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Username: Skwardy
Title: Ghost Writer
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Joined: 5/15/2018 at 5:01:25pm
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Last edited 10/31/2021

I will be online daily, but not super active (as in posting and whatnot).
I can probably be found doing random background stuff and replying to stuff that I'm in, but mostly quiet aside from that unless directly contacted/asked, in which case I'll reply soon.

...Mostly because a lot of my friends/people I know are in similar states so I'm bored lol

Ping/PM me specifically if you need my attention!


By Xedite <3

Sky/Lark | any pronouns | 2 hours behind Sylestia

Hey there, I'm Skwardy!

I like birds, I stalk the forums, I hoard avi items, and I really like formatting things
I also write things sometimes, and can't draw to save my life.

If you want to talk to me, go ahead and shoot me a PM! I'm almost always willing to hang out, talk about various topics, or work out something.

I have the memory of a steel trap with holes in it, so I don't reply, I probably forgot. Please poke me again if I haven't done something in awhile.

Feel free to send friend requests if we've talked/interacted a decent amount before.


- Avatar items (really must update my list)
- Tagged Aurls and Nytes
- Tagged "bird" themes (even if it's actually the name of a flower), must update that list too


Quick Links (mostly for me, you no looky)
Breeding Projects
Writing (notes)
Profile (more notes)


- First 6Vs: Black Ice Nixi, Oriole Nixi, Sea Glass Aurl, Racket-Tailed Roller Aurl, Toffee Treat Bulb, Frosted Forest Aurl, Victorian Peacock Rikki, Autumn Lake Aurl


That has no right to be this accurate


"I heard that Pingguo got raided and attacked by the yinying gongeren"
(Whiterosealliance, you're amazing)

Go check out Orcastration, 24carrotgold, Kittyauthor, Sv3ntity, Alison280, Marichoness, Silverwood68, Sorrikun, and Whiterosealliance, they are all very epic.

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