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Username: Savynn
Title: Nature Walker
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Joined: 12/18/2012 at 8:36:51pm
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About Me
I'm always looking for 3vis exclusive Kelpari and Bulbori that I don't have.

Post-Current Event
Need to check for missing themes, etc.

About Me

Feel free to call me Sav or Savvy. My main hobby on Sylestia is collecting themed pets. Though I like all pets, I particularly love nephinies, kelparies, bulbories, and sylvorpas. I also collect bone mask faeloras, garland lunemaras, and luffbunnies.

If anyone needs advice, I'd be happy to try to help.

However, please let's get to know each other first before sending a friend request.

Other Things
If a pet is not marked for sale, it is not for sale.

If a pet isn't marked for breeding, feel free to ask about it. However, sometimes I'm waiting to change the gender, see what happens in a revamp, or thinking about eventually disrupting for different traits which would prevent breeding for the time being. This will most likely happen with exclusives.

I can be rather slow moving about things. There's things I'd like to do but just haven't gotten to yet. There's various reasons for this. A lot of times I just have a lot on my plate. It can also be that I'm having indecision about what I want to do exactly.

I usually prefer to be messaged via the inbox over tiny chat unless you need to quickly get my attention.

Theme Collecting -
A major goal of mine is to collect if possible a male and female of each theme along with different color variations if applicable. This post shows what I'm still missing.


I'm also trying to collect a full set of luffbunnies. I want to collect a male and female of each possible trait. My thread for them are here.

I owe Electrifying and Theafy big for much brew help.

Taken from this guide ->
"It takes roughly 72 hours (3 Days) for a newborn Eggling to become a Hatchling.
It takes roughly 144 hours (6 Days) for a Hatchling to become an Adolescent.
It takes 18 Days for an Adolescent to become an Adult."

648 hours total from egg to an adult.

Krinadon: Level doesn't affect stats, but offspring can be born higher than lvl 0

Krinadon: @Savynn, if it lets you use the collector, it should give you a chance for the pet. The two are independent so if you actually use the collector - it should parse the chance for the egg regardless

my projects

Art By Various Artists
I started commission art by various artists. I find it can be really fun to collect and you can find their art shops in the forums.

by Taptothebeat

by Kylana

by Dundee - click for larger image

by 99echosong99

Kazuki by Artistnotfound - click for larger image

Kazuki by Studioeom

Kazuki by Dragonflaw

Kazuki by Kila

Poseidon by Silversky
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Battle Record: 675,094-25 (100.00%)
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Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 1,061
Bosses Defeated: 4,596
Elites Defeated: 6,997
Superiors Defeated: 44,435
Mythical Items Found: 337
Legendary Items Found: 2,389
Epic Items Found: 17,230
Rare Items Found: 48,046
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