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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 4:54 PM Post #1

Spooky Storytelling

For this game, I will start our story off by giving the initial prompt. After that, every single day I will choose a new prompt that was submitted by one of you! We will go every day for 2 weeks until our story is complete. There might be some days where I pick more than one entry! :)


1. Must be your own words and work! Please try your very best to use proper grammar!

2. Submissions must be 250 words or less. Which is around 2 paragraphs. Please do not go overboard with your story. I have to read through every single entry everyday. If I see a submission is that clearly well over the entry limit I will skip your entry.

3. If you get your entry picked, then you must sit out for the rest of the contest.

4. You may not include yourself or any of your pets in your submission. Please keep everything unique! However, you may include Sylestia related things...such as parts of the world or Sylestia characters such as Jinxie.

5. You may submit images with your story submission, please keep the image size to 250 or less. The images must be not actual pets, but just ones made in the generator same goes with the avatars. Please keep any images added to the story to 2 or less.

6. Just want to reiterate that any of the above that is not heeded to, will get your entry skipped over.


There will be two different types of participation prizes for this contest. The first one is the forum title 'Ghost Writer' . Everyone that gets their entry picked will receive this title. There will also be a participation prize for everyone that submits an entry. Additionally, everyone that gets their entry picked will be put into a 1st/2nd/3rd place random drawing.

Participant: A Player who submitted a valid entry.
Winner: A Participant who had an entry selected.
Non-Winner: A Participant who did not have any entries selected.

Grand Prize
One Player randomly selected from Winner pool.
One Player randomly selected from Non-Winner pool. (Each Entry Counts)

Winner: Wavypavy, Redfeather1957

Prizes: Free Stable, 3-Visible Fall Festival Themed Pet of Choice (2-Vis if Majestic), [Philter of Trait Disruption] x3

Winner's Prize
All Winners

Prizes: Title: Ghost Writer, [Wheel of Themed Ticket] x1, [Philter of Trait Disruption] x1, [Fabled Brew Catalyst] x1, [Premium Vial Holder] x2, [Box of Brewing Supplies] x1, [Box of Brewing Agents] x1

Participation Prize
Non-Winners with 5 or more Entries

Prizes: [Fabled Brew Catalyst] x1, [Premium Vial Holder] x1, [Box of Brewing Supplies] x1

Participation Prize
All Non-Winners

Prizes: [Mystery Brew Catalyst] x1, [Premium Vial Holder] x1, [Box of Brewing Agents] x1

Participation Prize
Prompt 13 Participants

Prizes: [Wheel of Themed Ticket] x1

Participation Prize
Prompt 7 Participants

Prizes: [Chocolate Coin] x250

Participation Prize
All Participants

Prizes: [Chocolate Coin] x500


Admin Prompt


Saving Zuri

My name is Zima and I have a story to tell. Unfortunately, it is not a very believable one; or so says the Umbra Forest Vulnyx Council. My sister, Zuri, disappeared two days ago under most mysterious circumstances. Authorities had the gall to name me as the prime suspect in her disappearance and I am now at large!

I concede, It is true that Zuri and I have had our differences. Is that not what littermates do? But I would never hurt my sister; I love her! I desperately tried to explain the truth to the authorities, but they told me that the Blood Cascade Coven was nothing more than a myth told by elder Vulnyx to scare us kittens. But I swear! I saw them; they do exist. Please, you have to believe me! Will you please help me, stranger? Please help me to find my sister, Zuri, and to clear my name before it's too late for the both of us.

By Elleshie


Oh no! I am so sorry that something like that has happened to you. Your sister disappears, nobody will believe you, and then they even blame you?! That is dreadful! Truly dreadful!

I believe you, Zima, for whatever it's worth. I'm just confused about why you would come to me for help. You do realize I'm just a teeny, tiny Lunemara caterpillar, right? I'm no good at tracking or investigating, let alone fighting a whole coven. I can't even fly yet! The only thing I do is hang around and eat leaves.

