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Posted: 11/22/2022 at 1:16 AM Post #131
(Hi hello I am alive lol)

The girl shoots you a thumbs-up and heads off into the building. As you take your hood off, everything shoots into sharper quality, though there's not much to hear. Everyone about is mostly hurrying home or seemingly catching up on last-minute errands, with no pauses for casual conversation. From the opposite street farther away, though, there are two people standing in the light of a lamp. Hoods throw their faces into shadow, though, and they're talking so quietly that you can't properly pick up anything from your position. You think you catch the words "news", "escaped", and just maybe "haunted"?
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Level 65
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Posted: 11/24/2022 at 11:36 PM Post #132
This looks like a fun way to introduce myself back to Sylestia :o


Faren (Fair-en)

Female She/They


General Appearance
A 5'6 tall pale warm skinned woman with wide placed hips and shoulders, pale grey-blue feathers finely lining her shoulders, back, cheek-bones and neck, fading out nicely. Her head is adorned with medium sized curvy horns facing backwards. Her hair is the same color as her feathers, but is roughly cut to be around the bottom of her chest. She has very little body fat, and average amount of muscle tone. She has a long thin tail covered in feathers. Her nails are naturally long, hooked and sharp. Her eyes are a bright golden color.

Starting Location

Faren is known to be a "lakeside mistress", spending much of her time down by the lake staring off into the water. She is frequently kept to herself, not bothering others or really even talking to them. She hasn't been observed to have a family of sorts, but rumors say she was born from the corpse of a bird and a golden wedding band that found their ways into the lake due to her anti-social and mystical looks.

Faren has no family she knows of, being indepentedly raised since she was only six years old. She has encountered death before, once while she was seven from starvation and another time while she was eighteen and became lost. She found Hanne soon after that, foraging and swiping food off of vendors tables. Her habits died quickly, and she found herself becoming comfortable in this new town, climbing trees and wading in the lake while listening to birdsong. (Her home is up to you as long as it's only her and away from the main part of town!)

Birds, the sun, watching fishermen from across the lake, dancing.

The cold, loud sudden noises, insects.

Death as her major fear, being forever lonely.

She wants to finally make herself known in Hanne, and show people she is more than a lady by the lake.

Biggest Flaw
Her inability to engage with others on her own, which is what caused her to become "homeless" in a way when she was younger.




Strength - 0

Intelligence - 2

Constitution - 1

Dexterity - 2

Agility - 2

Observation - 3

Charisma - 0



- Vision


- Shapeshift : A medium sized "non-avian" like bird (like some small dinosaurs capable of flight like birds), capable of short powered flight and gliding.

- Siren voice

Neutral Traits
- Sneeze when in contact with magic

- Vulnerable to wayward spells - e.g. someone's curse maybe slightly affect you, an enchantment to keep out spirits may prevent you from entering, etc.
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