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Username: Larkien
Title: Guardian of the Realm
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Revamped 7/24/2020 so it looks a e s t h e t i c
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My "real" (forum) profile
(now in the midst of being updated)

About Me (here) - Brief introduction, stuff that I like having quick access to like links and brief notes, links to things I want people to see, basically short things I want to be easily accessible to me or other people

Forum profile (link above) - Longer introduction, art and big stuff, lengthy explanations and rambles, long lists and stuff I need to keep track of, things I can link to, basically a storage unit for words xD and things I can't fit here easily


French is killing me pls send help

By Xedite

Lark/Cana | they/them | INTJ (-T) | PST (2 hours behind Sylestia) | August 10 (Leo)
"I walk around like everything's okay, but deep inside my shoe, my sock is falling down."

Hey there, I'm Lark - Aurleon lover, roleplay gamer/roleplayer, avi item hoarder, lonely pessimist, socially awkward phoenix, and the only person who looks decent in the orchestra t-shirt!
Previously Canawlia and Owlphoenix, I'll respond to nicknames of those as well.

I can't talk about myself too well, but... I like birds... and airports... yeah, that's about it.
I'm not too talkative in chat, but if you're active in the forums, you're probably guaranteed to run into me at some point as I'm obnoxiously everywhere there. I love to write and run RPGs (and RP). Besides that, I think designing avatars (and hoarding avi items) is cool, and I do breeding projects on the side. Oh, and I have an obsession with formatting. Hence the centerizing.

I'm always up to answer any questions or just talk, although be warned that I have a very frequent habit of forgetting to reply, especially through PMs (though I swear I'm not ignoring you). I enjoy the company, and I don't bite. Mostly I won't accept friend requests until we've talked a decent amount, but you can send another one once we've gotten to know each other ^^


Current Announcements
- If I released a pet you didn't want released for the Patriotic Event, just send me a polite PM like always and I can reclaim it for you. If you want it for free, however you'll have to wait until after the event for that.

- School has started back up for me, thus I will likely be a bit slower replying to pings and PMs. I will be mostly inactive during 11 AM to 5 PM on the weekdays aside from popping in to do quick things between classes. If I do not reply during that time period despite having been online, I am not ignoring you, I just don't have time to write up a full response, so please have patience. Thank you!


Festival Notes


- Reindeer Herder's Outfit (Recolor, Festive, Vibrant)
- Desert Wanderer's Wings (Recolor, Oasis, Sandstorm, Scarab)
- Other avi items I'm hoarding (Though I want the above ones more than anything else, which is why I listed them separately)
- Tagged Aurls/Nytes
- Tagged "bird" themes (even if the theme is a flower named after a bird)
- Pet Dyes


| Nerds United | Writers of Sylestia | Sylestia Times |

| Free Genetic Testing + Infertilizing | Leveling | Writing |

| No Sale Threads |

| The In-Between (RPG) |

| Avatars | Breeding Projects |


To-Do List
- Finish writing stuff
- Set up In-Between
- Revamp forum profile
- Summer Designs
- Work out worldbuilding/OC stuff, writing directory thread?
- 6-vis bird project thread, mythicals
- RPG Club
- Stable cleaning jeez
- Help Byteme96 w/ Themed List
- Edit Orca's thing


- Paper clips and post-its
- Get a genderswap


Sylestia things I like to commission:
| X | X | X | X |


Why is that so accurate


RPG Pinglist (PM if you want on):
Larkien, Orcastration, Lalalanmao, Mossflight2, Whiterosealliance, Scoutwolf, Flute, Penami, Beaubuddyz, Byteme96, Cactustoesss, Kittyauthor
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Battle Record: 38,664-53 (99.86%)
Mission Record: 3,292-38 (98.86%)
Gold Earned: 61,074,103
Scales Earned: 42,923
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 229
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 48
Legendary Items Found: 818
Epic Items Found: 3,280
Rare Items Found: 3,248