Oh, don't make that face, please. I didn't say I wouldn't help you! I just don't think I'll be any good at it. But I know someone who would! The Hunter in the Shadows! I've heard others say that the Hunter can find anything and anyone. It doesn't matter how difficult or impossible the task seems, the Hunter always finds them. The Hunter will find Zuri!

By Savynn

Zima was incredibly happy that Yae believed her! Finally she had a friend who would help her. Maybe this mysterious Hunter would help her, too!

"Thank you so much, Yae! Where do we find the Hunter?"

Yae munched thoughtfully on her leaf before replying, "I think I heard something about him being somewhere near the Enigmatic Grotto.

Zima could feel her fur standing up. She heard tales of how dangerous that place was. If that was where the Hunter was though then that would be where they had to go.

By Griffinlokison

Zima had never been to the Enigmatic Grotto before and with good reason, too. The stories around the place were enough to keep even a full grown Vulnyx away. She squared her tiny shoulders and padded over to her caterpillar friend to help her onto her furry back knowing it would make it easier for the baby Lunemara.

She knew the journey would be difficult. What she hoped to avoid was a fight with some unknown creature. Zima didn't want to think about that right now, though. She wanted to focus so she could do a better job of helping Zuri. "Yae, tell me more about this Hunter. You seem to know more about him."
"Well, it's been said that he's very fierce, but loyal to those who earn his trust."
"Sounds like me."
"He's not a Sylesti you'd think would be a Hunter."
"What is he?"
"No one knows."

The journey continued for a very long time. The shadows grew longer, the trees took on scary shapes. Suddenly, a hideous odor hit the little Vulnyx in the face and nearly knocked her off her feet. She shook her head as she sneezed.
"What's wrong?" Yae asked.
Zima shrugged and crept towards the bushes up ahead. She peered out and froze.
Yae's breath hitched in her throat as one word passed her lips. "Trolls."

By Wavypavy

Zima, in terror started backing up, not realizing there was a twig until she heard the snap. Of course there was a stick, she scorned herself silently, hoping beyond hope that if she stayed perfectly still the trolls would go back to whatever they were doing.

"Run!" yelled Yae, a moment before the first of the trolls burst through the edge of the trees and began to give chase as Zima ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Yae held onto the cub's back through sheer force of will as they sped through the undergrowth, but the troll was ever so slightly faster, and she could see two more just behind it.

"Over there!" squealed Yae, "On your left!"
Zima scanned the wall of jagged rock she was running besides frantically.
"What? I can't see anything"
"I saw a gap in the rocks up ahead, you're just going to have to trust me."
"And what, dive headfirst into the rocks?!"
"Exactly." She gave a nervous laugh, "On my count. Three, two, one.."
Zima grimaced and did the sharpest turn she could as Yae yelled "Now!"
Zima tripped and Yae went tumbling off her back.

By Taptothebeat

Past the rocks was a hole and so Zima and Yae fell far far down below. A sea of giant fairy mushrooms cushioned the fall. After several bounces going from mushroom to mushroom, Zima was finally able to stabilize herself.

The cavern was vast and there was a beautiful glow off into the far distance, which was enough to light the area even here. The cries of the trolls were too far to hear.

"...Where are we?", Zima asked.

"...Where are we?", The cave echoed back.

Yae didn't answer but instead whispered, "Follow me."

Yae slowly led Zima towards the glows of light that seemed to dance, flicker, and float through the air.

Zima's eyes wandered with curiosity. She noticed little doors and lanterns hanging on the mushrooms nearby. A fountain surrounded by flower gardens. Wooden signs with a language she could not understand.

A light bulb went off in Zima's head as she connected the dots. She exclaimed with a face flush from excitement, "WOW! A hidden firefly Lunemara village!"

