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Sylesti Nurturing
Here, you can help Nurture the Hatchlings and Egglings owned by all Sylestians. Use the "Search for Pets" button to load a list of eligible Pets to be Nurtured. You can then click to interact with each one and tend its Condition. For example, if an Eggling is Cold, Warm It to properly Nurture it. You can only attempt one Nurture per Pet per day. All Nurtures reset every day at 12:00 AM.

For each Pet that you successfully Nurture, you will receive a Scale (Scales) as a reward. Scales can be used in the Scale Shop to purchase all sorts of various items and even Egglings themselves!

While Nurturing, you can utilize some of the available parameters to filter your results to your liking. Additionally, if a Pet is listed for sale, you will see an option to be able to purchase it. Pets that have an Expedited Nurture Tag will always appear at the front of any eligible list of Pets.
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