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Username: Canawlia
Title: Ghost Writer
User ID: 110354
User Level: 70
Joined: 5/15/2018 at 5:01:25pm
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About Me
Look down!

What is a life and where can I get one?

Uhh, I forgot what this was for *laughs awkwardly*


"My name is Jayden and I play Ping-Pong!" *swivel chair descends dramatically*

Notices and Whatever
If I buy and release a pet of yours, and you have not stated that you don't want it released, please DO NOT harass me, scream, send rude PMs, etc! I am a part of the Releasers of Sylestia and may release pets 500g AND UNDER. If you want it back, ask me NICELY and I might just pay the 50 diamonds to reclaim it myself.

If I disappear randomly with no warning, I'm probably dead
That... was dark.
If I'm gone for more than a week, I'll say so somewhere. Now if I don't, now that's when you should be worried. Not that there's any point in caring.

It's the time when nobody thinks anything is wrong if there's a dead body in your backyard

5th on Aurl board, I have my priorities straight as always
2.6k diamonds, I don't know if that'll be enough for Black Friday...

Fest Wishlist
- Any avi items (of course), preferably Harvest Demon's Outfits and Steampunk Top Hats
- Canada Goose Zolnixies (Catas included)
- Umber Peacock Aurleons (Catas included)
- Food?

Lovely Random Stuff About Me
Hiya, I'm Phoen(ix) (yes, that is my irl nickname, because, middle names), or Canaaaaaaaaaa, if you'd like.
You may also know me by my former username, Owlphoenix.
I usually annoy everyone who comes into contact with me. Usually by talking too much or not enough, making no sense, spamming threads, etc.
I don't care much about pronouns, but they/them is fine.
I refuse to be pressured into posting one of those copy/paste thingies on here.
I'm 100% orch dork.
I love roleplaying/roleplay gaming.
And listening to sad music. Especially EDM.
I like Aurleon and Zolnixi.

I'm in the middle of setting up all of my third stable (themed) are up for breeding for insanely high prices.

I am somehow still in orchestra for unknown reasons. I play the violin and the piano. After more than 12 years in music, I still fail miserably... Also, I do not have perfect pitch, unlike everyone around me.
I also like to read and make feeble attempts to write stuff. Equally as badly, maybe worse, if that's even possible.

Feel free to send me a friend request if you've talked to me a reasonable amount before (if you haven't, expect me to decline). However I am always open to PMs of any sort so fire away! Although I don't always remember to reply, Discord is better xD

Wishlist - if you're willing to sell any of these others for gold, PM me
- Gold/Diamonds
- Any and all avi items, most wanted things I'm missing in my dream avis
- Magical Pies
- Greater Pet Dyes
- Philters of Gender Swapping
- Prismatic Philters

Favorite Avi Items? (because why not)
- Steampunk Top Hats
- Sylestian Engineer's Goggles
- Desert Wanderer's Wings
- Cozy Autumn Attire
- Reindeer Herder's Outfits
- Leo Tails
- Timeworn (Glowing) Lanterns
- Deity Champions' Swords
- Almost very outfit and every companion held

Forum Threads
A Name for a Pet!
~Cana's Item Shop~
Free Genetic Testing Service
Leveling Service
Nerds United
Newbie Welcoming
OC Trivia
Orch Dorks & Bandians of Sylestia
Pet Holding Service
~Phoenix's Sylesti Store~
2-in-1 Guide to RPs and RPGs

None so active at the moment.

Projects (99.99% Guaranteed to Fail!)
Black Ice Zolnixi
Oriole Zolnixi
Racket-Tailed Roller Aurleon
Sea Glass Aurleon

I must really stop taking on so many... I have a dream to make a 6-vis project out of every bird-related theme, though.

Notable Achievements (none!)
Uh, that Fall Festival 2018 Storytelling thing. The one I got my title from.
3/12/2019 - Bought Exceptional Genetic Test Kit
4/21/2019- Bought Exceptional Genetic Scanner
6/21/2019 - Bought 2nd Stable
10/2/2019 - Bought 3rd Stable

Dream Avis


Needed: Sylestian Engineer's Outfit (Casual or Recolor) and Dream Stealer's Totem (Strawberry) PM if you're willing to sell or trade it to me!



Needed: Jovial Cafe Outfit (Recolor), please PM if you're willing to sell or trade either to me!



Needed: Phoenix Spirit, Snow Pearl Wings (Caretaker or Recolor), Harvest Guardian's Attire (Traditional or Recolor) PM if you're willing to sell or trade it to me!

Existential Messes
Canawlia and Lalalanmao are great people, go say hi to them. We make up the Existential Mess Trio and frequently spam and kill threads while being orch dorks and watching TwoSetViolin, and also roleplaying/RPGing and procrastinating. We also all seem to end up in the same stuff.

Whatever This Is
Let's break your eardrums with my amazingly out of tune singing!
On the twelfth day of orchy my conductor gave to meeeee
Twelve bored violinists
Eleven measures of shifting (please spare me)
Ten virtuosos
Nine jealous band people (in reality they are laughing at us losers)
Eight noisy cellos (you wouldn't believe how annoying they are)
Seven bad Mendinis
Six section leaders
Five percussssssionistsssss!
Four broken strings (oof)
Three mad violas
Two mutilated stands (actually, a lot more than two)
and a pianooooo in a pear treeeee (just don't ask)
(Oh, I didn't mention the bass players. My sincerest apologies.)

Ten Things Orchestra People Will Understand
1. When you get a new piece that looks like a mess and you stare at it for a few seconds before you reminisce about the times you thought Mary Had a Little Lamb was hard.
2. When you realize that you will never be as good as the concert master. Unless you are the concert master. Then relish the fact that everyone in your section, including the second chair, looks up to you.
3. When you have to do a playing test and you're shaking so much it sounds like you're doing vibrato.
4. When your conductor frowns at you and you realize your life is officially over.
5. When you play on a rest and everyone looks at you like you've just murdered someone.
6. When you thought you played the concert song well but you hear a higher chair play and you question your existence.
7. When you glare furiously at the people who walk by casually playing a song that they know sounds impressive.
8. When the violas get a solo and everyone has lost the ability to speak.
9. When you have no idea what to do so you are forced to air bow furiously and pretend you know what you're doing.
10. When you're too lazy to shift so you just stick your finger a little bit higher and pray you hit the right note.

- Cozy Autumn Attire
- Arctic Guardian's Parka
- Reindeer Herder's Outfit
- Stop splurging on avi items
- I owe Orca ten bajillion Christmas presents


My friend drew this of my OC (Phoenix, sorta) for me and I am forever indebted to her

Jai, by Eversnow

Akio and Akira, by Sweden

My avi, sort of, by Lucario

Can't find the rest, rip

Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 19,474-32 (99.84%)
Mission Record: 1,670-37 (97.83%)
Gold Earned: 26,822,715
Scales Earned: 20,523
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 113
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 37
Legendary Items Found: 372
Epic Items Found: 1,509
Rare Items Found: 1,649