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Username: Dragoil
Title: Master Egg Hunter
User ID: 54154
User Level: 70
Joined: 2/28/2016 at 11:05:45pm
Last Online: 2 Hours ago
Account Age: 1,147 Days
Profile Views: 3,465
About Me
AKA: Draggie, Drag, Draggie-chan, Goils, D (depending on who you talk to)

Feb 3rd LDD's Birthday (find something nice XD)

For my ref current contest entrys: post#74

Long standing collector of all things fluffy, winged, cute, and virtual (lol)
I collect Ferrikki, Nephini, Puffadore, Kelpari, Vulnyx, and Zolnixi (some special exceptions in Luffs, Tari and Lunes) I have a few very rare ones thanks to winning a few contests. XD

Want to get a baby from my collection? Breed with a pet? or inquire about one for sale? I will always be polite and welcome all inquiries, I'm a very forgiving trader and try to be fair. Willing to consider all offers within reason so don't be scared to PM me!

~ Six Vis Progect: "Stormy" Stormy moss ~

Note: Charlottespider ; Chestnut baby

Friend art (awe gifties!)
<~ my Spring 2018 Avi by Elyiana <3

<~ Cedar waxwing Hampster by Lavendarrain <3

I like to design avi Items and pet themes, winning designs:
Spring 2017 Avi item set; Sakura
Summer 2017 Avi item set; Parrot Tamer
Winter 2017 Avi item set; Owlfit
Spring 2018 Avi item set; Hummingbird

Winning contest entrys! ( I love entering contests, especially art contests!)
- Second Place - Summer Avatar Dress up contest 2016 (Watermelon Fairy)
- Second Place - winning Art for Summer 2016 "Original Art" contest!
- FIRST PLACE!!! - winning Digital Pumpking carving contest 2016
- FIRST PLACE!! - winning Ginger bread house contest winter 2016
- Second Place - winning colouring contest winter fest 2016
- Third place - Create a sylestia Valentine 2017
- Third place - winning Edible flowers contest spring 2017
- Third place - winning Design an Easter egg 2017
- FIRST PLACE!! - A very Strange Thanksgiving 2017
- FIRST PLACE!! - winning Ginger bread house contest winter 2017
- Second Place - winning colouring contest winter fest 2017
- Second place - Create a sylestia Valentine 2018
- FIRST PLACE!! - winning Design an Easter egg 2018
- FIRST PLACE!! - winning Butterfly Crossword 2018
- FIRST PLACE!! - winning Edible Insect 2018
-Second Place - Summer Avatar Dress up contest 2018 (Movie star on a beach)

~Note to self ~
- on already revamped pets:
Aurl, Draeyl, Kelp, Lune, Lup *soon*, Morkko, Ny'vene, Puff, Tari, Vorpa, Vul, Nixi
so watch for the rest.
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 106,698-262 (99.76%)
Mission Record: 3,661-302 (92.38%)
Gold Earned: 60,195,276
Scales Earned: 159,090
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 73
Bosses Defeated: 30
Elites Defeated: 73
Superiors Defeated: 765
Mythical Items Found: 34
Legendary Items Found: 315
Epic Items Found: 2,490
Rare Items Found: 7,779