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Forum Index > Official Games and Contests > 2017 Fall Festival - Spooky Stories
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Level 69
Nature Walker
Joined: 6/16/2017
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Posted: 11/9/2017 at 3:09 PM Post #31
As Emily approached the house, a blazing bonfire sprung to life all on it's own. She took a cautious step backwards, worried. She stepped on a twig, which let out a seemingly loud crack. A flock of neurotic Nytekries flew to the skies in surprise. Emily jumped at their cawing and yelled, "Kooky Kittens!"
Emily quickly tried to regain her confidence and crept up to the house. She couldn't back out now. She undid the squeaking hatch on the door and entered in. From the outside, the house looked no more than a suspicious shed, but on the inside, it was even more horrific.
The place looked as if it had been abandoned. A party invitation lay on the ground, and Emily reached down to pick it up. She quickly scanned it, reading something about a "graveyard ritual", before setting it back down on the floor. She spied a staircase and raced up it, but hit her head on a swinging chandelier on the low ceiling, blacking out.
When she awoke, she was still laying on the floor, a masked visitor and a cognizant scarecrow leaning over her. "What should we do with her?" asked the masked one. "Take her to the basement, she's yours after that." the scarecrow answered. The masked visitor nodded and dragged Emily off.
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Posted: 11/9/2017 at 3:16 PM Post #32
Cognizant Scarecrow
Blazing Bonfire
Graveyard Ritual
Neurotic Nytekrie
Suspicious Shed
Party Invitation
Squeaking Hatch
Masked Visitor
Swinging Chandelier
Kooky Kittens

On a dark and stormy night there once was some Neurotic Nytekries preforming a Graveyard Ritual around a Blazing Bonfire. They were squaking and squeaking and making all the sounds a Nytekrie makes. They did that every night, until the craziest Nytkrie got a Party Invitation! The invitation said that only the craziest Nytkries were allowed to come to the party. Many of them were disappointed at the fact that they were not the craziest of the bunch. There was one that especially wanted to go. So when the craziest Nytkries left for the party, he tagged along and when names were asked for, he just asked to be called the Masked Visitor. The six Nytkries that arrived at the party saw some pretty crazy things. There were the Kooky Kittens, the Cognizant Scarecrow, and, of course, the banana cream pie. Why the cream pie was so scary, they still will not tell. But the scariest thing about this party was that the floor was a gigantic Squeaking Hatch. Also, next door, there was a very Suspicious Shed. There was also a very creepy Swinging Chandelier. The scary thing was that the Chandelier was meant to swing.
Level 37
Joined: 8/4/2017
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Posted: 11/11/2017 at 2:52 AM Post #33
Mines mire if a silly story than a spooky one, but it still is fall themed. Word count: 481


Once upon a time, there was a person named Bob. Bob wanted to rake up the fallen leaves in his backyard, so he decided to go into his shed to get the rake. But instead of his normal shed, it appeared to have turned into a haunted-looking, eerie, in horrible shape, broken down, old, suspicious shed. Oh wow, exclaimed Bob, theres something different about this shed, but I cant quite put my finger on it... Suddenly, a deep voice rang out. Do not enter the shed! It is filled with many spooky monsters and dangerous traps! Bob looked around. Who said that? He turned to see his scarecrow with glowing eyes. Oh yeah I forgot, it said, Im an all-powerful cognizant scarecrow deity that possessed your scarecrow to send you this message. Oh ok, replied Bob. Meh, he said, continuing towards the shed. Are you sure about that? The scarecrow warned once again. I think so... said Bob as he bravely opened the squeaking hatch into the shed.

The next thing bob remembered is waking tied up next to a blazing bonfire. Hey! Whats going on here! He looked around scared as a bunch of Sylestis gathered around him, watching him turn over the fire. Were performing our annual graveyard ritual! a seemingly neurotic nytekrie replied. He and his friends were wearing odd ritual-like garbs. A what?!? Bob yelled. Why were you guys hiding out in my shed?? Because, a bulbori stated, thats how your supposed to find people for the ritual! DUH. ...oh, Bob said uncertainly. He started to panic. Alright, the nytekrie announced. It is time to burn the body! Everyone cheered in excitement, including Bob. Wait what? said Bob. But as if in perfect timing, a jolly old mailman came skipping through with a party invitation. To Bob Bobber! Exclaimed the mailman. OOOH a party?! Ive never been invited to party before! As the Sylestis released him they said, Well if youre going to a party, then thats definitely a valid excuse for not being burned at the steak. You can go now. Yay! Bob said.

