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Username: Skylarky
Title: Ghost Writer
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Joined: 5/15/2018 at 5:01:25pm
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Last edited 6/6/2020

Kind of on semi-hiatus, dunno when/if I'll return to full activity. Checking in and hanging around multiple times daily, but somewhat quiet at the moment (compared to my usual activity) except for replies and minor things here and there (mostly writing). Ping/PM me specifically if you need my attention!



Will actively pay/swap for most avi items from 2020 Winter Fest

By Xedite <3

Lark | they/them | PST (2 hours behind Sylestia Time) | INTJ | Leo | Chaotic Neutral

Hey there, I'm Lark or Cana - bird lover, roleplay gamer/roleplayer, avi item hoarder, pessimist, socially awkward phoenix, and the only person who looks decent in the orchestra t-shirt!
Somehow I am both a Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, personality tests are broken
Any pronouns are fine, but they/them is the preferred "default". My avatar often uses the female base because I find it easier to design/outfits look nicer, imo.

I have previously been Owlphoenix, Canawlia, and Larkien. I am planning on changing my username to Skwardy, so if you see that around in the future, it's probably me lol

Uh, I like birds... and airports?
I hang around the forums wayyy too much, I'm perpetually jealous of people with cooler avatars, and I really like formatting things. And I can't draw to save my life.
If I'm talking weird, I'm probably trying to impress you. Or I'm sleep-deprived. Maybe both.
I write things sometimes. Emphasis on sometimes.

If you want to talk to me, go ahead and shoot me a PM! I'm almost always willing to hang out, talk about various topics, or work out something if you don't mind me being possibly obnoxious by talking too much
I am very, very guilty of getting sidetracked, though-- If I don't reply, I probably forgot. Feel free to poke me again if I haven't done something in awhile.

I don't mind friend requests as long as we've talked/interacted a decent amount before, if not I might decline I rarely send them myself, so feel free to send me one first.

I apologize for the things I have done while not in possession of a brain... wait that's like everything


- If you would like to borrow any of my clearly unique thread ideas, layouts for posts, forms, and such, please either change it up a decent bit or acknowledge that you weren't the original creator (in the case of threads), or DM me to ask permission to borrow them (in the case of forms/layouts/other aspects of a thread). I don't usually mind people taking a normal amount of inspiration and there's usually no need to ask me for permission for everything, but at the same time there are random people who obviously cookie-cutter copy my things and barely change them, while also not giving credit, which is both frustrating and slightly weird.

- Occasionally, I'll try to tap the "View Stables" (or "Send Message" ) button and hit the Add/Remove Friend button instead. If I accidentally remove you as a friend, I will attempt to add you again. If I accidentally add you as a friend, I will probably PM you freaking out (and you're free to decline it, obviously). Aside from that, I almost never send friend requests to people first, so if you're wondering why I randomly added you out of the blue/re-added you, well, now you know. Please don't block me x'D

- I don't usually buy pets for the sole sake of releasing them, but if for any reason I released a pet I bought from you and you want it back, feel free to politely PM me to ask for it back, and I'll retrieve it for you as soon as I can. Please do not yell or be passive-aggressively hostile towards me, I will 1. be annoyed, and 2. make you pay the releasing fee yourself.


- Avatar items (really must update my list)
- Tagged Aurls and Nytes
- Tagged "bird" themes (even if it's actually the name of a flower), must update that list too

My invent is bound to have:
- EXP orbs
- More avatar items
- Random essences
- Random philters


Quick Links (mostly for me)
Breeding Projects
Writing (notes)
Profile (more notes)
Gen Testing
Avi Item Sales


To-Do List
- Stable cleaning jeez
- Avi Item/Project Sales?
- Update project thread
- Profile cleanup
- Get more active???


- Paper clips and post-its
- Get a genderswap or fifty
- First 6Vs: Black Ice Nixi, Oriole Nixi, Sea Glass Aurl, Racket-Tailed Roller Aurl, Toffee Treat Bulb, Frosted Forest Aurl, Victorian Peacock Rikki, Autumn Lake Aurl


That has no right to be this accurate


"I heard that Pingguo got raided and attacked by the yinying gongeren"

Whiterosealliance you're amazing

If you're reading this, go check out Orcastration, Mossflight2, Kittyauthor, Sv3ntity, Alison280, Marichoness, Silverwood68, and Whiterosealliance (in no particular order), they are all very epic.

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