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Username: Angelzrulez
Title: Maw-nster Masher
User ID: 14426
User Level: 75
Joined: 1/9/2014 at 4:31:20am
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About Me
Hi there!
My name is Angelzrulez but you can call me Angel or Angelz.
I love to draw, play video games, read manga and watch anime.

I have a couple of favourite animes, these being Mirai Nikki, Soul Eater, Full Metal Alchemist/Brotherhood, Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online.

Items I'm Currently Missing - Excludes LG

Lavelle's Themed Guide

Xavion's 6V Breeding Guide

6V Complete Thread

Selling/Trading Wheel Offspring
Old Wheel Offspring Thread (Moved to above link):

Hatched the 1st 6 vis Black Cat Luffox - Elena
Inspired the Lunar Tail Mutation
Designed the avatar Background (Cozy Fireplace)
Only person to beat the Tier 6 AI Snow Wars Task in Winterfest 2017

6 vis SC Griffi's
6 vis Harvest Ryori's
6 vis SL Luff's
6 vis Lucky Luff's
6 vis RO Luff's
6 vis TM Luff's
6 vis YR Ryo's
6 vis PP Puff's

6Vis SR Ryo Goals

Spring Terrors

Things I owe
Hund (#12136) - High Vis BP Luff for Leg Breedings

Things Other People Owe
Barcode454 (#22793) - Mutated my SL Luff so they could do their 5 vis project - Get a 5 vis baby upon completion
Squigles (#29060) - Complete 6v LN Vorpa for breedings
Watercolors (#29554) - Complete Vul Project (Cherry Blossom?) for donating essence and 3 dyes
Alice (#7808) - 6v Max Stat SN Ny - Provided offspring
Percypjopiper (#53153) - Finished Luff Bunny Baby - Provided Offspring
LyraLeCorsac (#91094) - 6v Golden Foil Lup and 6v Spiderwort Ryo - Helped with Philters
Snowyh2o (#20952) - Project Baby when Done - Mutated MSN Nixi with Feathered Tail


Wheel Offspring I don't have / have partners for
Avatar Items I don't have (Excluding Lost Grove Forging)


Sinisterdragon: hokd one(22:08)
Clairce: hokd?(22:09)
Clairce: lol now i know it feels XD(22:09)
Sinisterdragon: what?(22:09)
Clairce: look at your upper post(22:09)
Sinisterdragon: oh. whoops(22:10)
Clairce: too muck of what hokd could mean XD(22:10)
Sinisterdragon: holf on i mean(22:11)
Clairce: holf you say? Ya mean golf?(22:11)
Sinisterdragon: hush! I mean hokd one!(22:12)
Sinisterdragon: -facedesk- I give up(22:12)


Angelzrulez: Japanese toasters sounds better x3
Xxaniraxx: They'll never see it coming ID
Angelzrulez: Ani, its like 'what are you going to be today?''A japanese toaster' ;D
Xxaniraxx: XD yes!

InnocentWings: ..Talyn
Classykitty364: $ure
InnocentWings: -facepalms at the eggs-
Talyn: O.O What do you mean?
InnocentWings: Majority of them are COLD
InnocentWings: then there's this hot one and restless one
Classykitty364: Yes we'r confused
Angelzrulez: Inno, Tal put them in the fridge
InnocentWings: -stares at Talyn-
InnocentWings: WHy have you been keeping your hatchery freezing, Talyn
Talyn: XD What Angel said. Eggs are supposed to be refridgerated, right?
Classykitty364: Talyn!!!!!
Bebop: lol
Talyn: I don't want them to go bad. XD
Classykitty364: I honestly don't know!
InnocentWings: They're not normal eggs, dear
Talyn: Lol. Whoops? XD
InnocentWings: At least Classy's got variety. x3
Bebop: they are magical eggs lol
Talyn: I'm sure they're just chilly because of all those cracks and holes. Plug 'em up and they'll be fine. XD
Classykitty364: Just do what it tells you to do! Just don't freeze my eggies!
Bebop: but maybe pixel eggs are tasty... O_o
InnocentWings: At least you guys won't know how I'm nurturing them
Talyn: Hmmm.....
InnocentWings: -winks-
Bebop: now i want eggs over easy
InnocentWings: Oh no, Classy
Classykitty364: I do? I mostly have zolnixi eggs
InnocentWings: I'm rolling them off cliff
Classykitty364: Oh God
Talyn: Be: I'm craving them hard boiled
Classykitty364: Don't eat mg eggs
InnocentWings: With few spun fast
Classykitty364: What have I done
InnocentWings: Quite few need warmed or cooled but majority are restless or dull
Classykitty364: My eggs are probably scared to death!
Bebop: Earth Quake.... oh wait thats just the spin cycle
InnocentWings: I think I need to buy a dryer.
InnocentWings: For Sylesti eggs.
Talyn: Classy: What doesn't kill them makes them stronger?
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Gold Earned: 414,742,779
Scales Earned: 2,532,382
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 808
Bosses Defeated: 1,942
Elites Defeated: 3,077
Superiors Defeated: 20,617
Mythical Items Found: 191
Legendary Items Found: 2,974
Epic Items Found: 13,772
Rare Items Found: 23,786
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