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Username: Wisiro
Title: Frosty Hands
User ID: 119422
User Level: 70
Joined: 10/18/2018 at 3:07:45pm
Last Online: 2 Hours ago
Account Age: 773 Days
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About Me

♪ Was Lonelymoonlight ♪
Hello, & welcome to my profile!
Feel free to buy any of the sylesties (that are for sale) in my hatchery/stables.
•I won't be putting up prices for the ones I bought from other players. (Unless it's from StrangeCranberry, &/or I let someone grow/brew/sculpt it for me.)
•Please don't buy them just to resell them.
•Please don't buy & release. I'll "allow" it if you have a good reason to.(I.e When the patriotic event is on.) (I don't support the releasers, I have my reasons, won't say 'em tho.)
•Most, if not, all of my males are up for breeding.(If one isn't up, it's probably cause I forgot/or lazy, idk.)
•I don't know that much about pricing, so, sorry if it's over/under-priced.
•If you find a pet you'd like to breed, feel free to send me a PM~

Currently collecting info on where all/most potions/elixirs come from.
If you'd like to know a specific one, I might be able to help/know, so shoot me a PM. (: ~

☆Information about me☆

♪~I'm open to friend requests, random or not~

♪~I spend a lot of time on the generator, & have a fair amount of designs on there, feel free to check 'em out. (:

♪~My fave species are(no particular order); Lighiras, Luffoxs, Sylvorpas, Vulynxs, Ferrikkies, Ny’venes, Nytekries, Zolnixies, Luporas, Kelparies, Draeyls, & Aeridinies.

♪~My least fave; Nephini. (They just look so... naked? More so alien like. I might like them more after their revamp.)

*Any unlisted I’m neutral with.*

♪~If I’ve bought a pet from you, I’ll pretty much always keep em. c:
So far I’ve never released a pet that I’ve bought from someone, & I’d feel really bad if I did.

♪~I’m trying to collect all themed luffs (Tagged) w/Ram Horns.
I might be interested in 6vis Themed Luff w/ them too.
(Because I have an obsession, apparently :b)

♪~Currently on the hunt for Alchemist’s Garb (vis). (& a few more, but currently, this is my main priority.)

♪~I consider my sense of humor to be quite offensive. So, uh, you've been warned.


-Misc/Note-To-Self Down Below-


My Art Shop (Closed)

My Free Sketches (Closed)

My Project Thread

My Outfit Archive

My Themed Designs

-My first Mythical (caught) 1/19/20

2nd mythical caught 1/20/20 was a kelp, didn’t have a trap, asked chat & gave it to Theafy, too lazy to put image, but here she is;

I’ve seen like, *3(?) legendaries, but I didn’t have a master trap at the time. I remember 2 them being Pale Fright Ryoris, first one from the first fest I’ve been in, which was the 2018 fall fest. & 2nd one being the 2019 fall fest. Don’t remember the 3rd one though. >.>; (There was also a WT Lup that I got, gave it to Omifoxxo bc they gave me the trap, although that's not the one I'm thinking of...)
*At this point I've lost track...

-Got all the barracks I wanted 2/11/20

-Reached 5mil gold (Owned all at once) 1/3/20


(Note-to-self); StrangeCranberry owns some of my original bois; Casimir, Momiji, Zander, Mitsuuo, Akaash, Reese, Quagsire, Lowen, & Emeth.

(Note-to-self): Buy back said original pets.(eventually)

(Note-to-self): Make a music based contest thread.

(Note-to-self): Make a profile thread because why not.

(Note-to-self): Might change my username towards the end of this year. (Dec-Jan)

(Note-to-self): I'm 2 hours behind Sylestia time.

(Note-to-self): Wolfpack2020 has 1 Prismatic Philter (Non-Tradable) that I can use.
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 96,449-44 (99.95%)
Mission Record: 2,205-16 (99.28%)
Gold Earned: 80,582,605
Scales Earned: 308,917
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 214
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 25
Legendary Items Found: 581
Epic Items Found: 3,964
Rare Items Found: 4,708