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Generator Tutorial

Welcome to the Generator! Here, you can create custom pets of your very own. You can select the species, the gender, the traits, and the colors! If this is the first time you are here, then you can create your Starter Pet. A Starter Pet is your very own customized companion who will join you throughout your adventures in Sylestia!

When Generating your pet, be sure to choose colors for each available slot and to also allocate all of the pets Trait Points. Trait Points are determined by the type of pet that you are creating. Starter Pets, Mystical Essence Pets, and Enhanced Essence Pets allow for up to 4 Trait Points to be spent. Regular Essence Pets allow for up to 2 Trait Points. When choosing Traits, a Visible Trait (a trait that you can visibly see on the pet) costs 2 points. Whereas a Carried Trait (a trait that cannot be seen, but is passed along to offspring through breeding) costs 1 point.

When selecting colors, click on a color slot and then use the Color Selecting Tool at the bottom to choose the exact color. When you are satisfied, click the "Save" button on the Color Selecting Tool. Then move onto the next color.

When you are finally fully satisfied with your pet, click on the "Generate Pet" button and your new companion will be created and added to your Stables!

After creating your Starter Pet, you can return to the Generator at anytime using the navigation menu (Explore -> Generator). In order to create additional pets, you will be required to have Essences of the species that you wish to create. Essences can be obtained through many methods of gameplay, obtained from other players, or puchased from the Diamond Shop. Once you have an Essence, just return here to the Generator and create your new pet!
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