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Username: Ley
Title: High Warlord
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Joined: 2/27/2017 at 9:24:56pm
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About Me

Random friend requests will not be accepted.

Do not send me messages asking why I bought and released a pet unless you want to send the diamonds to reclaim it. Any messages pertaining to the above will be deleted and the user blocked if needed.

Time zone is HST (4 hours behind Sylestia).

Please do not use color palettes I submitted for themed entries or other design contests (official site contests or not, and especially if they were not chosen) for your own projects or design entries. Do not repost or claim my design entries.

Art archive here. Do not repost, edit, claim my art for or as your own, or otherwise use without my explicit permission.

Commission of waterlily~ Cr. Ebonyflicker
Don't send unsolicited messages asking me if you can buy pets that aren't listed, or asking me to buy your or another user's pets/art/items if I haven't expressed interest in doing so. Users asking for free items or pets will be blocked and reported.

I do not accept art as payment. As a side note, if you see my art on the forums, do not use, re-post, or edit them in any way. They were my personal projects and are not up for use (don't ask me if you can post them on a profile/etc, the answer is no). Exceptions are users who've commissioned me -- they can use their specific piece as they want, except to sell it to others or crop out my signature. Anyone else I see editing or using them will be reported.
Fall '17 Theme Entries and Spooky pumpkin (1st place)
Winter '17 Theme Entries and Coloring page (1st place)
Spring '18 Theme Entries
LG Theme Entries
Summer '18 Avi Entry & Theme Entries
Fall '18 Avi Entry, Pet Trait Entries, Theme Entries, & Spooky Pumpkin (1st Place)
Winter '18 Avi Entry (must redo), Theme Entries, Coloring page (3rd place)
Spring '19 Theme Entries, Avi entry (unfinished)
Summer '19 Theme Entries
Lost Grove Theme Entries #2
Fall '19 Theme Entries, Pet Trait Entry, Spooky Pumpkin (1st place)
Winter '19 Theme Entries, Coloring Page (1st place)
Spring '20 Theme Entries, Easter Egg (1st place)
Summer '20 Theme Entries
Fall '20 Theme Entries
Winter '20 Theme Entries
Fall '21 Theme Entries
Winter '21 Theme Entries

Fall '17--Withered Leaf Luff, Lake Spirit Vorpa (Zone)
Lost Grove--Mysterious Forest Vorpa (Untamed Forest); Rose Quartz Drae, Mossy Boulder Nyte, Underground Pool Qit, Obsidian Vorpa, Gold Vein Vul (Forgotten Caverns)
Spring '18--Lush Mountainside Qit (Zone), Misty Flower Nyte (Exclusive)
Summer '18--Summer Ash Vul, Solstice Magic Neph (Zone); Pipevine Swallowtail Luff, Beach Day Vorpa (Exclusive)
Fall '18--Chilly Evening Nixi (Zone); Haunting Spirit Aurl [palette & name from the Aeri entry], Ripe Plum Fae, Cruel Specter Kelp, Enchanted Lake Luff, Summoning Circle Lup, Vampire Mork (palette modified from the Kelp entry), Crypt Keeper Puff [renamed from "Rotted Forest"] (Exclusive)
Winter '18--Holiday Candy Lune, Snow Diamond Neph, Muddy Snow Nyte (Zone); Arctic Glacier Griffi [renamed from "Winter Solstice"], Frigid Sunrise Vene [renamed from "Frozen Sunrise"] (Exclusive)
Spring '19--Dancing Koi Bulb, Shimmering Lake Rikki, Misty Morning Luff (Exclusive); Monarch Owlbear Morkko (Majestic)
Summer '19--Summer Squash Bulb, Vivid Dawn Drae, Enchanted Bloom Fae, Tropical Sunset Mork (Exclusive)
Fall '19--Fallen Leaves Qit (Zone); Rotting Woods Fae (Exclusive); Misty Pumpkin Patch Vene (ToT)
Winter '19--Quiet Dawn Lune (Exclusive); Obsidian-Ice Nomad Vul (Majestic; palette from lup entry)
Spring '20--Mistwarden Aeri (Easter Event, palette from vene entry); Primrose Blossom Qit (Zone); River Stone Kelp, Flower Pollen Luff, Dawning Equinox Nixi (Exclusive)
Summer '20--Driftwood Aeri, Sunlit Beach Lune, Tropical Fish Vorpa (Exclusive)
Fall '20--Forbidden Spell Bulb, Sentient Scarecrow Mork, Baked Sweet Potato Neph (Exclusive)
Winter '20--Soft Sunset Bulb, Waning Light Luff, Enchanted Solstice Kelpari [palette & name from Vene entry] (Exclusive)
Winter '21--Polar Bloom Nyte (Zone); Enchanted Solstice Vene, Arctic Cavern Vul (Exclusive)

Avi Items:
Summer '18--Angelfish Robes, Angelfish Headdress, Angelfish Seahorse, Underwater Sanctuary (Background)
Fall '18--Steampunk Attire, Steampunk Wingblades, Steampunk Top Hat
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 986,476-7 (100.00%)
Mission Record: 18,132-8 (99.96%)
Gold Earned: 471,067,372
Scales Earned: 299,480
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 168
Bosses Defeated: 3
Elites Defeated: 48
Superiors Defeated: 561
Mythical Items Found: 53
Legendary Items Found: 1,367
Epic Items Found: 10,474
Rare Items Found: 34,180