By Firefly

Zima looked around in awe, wondering how something so beautiful could have been right there and yet completely hidden. She glanced at Yae, and said, "Can you read any of the signs?"
Yae frowned, and said, "I can try,'s a very old dialect." She looked at the signs for a moment, and then said, "They say something about a dark glow that leads the way to ...find what is lost? The rest makes no sense."
There was a rustling in the bushes behind both Yae and Zima, and both of them whirled around."Did the trolls find us?" Zima wondered, and Yae shuddered. "I hope not."
A low, eerie laugh accompanied the next rustle, and then a Lunemara emerged. She blended in with the shadows, and instead of the glow of a firefly, she emitted a strange. dark light." You won't need to worry about those trolls. They cannot find us here."
As the strange Lunemara approached, Zima and Yae involuntarily moved backwards, and Zima yelped, "Who are you?"
The Lunemara let out a low, amused chuckle, and said, "I am the Hunter in the Shadows."

By Lostwords13

"You're the Hunter?" Zima asked. She had expected something much different than this. In fact the trolls were much closer to her original expectations.

"I imagine I am not the only creature you seek?" The Hunter asked. Zima and Yae exchanged a glance. If this really was the Hunter, she could possibly be their only help in finding Zuri.

"It's my sister Zuri. She's lost, and I've been told you might be able to help me."

"It is true that I am known to find things which are lost, but I think your situation may be out of my jurisdiction." The Hunter said. She looked away from the pair, seemingly lost in her own thoughts. Zima's heart fell.

"What do you mean?! We came all this way!"

"There are certain places where even I cannot find things. It seems as though your Zuri has been brought to one of these." The Hunter's gaze met Zima's, a ferocity to it that made Zima's skin crawl. "I believe your sister has been brought to the Beyond Lands."

By Angelzrulez

"Tell us more about the Beyond Lands." Zima demanded.

"Very well, if you insist on this foolish journey I have something to show you first." The Hunter replied firmly.

The pair looked at each other and began following the Hunter. She guided the young Sylesties towards the top of the mountain that housed the Lunemara village. From the top of the mountain they could see the vast landscapes of Umbra Forest and Viridian Meadows.

Zima turned to the Hunter. "What was it that you wanted to show us?" She inquired.
"First, let me give you some history about the Blood Cascade Coven." The Hunter explained.

Zima nodded and the Hunter began her story.

"The Blood Cascade Coven is an ancient group that has been around for centuries. They have a history associated with slaughter and sacrifices, including their own members." She paused, gazing off into the distance. Zima looked over to Yae, who was trembling with fear.

"See that volcano over there?" She pointed a fuzzy finger to the south. Zima nodded.
"The Coven is based in the Beyond Lands and the volcano is on the far side of it." The Hunter explained.
Zimas eyes widened. "I must go there immediately; I need to find my sister!" She exclaimed.

"Not so fast young one, I do know someone who can help you on your journey. He's a fierce warrior and you'll find him in the mountains by the river on the way to the Beyond Lands."

By MistDragon

"What's his name?" Zima asked, but the Hunter shook her head. "He has many names, but only one true name. Those who learn it do not tell, so you must learn his name for yourselves, if you can." The Hunter replied, before nodding down the rugged mountain slopes. "Go. Time may prove precious." The Hunter said.

Zima nodded and knelt to let Yae climb upon her back, before making her way down the slopes. As they went, Yae glanced back and her eyes widened slightly. The Hunter was gone, just like that! Just as if she'd vanished into smoke.

She said nothing about it though, as Zima painstakingly picked her way down the mountain, until they came to a river. As Zima stopped for a moment to catch her breath, a low, menacing growl echoed from nearby that made Zima's fur stand on end and Yae tremble...

By Eatmypi

Zima backed away, praying there wasn't another twig behind her. She ducked behind a log, barely daring to breathe.

And then seven Vorkids emerged from the trees.

Yae barely restrained a yelp. Zima's heart thumped so loudly, she was sure the Vorkids would hear. She was so close to one of them that she could've reached out and touched it. If it turned around, it would see her. There was no escape.

Please leave, please leave, thought Zima, shuddering. Unfortunately, that movement caused Zima's fur to brush Yae's nose. Yae sneezed. "Ah-choo!"

