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Active Players on Sylestia
Category Total Yesterday
Players 8,780 885
Sylestia Pet Data
Category Total Yesterday
Pets 4,985,636 1,261
Generated 351,489 40
Captured 766,068 131
Bred 3,868,079 1,090
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Status Forum Name and Description Threads Posts Last Post
News and Announcements
Updates and upcoming events.
577 27,911
Lost Grove - The Forgotten...
By: Somneli, Today
Official Games and Contests
Official games and contests.
325 52,809
The Lost Grove - Themed Pe...
By: EtnaEruvandi on 6/22/2019
General Discussion
Discuss topics related to Sylestia.
2,461 40,162
Always Running Out of Spac...
By: Canawlia, Today
Q&A (Newbie Friendly)
Need help? Ask your game related questions here.
5,101 25,559
AP points
By: Youngthuggirlz, Today
Player Introductions
Introduce yourself and welcome others to Sylestia.
511 5,108
By: Orca2Whale on 6/22/2019
Groups, Guilds, Clubs, and Services
Create, recruit, and run your Sylestia organization.
807 43,070
Leveling Service
By: Canawlia, Today
Games, Contests, and Giveaways
Unofficial games, contests, and giveaways.
7,488 432,341
Character Design Contest:...
By: Sandstorm514, Today
Off-Topic Discussion
Discuss topics unrelated to Sylestia.
1,767 27,433
Art Fight Invitation (For...
By: Unstaeble, Today
Status Forum Name and Description Threads Posts Last Post
Pet Marketplace
Buy, sell, trade, or auction pets.
32,186 332,026
Cheap Sylesties For Sale &...
By: Slytherin7, Today
Item Marketplace
Buy, sell, trade, or auction items.
11,130 143,685
Buying Quitari Essence and...
By: Malin1, Today
Custom Item Sales and Discussion
Buy, sell, trade, or discuss custom ordered items.
235 4,358
Regen Pets Wanted!
By: Sairento on 6/24/2019
Artwork Trades
Buy, sell, or trade personal artwork.
1,112 29,762
Luca's Art Shop
By: Whiteroseallianc..., Today
Artwork Gallery
Discuss and share personal artwork.
507 4,925
Starry Sky (My Art)
By: Superocelot02, Today
Sylestia Codex
Status Forum Name and Description Threads Posts Last Post
Player Guides
View or create player written guides.
263 3,196
Orca's Random Guides
By: Andromedaglxy, Today
Pet Sharing and Design Discussion
Discuss and share pets or in-game pet designs.
579 6,612
Spectral Ny'Vene Proje...
By: Cherrypotato, Today
Breeding Discussion
Discuss and share breeding projects.
3,364 62,783
[IMAGE HEAVY] Fox's Co...
By: GalaxyWyvern83, Today
Battle Discussion
Discuss battling strategies.
328 1,875
Cant beat Aryth in his tow...
By: Silverspiriteyes on 6/23/2019
Arena Discussion
Discuss the Ethernia Arena.
46 424
Strange arena team?
By: Nightstooth on 4/2/2019
Mission and Quest Discussion
Discuss missions and quests in Sylestia.
225 1,078
By: Youngthuggirlz on 6/22/2019
Dungeon and Zone Discussion
Discuss dungeons and zones in Sylestia.
194 1,800
Forgotten tomb need help
By: Silverspiriteyes on 6/22/2019
Creative Writing
Status Forum Name and Description Threads Posts Last Post
Find Roleplayers
Find other players for roleplaying.
2,018 59,719
Worlds Colliding *Pokemon...
By: Superocelot02, Today
Roleplay with other players.
1,603 358,498
The Final Days ( A Zombie...
By: Sslover, Today
Roleplay Games
Play Roleplay Games with other players.
111 43,043
[Warrior Cats] Build a Cla...
By: Grapejuice, Today
Fan Fiction
Write and share Sylestia fan fiction.
333 2,049
Champions (book1) Blaze...
By: Liz512 on 6/20/2019
Other Fiction
Write and share works unrelated to Sylestia.
389 2,609
Let's Write a Short St...
By: Rottiegirl, Today
Status Forum Name and Description Threads Posts Last Post
Known Issues
Known issues with the Site.
25 108
Images Flicker When Changi...
By: Krinadon on 1/25/2019
Bug Reporting
Report bugs found on the Site.
2,633 13,056
Can't Use Elixirs in B...
By: Orca2Whale on 6/24/2019
Suggestion Box
Post and discuss suggestions for Sylestia.
1,780 11,319
Spring blossom on Nixi in...
By: Kaita, Today
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