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Forum Index > Official Games and Contests > 2018 Fall Festival - Storytelling Day 13
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 8:19 PM Post #21
wait, sorry I posted in the wrong forum. :(
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 8:33 PM Post #22
"Calm yourself, young one. I too seek the coven." She slid the hood from her head letting the light dance over her blood red hair. Seeing the fear in the young vulnyx's eyes she spoke quickly and reassuringly. "I am not one of them, though my outward appearance would easily gain me entrance. I too lost someone long ago to this coven; the same night they cursed me. Many flee from my presence for fear that I might bring curses upon them. I have since been learning the ways of magic so that one day when I find them, I can put an end to their evil ways."

Zima watched the faerie closely, having been warned of the darker fae that would play tricks on the unwary. With her sister missing, however, she had no time to be a scaredy kitten. She instead sniffed the air around this stranger. "You would help find my sister? No strings attached? Like you won't take my tail or anything like that in payment?"

The faerie smiled, but it was a very sad smile. "Young Zima, I would not take any part of you or any payment at all. Your fur and tail are better suited to you wearing them. My name is Elurya, and yes, I will help you."

((word count: 216))
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 8:38 PM Post #23


Oh no! I am so sorry that something like that has happened to you. Your sister disappears, nobody will believe you, and then they even blame you?! That is dreadful! Truly dreadful!

I believe you, Zima, for whatever it's worth. I'm just confused about why you would come to me for help. You do realize I'm just a teeny, tiny Lunemara caterpillar, right? I'm no good at tracking or investigating, let alone fighting a whole coven. I can't even fly yet! The only thing I do is hang around and eat leaves.

Oh, don't make that face, please. I didn't say I wouldn't help you! I just don't think I'll be any good at it. But I know someone who would! The Hunter in the Shadows! I've heard others say that the Hunter can find anything and anyone. It doesn't matter how difficult or impossible the task seems, the Hunter always finds them. The Hunter will find Zuri!
Level 66
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 8:54 PM Post #24
Saving Zuri



Hecate looked down at the sniffling kitten and sighed. "I'll help you," she said, seemingly hesitant. Zima looked up at her hopefully, using a cream-colored paw to wipe her tears.
"Really?" Zima whimpered, her fluffy ears pulled close to her head. Hecate managed a smile, and turned towards the forest.
"Come," she said, "I will take you to my brother, Hades. He is adept in the art of tracking magic and may be able to help us find your sister." Zima followed Hecate into the woods.
After a long, silent trek through the harsh undergrowth of Umbra Forest, Hecate and Zima reach a narrow, arched cave. Long, dark vines hid the entrance from casual travelers, and rotting bones formed a semicircle around the small clearing.
"Do we have to go in?" Zima asked quietly, her ears pulled back and eyes narrowed with suspicion. Hecate smiled.
"Of course," she said, a slight growl to her tone,"You do want to find your sister, right?" Zima was afraid, but she refused to let it show. She gave Hecate a quick nod and followed her into the depths of the cave.
Hecate led her through a maze of narrow, twisting tunnels, and Zima was soon lost. With a slight whimper in her mew, Zima asked "How much farther must we walk? Are we almost there?" Hecate grinned, and there was an odd glint in her eyes.
"Oh, we are very close," Hecate said, before turning and continuing down the tunnel.

~To Be Continued~
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 9:27 PM Post #25

Amiria the Aurleon shook her head. "What silly nonsense! How do you expect me to believe something like that? I will contact the Council at once!"

"No! You can't! Please!" Zima had tears in her eyes. She couldn't stand it. Being accused of doing something to her sister and now being called a liar. "You can fly! If I tell you where they are, where I saw them! You can see for yourself that I'm not lying. Please!"

The Aurleon stared at the Vulnyx. A sigh escaped from her beak. She didn't speak for what felt like an eternity. "Fine. Tell me where did you see them?"
Level 70
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 9:38 PM Post #26

I am not sure if helping her is such a good idea, what if this leads us into a trap or worse going to prison for good? There are so many bandits in there Zima would not stand a chance! Quickly, I shake the disturbing thought from my mind. Looking over at Zima from the safety of my pond I feel unsure but when looking deep into her shimmering blue eyes, the desire to find her sister looks to be indeed true. I craw slowly out of the sprite infested waters.

"Okay, I will help you find your sister, Zima. We will get Zuri back." She looks up to me as she drifts out of her thoughts and she slowly nods in response. She looks very overwhelmed and it is perfectly understandable. It must be hard to know that one of your family members is missing in this mysterious world, but I will try my best to help. Now, this whole Blood Cascade Cove myth is new to me. Is there really such a thing? Well, we are going to find out sooner or later.

