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Username: Zolnixi
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Back from hiatus. semi-hiatus.
Previous username: Galaxywing

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Fanmade Warriors Cat story made by me:
(Warning, it might get sad and/or bad)
This is Darkstorm (Male)and Dapplespirit (Female).

Their mother was Brackenflower and their father was Shadespot.
Growing up, Darkkit and Dapplekit were the only kits in HiddenClan. They always wanted to explore the Medicine Cat Den, but the Medicine Cat, Goldenrose, said no. When they were around 2.5 Moons Old (2 months and a half), they finally had kits to play with. They were named Streamkit (Male) and Quietkit (Female). However, once their eyes opened, they didn't want to play with Darkkit and Dapplekit, and instead, played with their siblings. When they were 6 moons old, they finally were able to become apprentices. Darkkit wanted to be a Warrior, and Dapplekit wanted to be a Medicine Cat. However, Goldenrose said that StarClan chose Quietkit to become one. So on the same day, Darkkit became Darkpaw and was mentored by Lionbush (Male) and Dapplekit become Dapplepaw and was mentored by Hailsplash (Male). Suddenly, Goldenrose decided that Quietkit, at around 4 moons old, decided that Quietkit should become Quietpaw and become a Medicine Cat Apprentice. Blazestar (the leader) and Grayleaf (Deputy, Female) approved. Dapplepaw was pissed, but continued. Darkpaw was having fun, while Dapplepaw would rather sleep. In HiddenClan, it takes around 8 moons for an Apprentice to become a Warrior, when for a Medicine Cat, it takes 10. At 8 Moons, Dapplepaw decided to run away from HiddenClan. After some time alone, HiddenClan Deputy, Grayleaf, managed to find her. She said that Darkpaw missed her, and things don't always go how she wants it to go. Dapplepaw finally agrees to return. Darkpaw is excited Grayleaf found Dapplepaw, but Dapplepaw just wants to explore the world on her own. Around a moon later, a greencough outbreak spreads though the Clan. Sadly Blazestar loses his final life due to it. Grayleaf becomes Graystar, and she choses Owlthorn as her Deputy. Towards the end of their training, they have their first real fight aginst LightClan. Sadly, towards the End of the Battle, Dapplepaw gets badly injuries by a LightClan Cat, and when in the HiddenClan camp, and sadly, to the injury, she leaves HiddenClan behind. At Darkpaw's Warrior Ceremony, Darkpaw is named Darkstorm, and Dapplepaw is named Dapplespirit, joining StarClan as a true Warrior.



-Get the 6th Ever Rose Bush Vulnyx (Believe me or not)
-Get the 14th Ever April Rain Bulbori (Believe me or not)

4/9/21: 1M+ Total Gold
5/21: 2M+ Total Gold
6/15/21: 2.5M+ Total Gold

5/30/21: 1K+ Profile Views

7/1/21: Happy Canada Day (should this be here?)
7/3/21: 1 Year on Sylestia!

7/11/21 (6/28/21): First DCU Win (Butterflies)


My Nudibuck (Flora), created by LuciDatum

My Mythic (Snowflake), credits to Lunadove
Navy, credits to Lunadove

Midnight, credits to Lunadove

Aquariion Isles Starter (credits to Wolfofwings):


Goal - Get every Zolnixi Tail:

-Painted Zolnixi Tail: Check
-Advanced Runed Zolnixi Tail
-Back Striped Zolnixi Tail: Check
-Banded Striped Zolnixi Tail
-Tribal Striped Zolnixi Tail
-Zolnixi Tail: Check

Note to self:
Fanta1380 owes me a Max

Note 2: Get a Amulet of Youthful Illusion

Roleplay Links:

Taking Back Wednesdays

Warriors: The New Dawn

Behold the Conquered:

Rag-Tag (Reboot)

WingClan (Remake)

Frostkeeper and Dawnbreaker
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