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Username: Kalores
Title: Crystalline Cleaver
User ID: 7370
User Level: 75
Joined: 8/11/2013 at 10:13:51pm
Last Online: 2 Hours ago
Account Age: 3,406 Days
Profile Views: 12,262
About Me
Hello everyone. My name is Kalores. I have many interests and likes, some of which include: dragons, cats, fishing, playing video games, and going on nature walks. My favourite Sylesti right now is the Ryori, and my favourite traits on it are: Star Runes, Tempest Armor, Tempest Wings, and Ethereal Horns. I look forward to having fun on Sylestia with you all~

I just joined Furvilla. If anyone would like to use me as a referral, my account is Kalores and my user id is 60744.

Design Submissions of mine that are in the game:

-Nebula gene for the Ny'vene
-Nebula gene for the Nephini
-Starfire Wings mutation for the Vulnyx
-Cosmic Horns mutation for the Ny'vene
-Water Nymph Lilies for the Nephini

Themed Sylesti:
-Dark Spirit Walker Ryori(Fall Festival Wheel Pet of 2014)
-Steel Skies Vulnyx(Spring Festival Zone Themed of 2016)
-Delicate Bouquet Faelora(Spring Festival Zone Themed of 2016)
-Winter Solstice Puffadore(Winter Festival Snow Building Pet 2016)
-Late Spring Morkko(Spring Festival Zone Themed of 2017)
-Frosted Plum Luffox(Winter Festival Ice Sculpture Pet 2017)
-Twilight Grove Nephini(Lost Grove- Untamed Forest Second Themed Set 2018)
-Cave Critter Vulnyx(Lost Grove-Forgotten Caverns Themed Set 2019)
-Flower Warden Ny'Vene(Spring Festival Flower Garden Pet 2020)

Avatar Items:
-Nebula Avatar Item Set

Current (and first) self designed 6vis Stat Project:
Winter Warden Ryori

Ryori are available now! Project thread-->

Various Project Sales Threads:
Sales Thread Winter Warden Ryori--->
6vis Winter Magic Nephini Sales Thread:
6vis Regen Offspring Sales Thread:
2vis High Stat FPT Ligh Offspring:
4vis PB Galactic Griffi Sales:

Here's an awesome painting of Dragoon Kalores by the amazing Mary from:

Somneli drew an awesome picture of Galaxyrose and I catching Tyrielle with a Reindeer net! XD

NightbaneWolf did an awesome head shot of my Gazania Neph:

Now, this is the story of the best named GA Griffi ever!
So, this is a thing that needs to go in the history books! Prelude to these quotes, Abs 'threw' one of my GA Griffi eggs in the toilet, then Iva distracted me and 'stole' one. ;P

And here is precious little Toilet Angel!
She even got the butt mutation too! Best possible outcome! XD

Also working on a 6vis Sea Monster Draeyl project called Astral Guardians of the Depths:

6Vis Snowy Coal Vulnyx Project called Ice Warden:

Pets with free breedings from other players:

Free finished Project Baby:

4vis Ryori Project, "Vibrant Love Ryori", using 2016 Week of Love exclusive gene, Valentine Lace.

People Interested:
Liandralithe(also one without Glimmering Jewels)

Cute Aging Dino Adoptable By NightbaneWolf:
----> ----> ------>

Chibi NightbaneWolf, by NightbaneWolf. She's good.... most of the time XD

Canada Day/Fireworks Ny'vene thread: [url][/url]
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 400,516-58 (99.99%)
Mission Record: 31,933-108 (99.66%)
Gold Earned: 596,991,377
Scales Earned: 642,130
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 750
Bosses Defeated: 2,763
Elites Defeated: 3,497
Superiors Defeated: 22,771
Mythical Items Found: 229
Legendary Items Found: 6,458
Epic Items Found: 18,558
Rare Items Found: 27,219