All the Vorkids turned. Without a second thought, Zima dove into the log, nearly knocking Yae off her back. The Vorkids started attacking the log, scratching and tearing at the wood. Zima trembled as the log shuddered under the rain of blows. In a moment, the log would break and the Vorkids would be upon them. Zima closed her eyes and wished it was all a dream, that she would wake up in her den with Zuri beside her. Alas, the nightmare continued.

Then suddenly, the blows stopped, and the sounds of a struggle reached Zima's ears. A moment later, only silence ensued. Sensing that the Vorkids were gone, Zima wriggled out of the log. A huge shadow immediately fell upon her, but before she could react, the stranger said, in a wise, gentle voice, "Never fear, young ones. I mean no harm to you. But you must come with me immediately if you are to save Zuri."

By Falconetti

The Ryori almost seemed to bend the wind to his will, leaves swirling round him. He glowed slightly with a yellowish light, and his eyes were like deep pools of gold, wise, knowing.

"H-how do you know about Zuri?" Zima stammered, still shaken after her and Yae's near death experience.

"I know many things, child. But there is no time to waste standing around, if we are to save Zuri we must go immediately," he said, turning and setting off in a direction Zima had no time to think about.

"Where are all of the Vorkids?" Yae whispered into her ear. "What did he do to their" - she shuddered - "bodies?"

"I don't know, but he knows about Zuri. If this is the Warrior that the Hunter told us to find, we have to trust him," Zima said, padding after the Ryori.

"Well ask him-" Yae coughed, sitting up straight. "Excuse me. Who exactly are you?" she asked him directly.

He didn't stop. "I am the one with many names, though the Hunter may refer to me as the warrior."

"See, I told you," Zima said under her breath.

Yae gave a sharp tug on the fur on Zima's back, making her yelp. "There's something really weird about him!" she said into her ear. "I mean, were the Vorkids really there at all?"

That put doubt into Zima's mind. What if the Vorkids were just an illusion to make them trust the Ryori? He had stopped, and was looking back at the two. His eyes revealed nothing. He was far enough away that Zima could run into the woods if she wanted to. But they had just met him... what if he really was okay?

By Asviloka

Wandering on their own wouldn't accomplish anything. Even if Zima harbored doubts about his trustworthiness, even if she felt more than a little afraid, she wouldn't give up. She'd come this far, she wasn't going to abandon her sister.

Zima hurried to catch up. The mysterious Ryori continued forward as though nothing had happened.

"What happened to Zuri?" Yae asked. "If you know so much, you must know how this all started."

"Obviously," the Ryori replied. "Why else would I seek you out? But it's unwise to share all that one knows. Especially in a wild place such as this. Anyone could overhear."

Zima glanced fearfully at the trees around them, wondering who or what might be there. Watching. Listening.

But Yae wasn't so easily distracted. "Why do you need our help to save her, if you can fight so well on your own?"

The Ryori laughed softly, in that way older creatures did sometimes when they thought you were being foolish. Zima bristled. She didn't like that kind of attitude.

"Why?" Yae persisted.

"There are other forces at work beyond the mere physical. You, Lunemara, are unnecessary. But one whose blood is the same, ahhh, she will be instrumental in thwarting those who would harm Zuri."

Zima shivered. "But we can save her? Right?" Her voice came out faint.

"If you are strong enough to do what is required," the Ryori said cryptically. "There will be a cost, one you must pay. But yes. We can save her."

By Lauralley

He wouldn't say anything else, no matter what Zima and Yae asked or threatened. Within a few days the trio had reached their destination.

"A meadow?" Yae asked doubtfully, She wasn't sure what she had been expecting, but it certainly wasn't a meadow in the middle of the most pleasant forest she had seen since entering the beyond lands. There wasn't even anything sinister about it that she could see, just some very tall grass and some flowering weeds.

"Yes, a meadow," the warrior sounded frustrated, and had been acting edgy and impatient for the past day, "It's the perfect hiding spot. No one would ever suspect anything that happened out here to be dangerous."

Zima and Yae looked at each other, then shrugged and followed him as he pushed into the tough bushes surrounding the meadow. They had come too far to turn back now, and even when Yae had considered it briefly the first night after meeting him, she had realized that she couldn't even remember how to get back to the mountain the Hunter in the shadows had met them on. They had no choice but to trust him.

