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Username: Somneli
Title: The Sweet Tooth
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Joined: 1/9/2016 at 8:46:41am
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About Me
Elf bops, please? c:

Crazy big arrangement for many many Squeeshy lups
faltree from Zhy...?
Link to closed regen contest 'cos I'm too lazy to look for it in the fora
Alice is interested in elf kids
Lace and Scath willing to keep helping with designing lups.
Xiaoyao8 is interested in 6v BFs.
re-proofing through winnigh.

contest entrants for pinging: Komppa,Drag0n5,Fastnatalie1,Xavion,Caw,Vulpie,Silverraven,Amarok,Rysk,Lauradrakkyn,Caramelcoco,Xiaoyao8,Lalalanmao,Wavypavy,Dragongem23,Dial,Firegem1401,Scathreoite,Poeticthoughts,Laceandribbons,Limor

... then light fire air? (stolen from Losty)
and maybe water air light (based on Hundenelsker)

snowman hunter outfit
winter fest entries

Krinadon: [09:48] I might be able to find time in November to finish Section 2
Krinadon: [09:48] If not though, I swear, it will release in January at the latest or you all can mob me

(fall fest theme entries)

Lookin' for lups
Sales thread
Puppet Paws contest
279 (231).
SALES for BANEY: 1.5mil. Paid: 900,070. (+2 traded)
glitter tree festive lup for winter fest.
yeti lup?

Hey there. I'm Som.
I'm a Christian girl, college student, and lup collector extraordinaire~.
(I'm the 'the resident iconic Lupora keeper', as per Harley.)
Lyathali: Som may have a Lupe problem lol
SpaceElf1: And the sound of shrill yapping was heard in the land...
Snowyh2o: O.o 'tis a forest of Lups
Somneli: "What d'you mean, there are 22 species? I have no idea what you're talking about"
Harleyc: I say Somneli is the old lupe lady auntie!

Bulbs for Ember2000?
"Cheshire Paws" for MissWonderland? (/Ghost)

"Remember us. Remember that we lived." - Nine

(Row, row, row your boat gently down the TLG river. Ferrikki, Ferrikki, Ferrikki, Ferrikki, life is but a dream.)

Turn 10: Bane has defeated Shade of Vierna! (Lv70 Team)

Som Can Draw, Probably
Projects thread
Vorpa project with Caw
*Confetti Promise !!
The nurturing handbook
random research
*Kalores, Zenaku, etc. have expressed an interest in a "Sylestia Snowman" back for 2018 winter fest (Kalores also suggests "snowman hunter" outfit)
snowshoe bulb
Adventures with Dumb Party Setups

Art of my beloved Meeka pet by the wonderful NightbaneWolf:

My spideyryo Elirose, also by Baney:

Spideyryo Eli drawn beautifully by Tori:

Dino by Baney (oh it's big):

Puppet Paws and Roseling by Caw (they're really small~):

Puppet Paws, by me:

Lovely and regal Goldie, by Lace~:

Caramel (m) and Blue (f)
Stelentine (f) and Hoshino (m)
Puppet Paws (m) and Marionette (f)
*Ghostly and Culpeper.
--Cheshire and Avon.
--Steel and Copper?
--Neon and Lumine.
--Kane and Candy.
Deadwood (m) and Petra (f)
Black Lotus (f) and Black King (m)
Time and Space / Dimension and Chronology
Liquid Moonlight (m) and Starflower (f)
(Ironfang and Freyja.)
Dareka + Umio ??
Valenciano, valentine.
Vanitas, steampunk.
Sa'wen (Soulfire)
Ursaurora Austrarctica
Nephiko (Neffy?)
the resounding sounding board
velvet darling.
Terri Shuffles.
majekoi = liberty.
"krimbleden". ww
the river winds down the bosky banks...
Niccila Annomy.
Morevel Khapsody.

"snow x poison" design suggested by Watercolors.

Sylvester's alternate names: Sylvester Morstellae; Sylvester Mille Morstellae; Sylvester, A Thousand Deaths of Stars.
Shade of Europa's given name is Void.

