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Active Players on Sylestia
Category Total Yesterday
Players 5,113 731
Sylestia Pet Data
Category Total Yesterday
Pets 5,746,797 1,449
Generated 423,145 53
Captured 889,567 85
Bred 4,434,085 1,311
Statistics updated daily at midnight
Status Forum Name and Description Threads Posts Last Post
News and Announcements
Updates and upcoming events.
617 31,079
Patriotic Event Overview
By: Unstaeble on 7/10/2020
Official Games and Contests
Official games and contests.
366 57,200
2020 Summer Festival - The...
By: Stormclan666, Today
General Discussion
Discuss topics related to Sylestia.
2,742 43,862
999,999+ Turns & Rank5
By: Cyradis4, Today
Q&A (Newbie Friendly)
Need help? Ask your game related questions here.
6,114 31,341
By: Wolfe1418, Yesterday
Player Introductions
Introduce yourself and welcome others to Sylestia.
717 8,084
New player
By: Furrychild, Yesterday
Groups, Guilds, Clubs, and Services
Create, recruit, and run your Sylestia organization.
1,114 72,633
By: Celticnuru, Today
Games, Contests, and Giveaways
Unofficial games, contests, and giveaways.
8,482 489,437
Themed Shop
By: Hersheykitten, Today
Off-Topic Discussion
Discuss topics unrelated to Sylestia.
2,163 44,529
Looking for free PC games...
By: Alison280, Today
Status Forum Name and Description Threads Posts Last Post
Pet Marketplace
Buy, sell, trade, or auction pets.
36,892 385,129
Banana's shop
By: Bananashaman, Today
Item Marketplace
Buy, sell, trade, or auction items.
13,732 181,735
[[O]] Wardrobe sale. Lots...
By: Niverus, Today
Custom Item Sales and Discussion
Buy, sell, trade, or discuss custom ordered items.
255 4,711
Mika's Customs for Sal...
By: Alison280 on 7/7/2020
Artwork Trades
Buy, sell, or trade personal artwork.
1,355 38,683
Luca's Art Shop
By: Happycant2, Yesterday
Artwork Gallery
Discuss and share personal artwork.
607 5,972
~{S0MASM1THS Art Shoppe}~
By: S0masm1th, Yesterday
Sylestia Codex
Status Forum Name and Description Threads Posts Last Post
Player Guides
View or create player written guides.
319 4,070
How to Post a Picture and...
By: Princessyue, Today
Pet Sharing and Design Discussion
Discuss and share pets or in-game pet designs.
851 9,897
Fynn's Summer 2020 Des...
By: Stryker666, Yesterday
Avatar Sharing and Design Discussion
Discuss and share avatars or in-game avatar designs.
30 449
Vanilla's Avatars
By: Vanillalotus, Yesterday
Breeding Discussion
Discuss and share breeding projects.
3,598 65,635
Xavion's Themed Pet De...
By: Xavion, Yesterday
Battle Discussion
Discuss battling strategies.
366 2,049
Sylesti level grinding
By: Noodleboi on 7/7/2020
Arena Discussion
Discuss the Ethernia Arena.
48 430
Tier Help
By: Fryed on 6/25/2020
Mission and Quest Discussion
Discuss missions and quests in Sylestia.
233 1,105
Astryl's Tranquility V...
By: Wildfire378 on 5/17/2020
Dungeon and Zone Discussion
Discuss dungeons and zones in Sylestia.
219 1,974
Lost Grove Barracks Materi...
By: Flute on 6/28/2020
Creative Writing
Status Forum Name and Description Threads Posts Last Post
Find Roleplayers
Find other players for roleplaying.
2,416 73,431
Looking for 1x1
By: Orcastration, Yesterday
Roleplay with other players.
1,916 610,602
The Wrath of Obscurity Ree...
By: Animaspectra, Today
Roleplay Games
Play Roleplay Games with other players.
170 59,609
Secrets RPG
By: Orcastration, Today
Fan Fiction
Write and share Sylestia fan fiction.
359 2,206
Prince Vikas (part 1)
By: Anniel11 on 6/18/2020
Other Fiction
Write and share works unrelated to Sylestia.
484 3,523
Personal species codex
By: Xedite, Today
Status Forum Name and Description Threads Posts Last Post
Known Issues
Known issues with the Site.
25 108
Images Flicker When Changi...
By: Krinadon on 1/25/2019
Bug Reporting
Report bugs found on the Site.
2,865 14,089
Adding Design Slots
By: Scathreoite, Yesterday
Suggestion Box
Post and discuss suggestions for Sylestia.
1,993 12,859
Trade Broker Season Button
By: Larkien, Yesterday
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