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Username: Larkien
Title: Ghost Writer
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Joined: 5/15/2018 at 5:01:25pm
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About Me

PM me if you would like to swap
Wait, that's outdated because I am too lazy to update it.

Another quiz!

"Actual" profile is here ^^

FF Aurl Collab with PetAnimalady so I don't lose it somewhere in the dark empty void of my brain


Notices and Whatever
- I don't accept random friend requests. Sorry! Just talk to me a bit and I'll be happy to accept it later.

- If I say or do anything stupid (practically guaranteed), my sincerest apologies. You're welcome to punch me or whatever. I also tend to be brash and get very heated sometimes, plus I have a very short temper so please bear with me and I apologize sincerely if I come off as rude, I swear I didn't mean it.

- If I buy a pet of yours and release it, please do not send me rude and/or offensive PMs, please, especially if you did not make it known that you would not like me to release it. Although I do not often go through releasing pets and I understand if you do not want your pets to be released, please do not rudely harass me. Instead please send me a polite PM asking me to retrieve it, and I might just pay the reclaiming fee myself if you are nice about it.

- I am flattered that people wish to copy my threads, but please ask permission first in the future. I will not mind if you copy as long as you ask me first and will not ask anyone to take anything down, but please note that I find it rather disrespectful to be copied almost exactly from without my consent :/ At least a ping on the new thread would be acceptable. Thanks.

Some Actual Stuff About Me
Hello! I'm Phoenicia (not really) or Noelle, I go by Phoenix, Phoen, Yue Phin, Noe, No, Lark, Lurk, Arkie, Cana, Naw, Lia, anything I understand really ^^ I don't care about pronouns very much, but I tend to prefer he/they over she/her. It doesn't matter, though.
- I (the phoenix, not a lark), along with Orcastration (the fish, not a mammal, apaprently), and Lalalanmao (the blue cat, or lan mao in Chinese), make up the Existential Mess Trio, known throughout the forums for spamming and killing threads, being orch dorks, and watching TwoSetViolin, all while RP/RPGing and procrastinating. We also seem to end up in the same stuff.
- I am kind of (read: very) obsessed with birds. Also, orchestra. I play the piano and violin.
- I love to RP and RPG.
- My timezone is Pacific Standard Time (PST), or two hours behind Sylestia's time.
- My birthday is August 10th, which makes me a Leo.
- I am a huge nerd. Books, birds, music, science-y math-y things and stuff. Feel free to give me math problems or something.
- I like to mess around with my friends from orchestra and make really bad covers of songs. We are all immature. I'm not the worst.
- Favorite species are Aurleon, Nytes, and Nixi
- I can't draw. Never been able to. Seriously, it's not that I'm really good and being modest, I just do stick figurines and am too lazy and distracted to practice.
- I think I'm a chill enough person (I know I sound really serious in introductions, but I swear I'm not that bad). I don't mind random PMs at all, and I like giving stuff away to random people. Don't be afraid to talk to me randomly at all ^^
- I live in the forums.
- I'm more of a writing person, if that wasn't evident already from my long-winded introductions. Of course, I don't have the focus to write anything major other than in my head, but I'll do it one day...
- For some reason, I like to say Yea/Nay over Yes/No. Do I have a reason? Nay. Is it fun? Yea.
- I have a strange obsession with airports. I'd live in an airport if I could xD
- I do indeed centerize almost everything I write. It's a weird obsession.
- If I sound tired or monotone, I'm probably not feeling up to it. I tend to be pessimistic in general. Not depressed, just sad for various reasons or none at all.

Wishlist - if you're willing to sell any of these others for gold, PM me
- Lupora Tamer's Hats - Long and Spiked please!
- Avi items I want to hoard
- I hoard themed Aurls that I don't have.
- Looking for every 'bird' theme.

Dream Avis

Needed: Deer Spiritcaller's Regalia, PM if you're willing to sell or trade it to me!

Not For You
- Breeding Fee (themed only): 500 per trait point (1k if restricted) +1k if female +1k if fabled -2k if non-themed
- Offspring (for each parent, then add): 1k per trait point +2k if fabled +1k if specific gender
- Random Sale (themed only): 5k per trait point +5k if fabled
- Projects: 10k per trait point +20k if themed +50k if fertile (themed only) +5k if specific gender

Random Quotes
(Would appreciate if you credited my profile if you want to use them for whatever reason)

"My name is Jayden and I play Ping-Pong!" *swivel chair descends dramatically*

"You were born on this date, so we are going to put fire sticks in baked goods and sing at you while you sit there awkwardly."

"Ambidextrous but not really"

"I am an impulsive fool who likes hugs."

"I think the fact that I ate an apple means that I ate a banana as well because an apple IS a banana but a banana is not an apple, but a type of orange that is yellow and long. so when I ate the banana I didn’t eat the apple, and instead I ate the orange but that makes no sense because eating the apple meant I ate a banana that is NOT an apple but instead a type of orange."

"Can I please marry your sword"

"I lost my sanity. Can you help me find it?"

"Born at the young age of 5 years old"

"I found this interesting study and thought you should know
Science shows that death is often times a result of dying
And teen pregnancy drops significantly after age 19
Also, some figures show the crime rate would see a substantial decline if there were no laws" - Alphadawg

"You look like a possessed engineer" - Sl33pl3ssnights

Whatever This Is
Let's break your eardrums with my amazingly out of tune singing!
On the twelfth day of orchy my conductor gave to meeeee
Twelve bored violinists
Eleven measures of shifting (please spare me)
Ten virtuosos
Nine jealous band people (in reality they are laughing at us losers)
Eight noisy cellos (you wouldn't believe how annoying they are)
Seven bad Mendinis
Six section leaders
Five percussssssionistsssss!
Four broken strings (oof)
Three mad violas
Two mutilated stands (actually, a lot more than two)
and a pianooooo in a pear treeeee (just don't ask)
(Oh, I didn't mention the bass players. My sincerest apologies.)

Ten Things Orchestra People Will Understand
1. When you get a new piece that looks like a mess and you stare at it for a few seconds before you reminisce about the times you thought Mary Had a Little Lamb was hard.
2. When you realize that you will never be as good as the concert master. Unless you are the concert master. Then relish the fact that everyone in your section, including the second chair, looks up to you.
3. When you have to do a playing test and you're shaking so much it sounds like you're doing vibrato.
4. When your conductor frowns at you and you realize your life is officially over.
5. When you play on a rest and everyone looks at you like you've just murdered someone.
6. When you thought you played the concert song well but you hear a higher chair play and you question your existence.
7. When you glare furiously at the people who walk by casually playing a song that they know sounds impressive.
8. When the violas get a solo and everyone has lost the ability to speak.
9. When you have no idea what to do so you are forced to air bow furiously and pretend you know what you're doing.
10. When you're too lazy to shift so you just stick your finger a little higher and pray you hit the right note.

So I didn't add anything and half of this vanished -_-
If you're down here, good job, PM me the phase "Do you own a bakery?" to get a free purebred.
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Battle Record: 27,318-44 (99.84%)
Mission Record: 2,265-38 (98.35%)
Gold Earned: 39,943,340
Scales Earned: 31,041
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 157
Bosses Defeated: 0
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Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 48
Legendary Items Found: 551
Epic Items Found: 2,246
Rare Items Found: 2,280