Escaped pets

Can't see how to open door - intelligence (Atra)
Can't budge door - strength (Wolf)
Door button is too high - agility (Caecus)
Door is locked - dexterity (Atra)

Metachemist: *puts customer in corner* you need a minute to sit and think about what you did.
Sakina: copy/pasta is your friend
Lenore: stables do not grow unless planted on a bedrock of diamonds.
Watercolors: xD Som is a magical hatching fairy
Mewtwostyle: That would be a lil' odd *poof* LOVE ME
IvyHatter: Point is Art, if it can happen to me, then someday a man will yell at you too xD
Zenaku: Ham. hmm Hamsgiving. *nod*
Britters: Som, how have you managed to corrupt my son?
Lovelock: Sometimes I wonder if any of us are mentally sound but the immediate brain answer is no
Articu: ._. i'm a human children
Amarok: everyone hit the amarok pinata
Zenaku: Well; if we are being technical.. phase in and out one block at a time in the zone.
Caw: egg: I sense a disturbance in the wolves. I must change.
Amberwing: Flying werewolves sound like a party.
Krinadon: Things are being things as I'm thinging along the things towards the final thing
Britters: I second the plan of Krin not dying
Karma: *greets krin in wookie language*
Scathreoite: fuzzy buzzy... dogs
Absoluteinsanity: are griffi low-carb??
Monteagleagle: im too tired to brain XD
Charlottespider: TV vorpa?? Does it have cable???
Amarok: Whampaging Wedephants
Absoluteinsanity: oh great Lost your 1%ness broke Sav
Britters: we are all Som
Articu: *flaps around* am doin a menace
Sakina: I think you need a special item to evolve into a cruise boat, som
Harleyc: Hey, I'm trying to follow the proper care and feeding of Somneli book.
SpaceElf1: Hello, Malafarian. Hand over the squirrel!
Cyradis4: I didn't try hard, I loafed and was strategic.
SpaceElf1: Occasionally we fall into holes.
Calliopecat: i do everything specifically to mess with som
Niverus: Som has mystical mind power. Be wary, all ye who venture here.
Faeyla: Cuz nothing says sloth like an angry dragon. :-P
Scathreoite: I don't understand programming and codespaghetti
Galaxyrose: *throws som a giant floating swan* there, you wont sink now
Britters: I used to describe being outside there as "trying to breath underwater in an oven*
Amarok: doggo was derpy so I threw a brick at it and it seemed to fix it
Articu: *pauses mid fight to pet tiny noodle dragon* yea i see wym lol
Sakina: I can't help but read 'revamp' as in re-vamp... like getting turned into a vampire a second time.
GoldGryphon: Give the tank a hug!
Sakina: Silly Krin... there are no sane people on the internet
Calliopecat: i just saw a morkko and thought it was a platypus for a second
Sakina: Not the brightest knife in the crayon drawer?
Sakina: Stupid walking photosynthetic tanks
Theafy: shampoo? can I eat it?
Articu: *weird dance* I am weird
Amarok: i just want to fight with a bunch of babies
Mohya: I was not cursed by muffins today
Ley: Murder and patience
Kalores: Theafy is a beaver?
Zelly: I thought you were calling ham sandwiches a common mistake XD
Aelingalathynius: Whoa, calm down there Hawk, murder is 40% probably not the answer
MalarkyVonHoole: *tap dances in the future*
NightbaneWolf: MOOOO
Shardial: *pats self* I always knew I was a shirt dial
Tori: Theafy's a Leafy! But only sometimes
Silverraven: I always assumed they were shoulder dragons. Turns out, I'm my Vene's shoulder human. O.O
Dinnerbone: little awoo baby!!
Moonsugar: Som is the offspring of a fairy merman and a royal vixen ^-^
Amarok: Amarok is cooking pasta
Creativity: I've been getting about five sleep a night. Darn, guys xD.
NightbaneWolf: *buys an Amarok* Amarok is best buy
Theafy: Principal Krinadork
Absoluteinsanity: dibs on the worl

"Thanks for the info my wonderful Somnelictionary xD <3" - MissWonderland.
"[Luffs are] sentient poofs, Som." - Sakina.
Zenaku: I hear Som being buried.
Creativity: *giggles maniacally*
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Battle Record: 137,727-275 (99.80%)
Mission Record: 5,929-45 (99.25%)
Gold Earned: 112,952,885
Scales Earned: 990,626
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 430
Bosses Defeated: 445
Elites Defeated: 835
Superiors Defeated: 4,819
Mythical Items Found: 166
Legendary Items Found: 1,013
Epic Items Found: 5,632
Rare Items Found: 13,176