At the party, Bob met a trio of really kooky kittens. Their names were floofy, fluffy, and flaf. They were hosting the party, for no apparent reason besides a Halloween get-together, and were riding on the swinging chandelier the whole time. Oh goody! That looks like fun! said Bob, jumping on and joining their swinging. Everyone was laughing and having fun UNTIL...
The door slammed open and a masked visitor came formally into the room. As he approached the hosts, their swinging came to a stop. Is this the three Fluffballs household? He asked in a deep and menacing voice. They gulped. Yes..? All three replied. Then he suddenly threw off the mask. It was the scarecrow! Then LETS PAR-TAY!!! He exclaimed. Everyone started cheering and dancing to loud music and disco lights.

Level 62
Joined: 8/23/2016
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Posted: 11/18/2017 at 5:05 AM Post #34
(Sorry if we weren't meant to ping)

Katelyn's Graveyard Dance

Cognizant Scarecrow
Blazing Bonfire
Graveyard Ritual
Neurotic Nytekrie
Suspicious Shed
Party Invitation
Squeaking Hatch
Masked Visitor
Swinging Chandelier
Kooky Kittens

Katelyn put her hands above her head, her leg out in front of her as she proceeded to begin the sacred village dance. Light flickered on her from the blazing bonfire as the chains from her outfit tapped together, making an unstable rhythm as she twirled around the fire. From the corner of her eye, she saw a masked visitor slip away into the shadows. He caught her eye immediately, but she heard the drums start up and let her body take over, dancing until it finally came to an end.

She was met by a round of applause as she bowed, letting the Halloween carnival start. She could see eyes fill with awe at the procession, full of bright colours and haunted costumes. Katelyn knew it was her cue to leave and decided to follow the trail the man had left behind, the crowd parting for her to get through. Once at the end, she pulled a shawl over her shoulders. The cold night was cloudy, letting her see the glowing, bright stars that danced like she had in the night sky. She wondered if they were celebrating too.

Out of the corner of her eye, Katelyn spotted a tatted scarecrow. She approached it warily, jumping back in horror as it offered her its hand, offering her a dance. She shook her head, letting her blonde hair fly out of the ponytail, "Do you know where he went, dear Cognizant Scarecrow?" her voice was a husky whisper.

The answer she received made her grimace. The suspicious shed was not somewhere anyone wanted to be, the rumours and ancient wives talk said that whoever entered would not come out alive, but as a mesmerizing ghost, destined to fade as they watched loved ones forget them.

As Katelyn crept forward, her delicate feet shaking as she placed them down on the soft dirt while a hammer was hitting her heart violently, causing it to beat quickly.
There was a creak as she opened the door. Nausea overwhelmed her. She felt like she could faint.

Inside, it was cold and dark, the room smelt horribly of mould. Katelyn was chanting in her mind, trying to remember happy childhood memories as she walked in, like the time her best friend gave her her first party invitation.. thump, thump, thump. Her heart was pounding, skipping beats in fear.

He was standing there. Over the carcass of a dead, Neurotic Nytekrie. He was holding a sword, stained in a crimson blood. The Nytekrie had a haunted look in its eyes, one of the insane and hunted. She was terrified.

Above the man, there was a loose, swinging chandelier. Katelyn didn't understand.. she wished it would fall. She felt her muscles and body tense up from fear, eyes widened. She wanted to run, to escape, but it was fascinating to be here at the same time. Curiosity burnt her.

The masked man turned. His mask was now hanging down his neck, and his eyes had a flare, a certain excitement she'd never seen before. Katelyn stepped back as he walked towards her. Then he spoke. His voice was childish and sweet, not at all gruff like she'd expected, "You're that girl from the graveyard ritual" he stated kindly, "I loved your dance."

She nodded, shocked, letting herself relax, "T-Thank you.." she mumbled. She jumped back, slamming into the door as a loud yowl was heard, along with a squeaking hatch. Two kooky kittens popped their heads out, sniffing around the floor.