When they reached the middle of the meadow Zima realized that the ground fell away into a huge ditch with a sinister altar carved out of a strange black rock in the middle. And at the same time, they both realized that it was completely empty of Sylesties. Except for them.

"Um, where are they?" Zima asked nervously, looking around and edging backwards towards the concealing growth at the top of the ditch. Perhaps she shouldn't have been so quick to trust a complete stranger.

"The Blood Cascade Coven?" he asked, seeming amused. Zima nodded slowly, dread building as a suspicion started to creep into her mind.

"Wait, you aren't one of them, are you?" She asked, noticing nervously that it looked like the altar had been prepared already for the sacrifice.

"One of those bleeding hearts? No." He snorted, chuckling a little to himself, "The very idea, preposterous! I am much more than that. I am a member of the HLA."

"HLA? Does the Hunter know?" Zima asked, hoping to keep him talking a little longer. She was having a bit of trouble backing up the steep incline, and she didn't want to find out what would happen once he had made his point.

"Harvest Lord's Army, and of course not. She did think it odd that I was physically unable to leave the Beyond Lands, but foolishly believed me when I told her it was a curse from one of the demon lords I defeated. Now, enough talk, I think the time has arrived for you to serve your purpose." With that he turned towards the altar, and Zima would have run except that she found she couldn't. He had sent the wind that constantly circled him to her, and it had lifted her off the ground before beginning to carry her towards him.

Suddenly there was a shout from the meadow above them: "Blood cascade!" and then there was chaos. To Zima and Yae, it felt like a hundred Sylesties, all different kinds, started pouring into the ditch. Some of them pounced on the warrior, while the rest of them dispersed the wind around Zima and carried her and Yae out of the ditch and into the meadow, before turning around and going back into the ditch.

One of their rescuers, however, stayed behind.

"Zuri!" Zima shouted in excitement. The two litter mates started to rub against each other happily. After her initial happiness had faded a little, Zima asked, "But how? I saw--"

"You saw the Coven kidnap me, yes," Zuri gently told her sister, tears in both of their eyes, "But you didn't know why. HLA was after me, just like it was just after you. The Coven explained everything once we were far enough into the Forest. Apparently one of our ancestors sealed the prison of the HLA's leader with her blood, so to free him they would need to spread the blood of one of her descendants on the door. The Coven would have taken you too, but then you woke up, and they were worried you would start screaming."

"I-I'm too tired to think about this right now. Let's just go home, show the council you're alive, and sleep for a week."

"I second that," A tiny voice piped up. Surprised, Zima and Zuri looked down, and realized that they had forgotten all about Yae in their excitement at seeing each other. Unconcerned, the little Lunemara caterpillar continued, "My family is probably worried sick."

At the mention of family, Zima's and Zuri's eyes simultaneously went round, and they each looked at the other in dread.

What was their mother going to say?
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 5:00 PM Post #2

Anni scrambled through the forest, trying to follow Zima, who was ahead of her. They had been on the run for almost a week, and Anni was starting to get tired of it. Zima! Anni gasped, slowing to a stop. Why dont we just go back to the Authorities and try to get this figured out? Zima pauses and looked over her shoulder at her. It isnt that easy. We need to figure out why my sister went missing before we can return, or theyll never believe us! Anni sighs. But how much longer will we stay out of the Village? As long as it takes to find my sister. Zima replies with a grimace.
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 5:18 PM Post #3

"I believe you." A dark brown vulnyx with similar patterns to Zima slid up next to the little vulynx. "The coven is very much real." She said with a smile.
"I knew it!" Zima exclaimed, leaping to her feet. "Aunt Lori, can't you explain things to them? They'd listen to you over me!"
"Oh, but they never do!" She sighed, and rested her tail on Zima's back. "You saw how they were, they thought you killed your own sister!" She patted the younger sylesti on her head, and smiled again. "No, we must find her on our own. And luckily for you- I know exactly where the Blood Cascade Coven is!" and before Zima could say anything Lori had leapt ahead into the forest.
Lori lead the young cat to a dark cove far from the Umbra Forest. Zuri followed behind trustingly, eager to find her younger sister.
Upon reaching a large cave Lori stopped. "She's here!" Lori called into the cave. A young cat slipped out of the cove, which was no other than Zuri.

