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Username: Orcastration
Title: The Eggstraordinaire
User ID: 120555
User Level: 70
Joined: 11/1/2018 at 9:16:41pm
Last Online: 23 Minutes ago
Account Age: 1,000 Days
Profile Views: 7,818
About Me
Name Changes for All(i keep losing track :I

Gaming Videos by Me, including Sylestia walkthrough tutorials

Note to self: Skor has avi boxes. Orca likes avi items. Therefore, Orca should go broke via Skor's avi boxes.
Project 6vis sale!
Warning: I am being slow with replies out of a need to be more life-present/fanfic.

Also can someone please give me a briancell and a course in "how to interact with people" i kind of need it.

Current avi: blazeout

><> <>< ><> <><

Hello all, I am Orcastration, also known as Fintastica or Orcality.n I am a very fishy person-*ahem* Orca. You can find me in the Lost Grove accidently spamming chat with fishy remarks in the very early mornings or very late at night. Or in the forums stalking threads and roleplaying.

Please note that I require caffeine to talk like a normal person. If I start blurting out odd things, it's probably me and my inability to socialize, lack of caffeine, or tiredness. My inability to type comes form my fins (because tech + me don't get along).

I collect regen lupes, orca qits/pets, avi items, and not much else. *shoves a tall stack of pet receipts under bed*

Orcastration sylesti

Hit me up if you got a question....just don't look at me for battle party assessments

Why do I know so much about the Berlin Wall? This is really random.....

Take this quiz?

Plz don't friend me unless I know you, thanks. I already have a very big and full friends list. PMs are fine though!

You can find me on and Ao3 as Fintastica.

I'm an avid roleplayer with many OCs (and a book or two in progress, plus a crappy fanfic one I finished!) so let me know if you ever want help learning the ropes of roleplaying I love helping newbies as well so hit me up if you want that kind of stuff and such. Currently i am more active in the RPG forums but i still know roleplaying XP

><> <>< ><> <>< ><>

If I release a pet of yours 100g and below, Im willing to negotiate something on it- Note that i will NEVER release a tagged themed, though I will release purebreds that aren't full trait sets or 6vis and some 6vis pets.
Also, yes I know Im a little brash and rude sometimes and my spelling is downright horrible. Again, apologies. Ive been very sleep deprived lately and most of my misspellings come from my phone, which has THE worst spellcheck ever. Also I ramble. Wait didnt I already post this above? Whatever

And now that thats out of the way.....

My Real and unupdated Profile: (where the juicy stuff is!):

Remind me never to send anything out after 11pm sylestia time again. Porcastination. Idiorcality. Good grief, brain, I know my green tea and flavored drinks' effects wore off but seriously? Truly, the line between genius and madness is thin, especially when your username is Orcastration. I should stop punning, my name IRL is already a pun in itself (and I'm really not joking about that, I've been called the same name as that chicken from Moana, just to start, plus certain people seem to think my last name is a joke)

Yessss I got the angelic puff and the heavenly puff during week of love 2020. I happy
><> <>< ><> <>< ><>

I am also a self-proclaimed nerdjacker, afterclapper, and have sever carcolepsy and mild destinesia.. And the floor of my bedroom is a floordrobe. (taken from the December 2018 Reader's Digest)

She/them pronouns.

Someone whose username I forgot: "Half the time Orca makes no sense but that's how we like her anyways"

Larkien and Lalalanmao are great people, go say hi to them. We make up the Existential Mess Trio and are just orch dorks who watch TwoSet while also roleplaying/RPGing and porcastinating. We also all seem to end up in the same stuff. It's very fishy.

I will also take ALL your avi items. I don't care what kind. Just drown me in them.

I am: The avi trashcan, Orcastra, The Fish Queen, Prime Minister Fishhead, Fin, Bob, Blub, Orca2Whale

Reminder to self: M3 and Paint will take my themes

Avi items (any)
Philters of Amnesia
Avi items
Orca-themeds stuff
Anything that looks remotely like an orca. Even if its a penguin. Or a puffin
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Battle Record: 12,138-91 (99.26%)
Mission Record: 1,792-43 (97.66%)
Gold Earned: 24,091,590
Scales Earned: 32,930
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 7
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 1
Legendary Items Found: 166
Epic Items Found: 719
Rare Items Found: 634