The man laughed at her reaction. She blushed furiously, embarrassed to be scared that easily, "shall we leave, dear sacrifice?" a voice sounded, resonating through Katelyn's ears as the hairs stood up on the back of her neck.
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Level 70
Cutely Creative
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Posted: 11/19/2017 at 11:16 AM Post #35
When gazing down upon my situation, one might ponder to themselves how, exactly, an all-powerful being of death such as myself could have ended up being trapped in a nonexistent void like this. Well, I will explain my story to you in the greatest of details, my friend. It all began centuries ago when my father kicked me out of heaven for wooing a human girl. Now, I understand that I really wasn't supposed to do that, but she ignited a Blazing Bonfire of passion within me that I just couldn't deny.

For centuries, I stayed high up in a mansion of darkness and festering decay. Hundreds of years, and I did not move a muscle. No one dared come near my mansion, though. I merely stood atop the roof, as a Cognizant Scarecrow of sorts, simply watching and listening to the world. Now, you might be trying to decide how this leads to my current position, but fear not, my friend, for I will tell you. It was one Halloween night that changed my soul forever. I was statued in my spot, folded charcoal wings against my back and wind ruffling my stiff hair. However, three little girls, teenagers it seemed, had the utmost audacity to come into my mansion's fences.

And after five hundred years of not moving a single muscle, I turned my head to stare down at them. How dare they? They were three kids dressed head-to-toe as Kooky Kittens. And, what's more, is they immediately headed for my Suspicious Shed. My poor shed never did trust anybody, did he? I could feel the spirit within him sending off wild vibrations like a Neurotic Nytekrie, and felt the urge to try to calm him. I ignored this urge, however.

The brave girls gave up on trying to get into my shed and instead headed towards my cemetery which held all of the hopes and dreams that I had once felt and dreamt. That which I had buried so deeply that no Graveyard Ritual of any sorts could uncover. Regardless, I was getting angrier and angrier by the minute. Who were these girls? I had surely sent out no Party Invitation, no reason that someone would think that it was okay to invade my home!

Though, I will admit, somehow, these girls knew what they were doing. Somehow, they knew exactly where my Squeaking Hatch was, and headed straight for it. And they knew just how to get in, too! With eyes as keen as a hawk, I watched as they scratched out a rough translation to Swinging Chandelier in ancient runes onto the wooden hatch. I ground my fangs. This was where I drew the line. I unfurled my great wings and swooped down, plummeting into the hatch after them.

They jumped in fear as I appeared out of nowhere like some mysterious Masked Visitor. Though the fear quickly dissipated from their faces as they recognized me, and the fear reached my face as I recognized them. Oh, of course, He would send someone down here to finish me off, as soon as He learned that the fall had not killed me... Of course, my father would do such a thing to His least favorite angel. His fallen angel.

"Aye, but what of the childhood we had shared?" I quietly asked of my three wicked sisters, the triplets who would do anything just to please our father.

One of them gave me a sharp smile. "Oh, Nivreshet, our dear little brother... He wants your soul," she swooned as she pressed a hand to my forehead. I could gradually feel myself slipping away, as if some greater force was stealing me from my body.

The second one slowly stepped forward, laying a gentle hand on my wrist. "And as you know, whatever father wants..." she murmured. I could no longer feel anything. I could no longer speak, or breathe, or see anything except for my sisters.

And at last, my third sister approached and offered me the kindest expression she could. "We deliver for Him..." she whispered, and then pressed a hand to my chest. And just like that, my soul shot out of my body.
Level 70
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Posted: 11/19/2017 at 6:59 PM Post #36
There once stood, in a forgotten kingdom long-since buried by swamp and sea, a little village and a little manor. Within the village lived many a brave soul, but none brave enough to venture up to the manor of their lord, for the whispers of the neighbors told the tale of an evil witch, one who had taken up residence many years ago.
"Entranced the baron," muttered some. "Made him her husband, to be sure."
"Killed him dead in his bed," murmured others. "Hauled him out for a graveyard ritual, mind my words."
"He is as evil as she," grumbled more. "Nay, he is the one who drew her here!"
None could agree as to what horrid fate had befallen their once respected lord, and none would go to find out.