Zima rushed over to greet her sister- and opened her mouth to speak, but Zuri cut her off before she could begin. "Shh! I know- you have questions- thank you Lori, but come with me Zima." Zuri said quietly.
Lori dipped her head and slipped back into the forest, where she was out of site. Zuri flicked her tail and lead Zima into the dark cave.
"I've been studying the Blood Cascade Coven- and I think it's just a myth like they said. It's no creature- it's treasure!" Zuri said excitedly.
She lead her sister into the dark cave- where she noticed blood-stone colored jewels glimmering in the dim light.
"I've been trying to find this for days now! And I finally found it recently. I hope you forgive me for how long this took!" Zuri whispered to her sister.
Zima smiled, relief washed over her. Of course she forgave her sister! But now the next issue was brought to light- how do they get this treasure out of here?

(oh shoot. I hope I didn't go overboard with the story- I think I misread the word limit- but I really hope this is okay!

edit: And I didn't mean to ping I'm so sorry!)
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Tears begin to form in her eyes, streaking down her cheeks and onto the ground below. You kneel down and wipe her tears away, your gentle touch surprising her. "Zima, I will help you find your sister and clear your name." you say, your voice soft. She looks up at you, surprise in her purple eyes "Really? You believe me"? You smile softly and stand again, clearing your throat before you speak again "I believe you, as I have seen members of the Blood Cascade Coven sneaking about. I have seen one of their camps, I will take you there tonight". Zima's tears begin to dry almost immediately, relief washing over her. "Thank you." Zima whispers, rubbing her cheek on your leg.
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 5:30 PM Post #5
As if someone as answered her prays. An old dark tom with one white eye and a brown paw looked at her. " I've been in there... I've been in the Blood Cascade Coven before young kit." He says with an almost eerie grin on his old wrinkled face. In shock Zima looks at him. " R-Really?! Can you help me?!" She said. The elder responds " It's dangerous...too dangerous for young-lings like yourself." "Please! Oh please help me! My sister when missing.... and... well the thing is I'm pretty sure she's in the Blood Cascade Coven!" Says the young kit. "...And why would you sister go there? " Says the black as night-elder raising an eyebrow. "R-Reasons!..." Says the young dappled kit. " If... you really want to go there kit... you better not get homesick." He spat at the kitten. " I won't sir! W-Wait..... y-you mean?! " The tom cuts her off. " I have something there I forgot at Blood Cascade Coven.. if you don't fiddle around then I reckon' well be there in two and a half days... maybe more, maybe less."
And that's where it started! My adventure to find my sister Zuri!
I returned the next day to where the old cat said where we would meet. I got all I could take; food, herbs, water, and other things we would need like ropes. I saw that the old cat had his own things with him too like potions and other things.

Will add more later - Madison
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As long as I'm on the run, I can't help you investigate. But I can tell you what I saw that night. Please believe me, I know it sounds like something out of a nightmare tale, but I swear, its all true.

Zuri and I were out playing. Okay, a bit beyond where we were supposed to be, by the edge of the forest. But we've played there lots and never been in any danger before. But this time, these four big vulnyx with scary red bone masks came looming up around us. Their pelts were painted with runes and their eyes glowed like fire! Just like the stories.

I was so scared I couldn't move, but Zuri tried to run. They chased her down, laughing like it was a game, and dragged her off into the woods. I thought I saw someone else farther in, bigger, something dark that watched us and judged. It makes me shiver just remembering.

I can't tell you much more than that. After the Covenites dragged Zuri off, I couldn't think what else to do! I ran to the caves and hid. Until the scouts found me, and blamed ME for everything. Can you believe it? Me! Do I look like the sort of kitten to shove someone down a deep dark crevice and make up insane stories about it? That's what they'll tell you, if they ask. Where would I find such a crevice? They don't care, apparently it makes sense to them.

