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Username: Orcastration
Title: Fancy Pants
User ID: 120555
User Level: 70
Joined: 11/1/2018 at 9:16:41pm
Last Online: 38 Minutes ago
Account Age: 453 Days
Profile Views: 4,880
About Me
Formerly Orca2Whale

I'm known for ranting in the TLG chat. Sorry.

You can find me on fanfic. Net as Orca2Whale. I'm well versed in character-creation (**points at list of over 50 OCs*) so yeah. Hit me up if you want to know how overpowered/weak your character is. Jsut be warned, I do criticize freely. Same with writing. I have the sad ability to list everything wrong about a book, not including my own opunions

I am a Releaser of Sylestia. If I release a pet of yours 100g and below, I’m willing to negotiate something on it-if I can, I might repay the gold fee. Note that i will NEVER release a tagged themed.
Also, yes I know I’m a little brash and rude sometimes and my spelling is downright horrible. Again, apologies. I’ve been very sleep deprived lately and most of my misspellings come from my phone, which has THE worst spellcheck ever. I swear it hates me.
Plz don't friend me unless I know you, thanks. I already have a very big and ful lfriends list. PMs are fine though!

And now that that’s out of the way….><>!

My Real Profile: (where the juicy stuff is!):

Some Cool Stuff
(You'll need to copy the link and paste it elsewhere, sorry!) PLEASE use a name I will recognize (So far, the record is 7!)

Hello. I am Orcastration. I am a very fishy person-*ahem* Orca. You can find me in the Lost Grove accidently spamming chat with fishy remarks in the very early mornings or very late at night. Or quite possibly hating on psychology. Or on one of my orcas coming out with rainbow, which I still say looks the worst on orca qits but look great anywhere else.
I am also a self-proclaimed nerdjacker, afterclapper, and have sever carcolepsy and mild destinesia.. Amd the floor of my bedroom is a floordrobe. (taken from the December 2018 Reader's Digest)
I usually identify as female, but I don't usually mind if you call me a he (hey 2 of my main OCs are guys). And sometimes I'm agender Y'know what just call me a fish.
I'm oftentimes extremely tired (loooong story) or my feet just are being a pain (I'm not entirely crippled or anything, I don't know the official name (keep forgetting-boo me now XP) but I'm 80% sure it's Symbrachydactyly. Or something similar. Just imagine it only on my feet. Yeah. (I wear a size 2 and I'm 5 feet tall....what a joke. Ah well. My mom also has small feet ><> ). Also partially blind (completely in the left, partially in the right). Other then that I'm fully functional. Oh and 3D glasses are useless on me. I mean....I go into the Lego Movie at Legoland or something and i just see a lot of blue-tinted imaging. Totally useless. Half the time I end up just taking them off. And on the bright side....I was the only person my age in swim team who could put their whole foot in the spaces between ladder rungs on a ladder laying down. So yippee. I guess.

Larkien and Lalalanmao are great people, go say hi to them. We make up the Existential Mess Trio and frequently spam and kill threads while being orch dorks and watching Youtube while also roleplaying/RPGing and procrastinating. We also all seem to end up in the same stuff.

I will also take ALL your avi items. I don't care what kind. Just drown me in them.

I am: The avi trashcan, Orcastra, The Fish Queen, Prime Minister Fishhead, Bob, Blub, Orca2Whale

Avi items (any)
Philters of Amnesia
Avi items
Orca-themeds stuff
Anything that looks remotely like an orca. Even if its a penguin. Or a puffin
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 7,941-77 (99.04%)
Mission Record: 1,644-41 (97.57%)
Gold Earned: 17,210,350
Scales Earned: 18,969
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 3
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 1
Legendary Items Found: 124
Epic Items Found: 494
Rare Items Found: 539