None, that is, 'til one dark autumn night when the miller's boy was out late, searching for his ever-kooky kittens. He was a brave little lad, as boys tend to be, and when his kittens were nowhere to be found in the village, he lit a little candle and began to search beyond.
There were farms surrounding the village, and he wondered if his cats had stolen off to one of their barns to hunt. He spotted one, smaller then the rest, and hurried towards it, his bravery wavering as he left his familiar haunts behind.
The barn was in ruin, and the boy hardly raised his voice calling for his kittens, for fear the walls would tumble down on top of him. In the silence, broken only by his own small voice echoing back, the hair on the nape of his neck began to rise.
Hearing no sound of his lost kittens, the boy backed out of the barn. To his dismay, clouds had come and covered the moon while he had been in the barn, and he could not see far with his little candle. Panic began to overwhelm him, then he saw, in the distance, a blazing bonfire. The draw of light and warmth, for autumn nights are chilly, was strong, and he hurried towards it, hardly caring what now-empty fields he had to run through to get there. He didn't even notice the strangely cognizant scarecrow whose dark head turned to follow him as he passed.
The fire was sitting next to a suspicious shed, and the boy slowed when he saw the figure of a man crouched beside it. Then, as he came closer, he realized the man was holding out a little saucer of milk, and the three little kittens tumbling over themselves to get to it were unmistakable.
"My kittens!" the boy cried, and the stranger looked up in surprise.
The boy thought the stranger looked very strange and out of place. Yes, the cloak he had wrapped around him was stained and patched from travel, but his face was partially obscured behind an elaborate mask, like the ones in the pictures of noble balls. And, when the stranger spoke, he did so quietly and gently, not at all like the village men with their gruff voices.
"Hello, lad. These are your little rascals, then?"
"Yes. Did you steal them?"
The stranger laughed. "Nay, I found them when I stopped at this shed for the night. I had to rescue them from under a squeaking hatch. He looked around. I do not see your parents; are they here?"
"Back at the village. I guess I wandered a little too far."
The stranger rose. "I shall walk you back, then, with your kittens. But, if you would... I need some directions. He took a letter from his satchel and showed it to the boy. It is a party invitation, but I do not know where the manor is. Do you know the place?"
The boy nodded, silently gathering up his kittens. "Yes, but we don't go there. There's an evil witch."
"A witch, you say?" murmured the stranger. "Then all the more reason to get you home as soon as possible."

The manor loomed dark and ominous. The eldest son of the miller, for the younger had been put straight to bed by his panicking mother, had been made responsible for seeing the stranger to the doors, but no further.
Her servants are watching, muttered the stranger, unnervingly, as a neurotic nytekrie flew overhead, screeching nonsensically. The scarecrow, the birds...
"Are you a friend of the witch?" the miller's son asked, distrustful of the masked visitor.
"Far from it. The former lord, however..." He trailed off, and did not return to the subject again.
The miller's son stopped walking a hundred feet from the doors, but did not flee. He watched as the stranger approached the dark building, as the stranger pushed open the front doors. The room beyond was lit, though the light did not shine through the windows or spill onto the porch. The miller's son leaned forward, curiosity threatening to get the better of him, when the mad nytekrie flew screaming over their heads and into the manor, setting down on the swinging chandelier. A chill and creeping feeling came over the miller's son, and he turned and bolted without looking back.

What happened to the masked stranger who had gone into the witch's manor, no one in the village knew. But, days later, a flock of mad birds flew over the village to the south, and from time to time after that day, the villagers began seeing lights glowing behind the windows of the manor.

{Not my strongest story, but this one has taken me forever. :/ It'll have to do.}
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Posted: 11/22/2017 at 2:07 AM Post #37
Cold night air brushed past her long black hair as she looked again at the gold inlayed Party Invitation. The breeze played with it annoyingly batting it this way and that like a couple of Kooky Kittens would, knotting and twisting the long strands, sending chills down her spine as it chilled her.

The invitation had been very cryptic, she wondered at her senses as she got closer and closer to the graveyard, in fact some may would have likened her to having the sense of a Neurotic Nytekrie to have ventured out on such a ghastly night, certainly her friends would have.