"Maybe we should collect allies to help?"
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Level 39
The Perfectionist
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 10:05 PM Post #27
"Zimmma...." a guttural voice echoed over the lands. Zima's ears perked, as her little body shuddered in terror once she laid sight on the ghoulish male vulnyx. His mane a dirty mess and as he approached her the stench of his rotten teeth became unbearable. "I heard of your plight, little kitten. I just so happen to know exactly the location of the Blood Cascade Cove."

A smirk dawned his maw. "Come with me now, but tell no one of our journey. You will see your sister again.." his voice hissed and cracked through the cool autumn air. It was unsettling and alluring at the same time. Could this shady fellow be trusted? Did he have an alternative motive? Only one way to find out.
Level 70
The Sweet Tooth
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 10:13 PM Post #28

Come with me little one to learn the answers that you seek. I am Skyla Said a blue and white vulnyx. Confused Zima followed her to a small cave on the far side of the valley lit only by a small flame it was hard to see inside and out. What is going on?? Do you believe me when I say the blood cascade coven exists but why don't the council?? Zima asks. Skyla turns looking at the young one Well she says with a sigh yes and no child you see our tribe has become blind to the outside world sticking with the past and not the present or future. There are many things they would rather deny and ignore then admit are true including the coven you speak of.

Leading Zima deeper into the cave Skyla stops at an alcove carved into the rock the true blood cascade coven supposedly did exist once but were banished because of their deeds. There are those who still believe in them and follow their path either for power or in the hopes of finding their hidden valley home which is said to contain great treasures and rare eggs. Some Sylesti even believe that some of the true members still live today due to dark magic and are waiting for a new coven to find them.
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 10:42 PM Post #29
A tiny black hatchling bounces over.
"Hi! I'm Li and I saw the Coven when I was playing hide-and-seek in the forest with my friends. I know where to go."
"Really?" Zima asks. "Then what are we waiting for?"
The two slip past the guards, walking through the dark trees before seeing a sign that looks as if it's been hastily painted. In blood.
The sign reads: "Beware THEM."
"Who is 'THEM'?" Zima whispers.
"Uh, them, maybe?"
Out of the corner of her eye, Zima sees giant shadowy figures, all of which have murderous intent.
"RUN!!!" Li yelps and dashes off, presumably towards the Coven. Zima follows, not daring to look back.

After they leaped over the stream, the figures didn't follow them. Instead, they turned and left, leaving Zima more frightened.
"If even they don't want to go near the Coven..." Zima trails off.
"But we must save your sister and clear your name!" Li says. "Come on, we're close."
They creep towards the Coven, watching for anything. As they weren't watching where they were going, they were startled out of their thoughts when they bumped into someone.

"Look who it is... tiny hatchlings. Don't you know better than to venture into the forest at night?" he asks, licking his lips.
"AAAAHHH!!!" Li and Zima scream, dashing past him and racing towards the mansion in the distance. They manage to make it inside and come face-to-face with Zima.

"We're too late..." Zima cries, a tear trickling down her face.


I managed to get it from 270+ words to 250 words! And I gave it a sad ending because I didn't have enough words :'D
Level 70
Omniscient Gardener
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Threads: 186
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 11:10 PM Post #30
"I'm not lying! I saw them!" Zima cried circling around in agitation as the council of Vulnyx elders gazed down at her in disapproval.
"Silence!" growled a particularly ill-tempered elder. "We've heard your tall tales. We have no doubt that you are responsible for Zuri's disappearance." Taking a menacing step forward, he snarled, "Where is she?!"
"I don't know! We we got separated and then I saw th-"
"Silence! These guards will bring you to your den where you will remain until you consent to tell us to the truth!" he said gesturing to two dark figures in the corner.

Retreating from the advancing guards, Zima suddenly darted left, ducking between elders and squirmed through the thorn wall enclosing the Elder Circle.
Breaking free, Zima bolted for the forest only stopping once she was deep inside where she flopped onto the lush moss carpet.
Crack! A sharp sound caused Zima to leap to her feet. "Whose there?" she asked circling around nervously.
"I come in peace, little one," said a deep voice. A moment later, its owner, a dark muscular tom, emerged from the shadows. "Zuri sent me. I will take you to the Coven. Follow me."
"Wait! Zuri?! You know my sister?! And the Coven?! What is Zuri doing with the Coven?!" Zima exclaimed pacing around.
The tom made no indication that he heard the kit's questions and only repeated his instruction, "Follow me."
Zima hesitated for a moment, then bounded after the mysterious stranger.

(Ah ha! 246 words!)
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