Ends on 10/1/2017 at 11:59 PM
We are looking to begin the next Species Revamp and want the community's feedback on which species to select next. A Species Revamp is where we will completely redo the artwork for an older species to bring its quality of artwork up to par with our newer artwork as well as fixing layering issues and reorganizing their Trait Slots to have more cohesion.

Please voice your opinion below! Select one of the available options.
1. Bulbori
2. Faelora
3. Lupora
4. Nephini
5. Nytekrie
6. No preference
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