As she neared the grave yard a random field decoration watched her, making her feel as if it were a Cognizant Scarecrow, knowing exactly why she was there instead of the lifeless concoction of straw and hay, in fact a glint in its eye gave her another chill as she passed by. And then there she was, at the graveyard gates. Beyond a Blazing Bonfire crackled in the cool night, she approached it not sure what to expect. A Masked Visitor approached her as she just began to warm herself by the fire, his form tall dark and mysterious. Was this her host?

Before she could say a word, he turned and dashed into a dark and dilapidated Suspicious Shed she had not noticed before, she dashed after him, wanting an explanation just in time to hear a Squeaking Hatch close. Feeling around in the dark and musty shed, a spider or two crawling across her reaching hands she found the hatch and entered after her masked man.

Down a flight of wooden steps, she chased him, her foot falls like rain on the wood. The stairs ended in a passage, dimly lit by a slowly Swinging Chandelier, its light playing strange shadows on the walls as she reached its end.

A large chamber filled this last room, its end was masked in shadows, more scarecrows stood all around and in the center, before a stone slab stood the masked man. She approached him with a question on her lips, lifting the invite when suddenly the scarecrows moved and grabbed her, she realized to late that they were not what they seemed. She screamed as with inhuman strength they lifted and pinned her to the slab, the man revealed a long-wicked knife and started to chant. She had willingly and yet unknowingly become the guest of honor at a Graveyard Ritual.

The invitation fluttered from her panicked fingers and in the swinging light it read "Come to our Halloween party, you are our chosen guest of honor and we have something very special waiting for you! Meet a tall dark stranger in the graveyard and have the time of your life! A Party to die for! Yolo!"

(( I am no writer, not a long story or terribly detailed but along the lines of a fire side ghost story))
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Posted: 11/23/2017 at 3:07 PM Post #38
Alrighty, I thought I would take a slightly different angle with this entry, and I decided to make a story through song! I hope everyone enjoys! :D

The first house I trick-or treated on Halloween ended up as a Blazing Bonfire!

The second house I trick-or-treated on Halloween gave me two Party Invitations, and a Blazing Bonfire!

The third house I trick-or-treated on Halloween had three Neurotic Nytekrie, two Party Invitations, and a Blazing Bonfire!

The fourth house I trick-or-treated on Halloween scared me with four Graveyard Rituals, three Neurotic Nytekrie, two Party Invitations, and Blazing Bonfire!

The fifth house I trick-or-treated on Halloween had five Masked Visitors, four Graveyard Rituals, three Neurotic Nytekrie, two Party Invitations, and a Blazing Bonfire!

The sixth house I trick-or-treated on Halloween was adorned with six Swinging Chandeliers, five Masked Visitors, four Graveyard Rituals, three Neurotic Nytekrie, two Party Invitations, and a Blazing Bonfire!

The seventh house I trick-or-treated on Halloween used seven Squeaking Hatches, six Swinging Chandeliers, five Masked Visitors, four Graveyard Rituals, three Neurotic Nytekrie, two Party Invitations, and a Blazing Bonfire!

The eighth house I trick-or-treated on Halloween made me visit eight Suspicious Sheds, seven Squeaking Hatches, six Swinging Chandeliers, five Masked Visitors, four Graveyard Rituals, three Neurotic Nytekrie, two Party Invitations, and a Blazing Bonfire!

The Ninth house I trick-or-treated on Halloween greeted me with nine Cognizant Scarecrows, eight Suspicious Sheds, seven Squeaking Hatches, six Swinging Chandeliers, five Masked Visitors, four Graveyard Rituals, three Neurotic Nytekrie, two Party Invitations, and a Blazing Bonfire!

The tenth house I trick-or-treated on Halloween blessed me with ten Kooky Kittens, nine Cognizant Scarecrows, eight Suspicious Sheds, seven Squeaking Hatches, six Swinging Chandeliers, five Masked Visitors, four Graveyard Rituals, three Neurotic Nytekrie, two Party invitations, and a Blazing Bonfire!
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Posted: 11/25/2017 at 5:00 PM Post #39
"Storytime!" yelled Frillia the fair Faelora. "Gather round, gather round."
Namilla, the neurotic Nytekrie began point everyone to seats around the blazing bonfire.
"Alric, you had a story for us right?" Said Frillia.

