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Username: Tigress
Title: Trickster
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Joined: 5/17/2015 at 9:19:59pm
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About Me
Tagged puff collector <3

Fest thread buying tagged puffs! project planning themed designs

Nezukochan is growing a 2v2h puff, paid
Nezukochan is growing a 2v2h puff, paid

~Puff Themes~
XX Bashful Lily: 10
XX Black Diamond: 37
X_ Blazing Fireworks: 34
XX Cherry Truffle: 47
XX Chilly Paws: 6
_X Chocolate Cherry: 7
_X Cream Truffle: 7
XX Crypt Keeper: 14
2/4 Cupid's Angelic: 1
4/4 Cupid's Broken Heart: 4
2/4 Cupid's Valentine: 2
XX Deep Sea: 12
XX Delphinium Pink Punch: 12
X_ Dried Cornstalk: 12
XX Dusky Darling: 38
4/4 Enchanting Angelic: 10
_X Evergreen: 5
__ Exalted: 12
_X Frozen Moon: 16
__ Harvest Day: 2
XX Heavenly: 31
XX Hydrangea: 26
__ Irish Luck: 4
__ Lunar New Year: 3
__ Macabre: 9
XX Midsummer Festival: 49
__ Mischievous: 1
__ Monarch: 6
XX Neapolitan: 88
XX Ocean Sunset: 16
XX Paradise Parrot: 18
_X Passion Fruit: 3
X_ Patriotic: 4
X_ Petal Garden: 6
XX Pot of Gold: 9
_X Purple Petunia: 3
XX Rabid: 6
XX Rotten Apple: 36
XX Sea Anemone: 10
_X Snow Diamond: 7
__ Spellbound: 0
3/4 Steampunk: 2
XX Strelitzia Reginae: 11
4/4 Twilight Steampunk: 4
XX Vibrant Lagoon: 47
XX Wilted Rose: 17
XX Winter Solstice: 5
XX Wishing Well: 45
XX Witching Hour: 53

Emphasis on the themes that I don't have a lot of (bolded) and themes I don't have 3v pairs for yet
XX: have 3v pair, _X: have female, X_ have male, x/4 num of restricted traits

~Formerly Sandstorm514~

Christmas Wishlist:
Art Thread: closed closed
My Bank: closed
Project Thread open
Themed Pet Swap
Contest closed, for my reference

~Tagged puffs
~pb 6v themed puffs
~pb 6v themed pets
~prisms, themed trait disruptors, dyes, and perfumes

^Fun times

notes to self:
to do...
~Finish FM, RV, PV, SC, LP, SS, PN, AS, VG, MS
squeak: wants vampire bat nixis
creativity: black cat, autumn predator, irish meadow, Lightning Struck vene
Falk: cave spider rikki

Dragondawn owes me a max stat 4v atral ryori for regen ny'vene trade: 1415 4/10/20
Duckbunny427 (128002) owes me 3 max stat cute witch nixis: 4/10/20
Auria (aeri seed): 75k/250k
Aelingalathynius (91149): GS rikki for 800k in exchange for 6v Skullmoth baby

Paying Espenfalls for two nixis w/ 200k FR treasure. Updated 6/24/20

Tracking Projects:
Jennia (5218): Shadowstalker ryo interest
Snowblossim (73999): CT puffs
Pearlwish (2794): VL puffs
Auria (74820): max stat LG rikki
Dustypotato5(142953): AL vul
Xavion: working on max stat rikkis for me

Interest in my projects:
Draumrkopa, Meeku wants full moon lups
promised Sorikkun (141006 ) a 6v MS ryo for their breeding stock

Commissions (for me to keep track of) waiting for slot

Dungeon of the Forsaken
Won't budge = STR
You don't see a way to open them = INT
Locked = DEX
Suspicious switch = AGI

Rain/Snow= wet rune
Windy= air rune
Clear= warm rune
Stormy= shock rune
Cloudy= cool rune

Ayla Shadewalker by Hiraeth (37969)

Another amazing avi design by Hiraeth (37969)

543b02 &lt;-- I have no clue what this was for

Version 2
G1: darker: A / G
G2: more blue C / D / I
G3: more orange, A / B
M1: L
M2: I
M3: A / E / H

Pet Information
In order to help reduce Server Load, these stats have been temporarily disabled.
Exploration Information
Battle Record: 133,782-63 (99.95%)
Mission Record: 13,206-93 (99.30%)
Gold Earned: 411,071,982
Scales Earned: 245,587
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 63
Bosses Defeated: 16
Elites Defeated: 84
Superiors Defeated: 798
Mythical Items Found: 7
Legendary Items Found: 1,951
Epic Items Found: 7,987
Rare Items Found: 5,121