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Username: GhostPirate
Title: Trickster
User ID: 85987
User Level: 70
Joined: 4/24/2017 at 3:58:49pm
Last Online: 7 Hours ago
Account Age: 1,645 Days
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About Me
- G - H - O - S - T - P - I - R - A - T - E -
(Ghostwings20, changed August 6th, 2018)
Ghost, Pirate (tread carefully with this one), GP, Ghostie, Ghosty, Pie-rat, GhostyGoo, Ghost Sparrow
Aroflexible Asexual
Alto Saxophone
Chaotic Neutral

Looking for [Feathered Witch Wings]. Thanks <3

I'll respect your opinion as long as your opinion doesn't disrespect someone else's existence.

Cece joined a day after me and her birthday is a day after mine!! love her

Dark is making Ace Ryos


"I did fall in an ink pot; that's how I died"
"Ghost logic man. Straight from the grave."

/Miss can you teach me how to cook Griffis/

GhostPirate: *high-fives Squeeshy* we're the ToT basket swap club
Squeeshy: *high-fives ghost* heck yeah we are

GhostPirate: row, row, row your boat.. down Ghost's line of lighs... merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a lie

Flowerfeather: Slap the baby
GhostPirate: you slap, they jiggle, they cry, you repeat. perfect day
Flowerfeather: I'd slap them

Flowerfeather: Somebody get Krin on the phone so we can get our forbidden slurpee's

Sakina: Totally listen to me though. I'm definitely trustworthy.
GhostPirate: no, candy van sakina
Sakina: My candy is the best.
GhostPirate: it's drugged
Sakina: With yum
GhostPirate: no, i don't think so
Aerimistress: Makes it easier for Saki to drag you to the chaos.
GhostPirate: sounds about right
Sakina: Gotta get new converts somehow

GhostPirate: *sitting in a pile of sticky goo* okay Fortune I don't need any more lol
SpaceElf1: Everyone throw Sticky Goo at Ghost!
AuroWander: Oh no, Ghost might be stuck!
GhostPirate: nO!
GhostPirate: *is in a pile of jello* helP
FortunesFool: careful what you wish for! i still have 3 more &gt;:3
AuroWander: Oh jeez xD

Harleyc: Dead cht attracts ghost

SpaceElf1: You are impressive, Ghost.

GhostPirate: sometimes I'm like I will go /off/ on you if I don't get the last word in this argument and sometimes I just hide in a band locker and
GhostPirate: listen to sad romance songs and cry
Pastelgothghost: i felt that
Pastelgothghost: all of that

AliceHearts: Ghost you could always have a look at my Lig (do know i don't break up pares and don't sell/trade pets i got as gifts)
change this mork to be male
change this ligh to be male

I owe Tori 70k c:
I owe Carrotbae 500dias c:
MSP for MSMT: Xav (2 vuls + 2 lunes), Sarah (4 lighs), Ele (4 lighs), Theafy (2 vuls), gosh someone else

Pets to Buy:
Max Stats from Xavion: male vul, male lune, female lune

My Favorite People:
Cececat7275 & 86049
MissWonderland & 87142
Karma & 9391
Dyris & 7970
Jaidi & 133215
Chrome & 40139
Kyireana & 97480
Vulpie & 15265
AliceHearts & 7808

Best Kept Secret Lighiras
Sakura Blossom Lunemaras
Koi Luporas
Hogwarts Luporas

Extra Things:
Donut Click! D:
This Website Will Self Destruct
A Battler's Guide to Elements & Proficiencies
My Sylesti Breed and Sell
My OC Aeriowacriy
My Avatars

Helpful Tips
General Chat
The Sylestian Book Of Quotes
Tori's Maps
Tori's Maps 2.0

Mythic Mirror by Clemenceau
Life of a Lone Wolf, End of the World (Original)/(Revamp) by LivingInMyOwnReality
Arcana's Star by Dragonrider1542
Warriors: Dawn Clan by Sweetkittycat2006
Camp Myth by Wolffi122

Infertilizer/Genetic Tester:

My Wishlist:

My Notes:

Cece and my dream:

Thank you Limor!!

My Baby Lion Shadow:

Thank you Foxee223!!

My Lighira Tam:

Thank you Wuntasmalae!!

My Lighira Pam:

Thank you Wuntasmalae!!

My Starter Vulnyx Wish:

Thank you LivingInMyOwnReality!!

My Hampster Cinnamon:

Thank you Lavenderrain!! Link to the Hampsters Thread!

My Scarified Lighira Wispy Shadows:

Thank you Phantompup!!

My Avatar:

Thank you Lalalanmao!!
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Battle Record: 21,899-76 (99.65%)
Mission Record: 78-2 (97.50%)
Gold Earned: 23,031,974
Scales Earned: 14,756
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 25
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 9
Legendary Items Found: 178
Epic Items Found: 1,608
Rare Items Found: 1,230