"Yeah my cousing told me about a story from a friend" he paused for dramatic effect.
"It was the night of Halloween when he heard a knock on the door. He went to open to find a masked visitor on his doorstep. Expecting it to be a trick-or-treater he reached for the candy bowl.
Instead the visitor handed him an odd looking party invitation. In a deep voice the stranger said "Be there". When he looked down at the invite he saw that it was for the same night, thinking this odd he looked up to find that the masked stranger had gone."

Alric left another pauze, looking around the circle.
"Thinking the invite was from a friend he hurried out the door. Following the directions on the invite he saw he was directed past the farmers fields. A cognizant scarecrow watching as he made his way to the graveyard. He could swear he could feel eyes burning in his back. As he entered the graveyard six kooky kittens ran around his feet.

Looking around he could see no one, but there were a lot of herbs, bowls and brews strewn about. Making it look like some graveyard ritual had been held. An uneasy feeling crept u to him. Seeing light come from the suspicious shed he carefully and silenty made his way over."
Alric had started speaking very softly so everyone was listening very intently.
"He heard some strange garbled muttering inside, and silently tried to open the door. A squeeking hatch alerted some hooded figures to his presence."

*Crash* A loud crashing sound was heard in the room. Setting everyone on edge.
"Oh dear!" Namilla exclaimed. "Look at the chandelier!"
Twelve pairs of eyes shot up towards the swinging chandelier. The Sylesties jumped up scared and practically ran out the room. "I'm not staying in this haunted house!"

Frillia and Alric were left alone in the room.
"I told you we would scare them" Alric said laughing. A soft childlike giggle could be heard joining him
"What was that?" Frillia asked startled. "That wasn't you?" Alric looked at her with large eyes. She shook her head, her eyes darting through the room. The giggles sounded again.
"Let's get out of here" she whispered to him and both made their way out.
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Posted: 11/26/2017 at 2:22 AM Post #40
The Neurotic Nytekrie had received a Party Invitation from the spooky ryori. He was unsure as to whether or not to attend the event. The ryori assured the nytekrie that everything would be fine. With his invite clutched in his talons, he began making his was to the specified location.

The nytekrie began walking down the path until he ran into a Cognizant Scarecrow. The scarecrow asked Where are going tonight?. To which the nytekrie replied A party at the spooky ryoris place however I seem to be a bit lost, can you point me in the right direction?. The scarecrow looked at the nytekrie thoughtfully, Keep heading down the path. Youll need to keep walking until you spot a Suspicious Shed. The scarecrow paused so the nytekrie could write down the directions.

Once the nytekrie wrote down the first set, the scarecrow continued. Walk right from there until you see a Blazing Bonfire. Be sure to turn left before the bonfire as that leads to the graveyard where a Graveyard Ritual is performed on nights with a full moon. Follow the winding path on the left and youll find the spooky ryoris place on the hill. The nytekrie nodded and thanked the scarecrow before continuing on his journey.

Approaching the Suspicious Shed he turned right and proceeded towards the bonfire. In the distance he could hear the chanting of a ritual being performed. The nytekrie made a sharp left and began running up the winding road towards the place on the hill. Upon reaching the top he saw a sign saying Head around the back to party. Walking behind the house he saw a sign with an arrow pointing down at a Squeaking Hatch. Come down here to party. The nytekrie eyed the sign with suspicion but decided to open the hatch.

The hatch opened with a squeak alerting the other guests to the nytekries presence. Upon going down the hatch the nytekrie was greeted by a Masked Visitor. The vulnyx pointed the nytekrie in the direction of their spooky ryori host. The ryori was surprised to see that the nytekrie had arrived and told them to help themselves to the snacks available and enjoy the night.

The nytekrie began to head towards the snack table when they heard jingling from above. On the ceiling there was some Kooky Kittens swinging off the chandelier. They began to jump off the chandelier onto the railing one by one, leaving a Swinging Chandelier in their wake. The nytekrie looked around, briefly wondering where the kittens parents were before proceeding to the snack table. The table was covered in spooky treats, some ryori cupcakes, gummy lunemaras and cinnamon chocolate swirl lupora treats to name a few.

The nytekrie grabbed a ryori cupcake and went to socialise and dance. The ryori host joined the nytekrie and danced the night away. The nytekrie was enjoying themselves so much, he didnt realise dawn had come already. He thanked the spooky ryori for his hospitality and began his journey home, glad that hed attended the party on that fateful night.
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