250 exactly, if my wordcounter is correct. Also, apologies if my apostrophes are eaten, I fixed them once already, but not sure why it happened at all. . .
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The young male Vulnyx approaches Zima.

"Do not be afraid, Zima. My name is Osiris, and I believe your words. I can see the love and concern you hold for your sister in your eyes." Osiris pauses to scoff, then continues, "The Council, sure, they may uphold the peace, but they are quick to decisions. Their newest Chief is more concerned with fast results, rather than considering all the facts and evidence."

Osiris walks up to Zima, who by now has some tears in her eyes. He wipes a paw across her face to help dry some of her tears. "Come, show me where you last saw the Blood Cascade Coven. I am a lone Vulnyx Ranger. I may not frequent the village, but I am an excellent tracker. I can pick up their trail and follow them!

After hearing these words, Zima perks right up. She then replies, "Thank you so much, Osiris! Come, follow me! I last saw them in this direction!" Without another word, Zima dashes off into the forest, with Osiris hot on her heels.
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 5:47 PM Post #8
Zera, Zima's best friend, agreed with Zima.
"The Coven are real! I saw them pretty recently, just a week ago! I will definitely help you search for Zuri."
"Thank you, Zera!" Zima exclaimed, glad that somebody agreed with her.
Zima and Zera set out to search for Zuri. They searched and searched, but they could not find her.
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Posted: 10/29/2018 at 5:48 PM Post #9
Saving Zuri

My name is Zima and I have a story to tell. Unfortunately, it is not a very believable one; or so says the Umbra Forest Vulnyx Council. My sister, Zuri, disappeared two days ago under most mysterious circumstances. Authorities had the gall to name me as the prime suspect in her disappearance and I am now at large!

I concede, It is true that Zuri and I have had our differences. Is that not what littermates do? But I would never hurt my sister; I love her! I desperately tried to explain the truth to the authorities, but they told me that the Blood Cascade Coven was nothing more than a myth told by elder Vulnyx to scare us kittens. But I swear! I saw them; they do exist. Please, you have to believe me! Will you please help me, stranger? Please help me to find my sister, Zuri, and to clear my name before it's too late for the both of us.


The stranger nods, looking at the little creature. "The Council has many secrets, some things they wish to keep in the dark." He sits down, long tail curling up around his paws. "I was once a part of the Council accusing you of hurting your sister." he says slowly, "The Coven, as you know it, are the castaways from the Council. Those who believe different, those who have a different way of thinking. Those who want to reveal the dark truths they find out." He gives a sigh, luxurious mane fluffing up around his neck. "Our council is not as just as they want to appear. They have many many secrets. They need to appease the coven, hide their existence, for the beliefs and truths the Coven holds could destroy the Council's current system. If the Coven took your sister the council would do all they could to hide it." He gives a sad shake of his head, "It will take a lot to free you if your shadows but I will do all I can to help you child," he looks down. "Whatever it takes we will clear your name and save your sister."

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A letter, carved in distinctive paw-writing, found pinned to the site of the Council's meetings.

My name is Zuri- or, perhaps, a more fitting word might be was. I am not dead. Tell my family I loved them, but I'm not willing to give up on my dreams for them. If they will disown me for that, very well.

I have been exploring the forest for months in the hopes of finding something- if there had been no coven in the woods, there are doubtless other magical secrets, and magic has always been my dream. Our village has always been scared of magic- I am sure even after this letter, they will be convinced I have been abducted by a wandering coven. Regardless, I have found one, and they are willing to teach me- they claim they are not the blood cascade coven, I believe them, that is just a myth, after all. Magic itself is not. They will be leaving soon, and I shall be going with them.

They say I have no talent for it whatsoever, but they take any who are willing to learn. I have hope that effort will be enough, though they make no such promises.

If you blame any of my family for my disappearance- well, we will be back in roughly- 14 months. We will find out. You won't like what results.


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