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Username: Karma
Title: Collector of Souls
User ID: 9391
User Level: 70
Joined: 9/30/2013 at 12:48:47pm
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D.O.D- 8/27/2020

Shadow: nebula mane qit

***Ghostly pirate costume: recolor****SAKINA IS A GODDESS CoD From Sakina 08/24/2021 at 7:36:26PM [Ghostly Pirate Costume] x1

Outfits i still need:

**Atlas moth outfit: recolor-CECE 400k**
Kelpari Rider Garb: recolor
Nyvene Tamer outfit: recolor
Knight of hearts outfit recolor
Cupids Gallant Armor recolor
Lovely Robes: recolor
Garments of Eros: recolor, corrupted
Irish Clerical Robes: recolor
Pookas Rabbit Garb: recolor
Butterfly Bandit outfit: recolor
Feathered Witch Robes: recolor
Oriental Flower robes: recolor
Snowdrop Fairy Garments: recolor
Sakura garb: recolor
Tidal lord robes: recolor
Sea dragon robes: recolor, pearlescent
Savanna hunter garb: recolor
Specters armor: recolor
Forest witch robes: recolor
Nightmare lords armor: recolor
Reindeer herders outfit: recolor, cozy
Wolf hunters robes: ethereal
Warm winter outfit: recolor
Beachwear: recolor
Zookeepers outfit: recolor
Winter pajamas: recolor
Robes of the oracle: recolor
Timeworn trappings: recolor, earthen, dusky
Gladiators armor: recolor
Harvest demons outfit: recolor
Spring adventurers outfit: twilight, recolor
Angelfish robes: emperor
Day of the dead costume: ghastly, traditional
Sylestian engineers outfit: nightwatch, recolor
Tropical shamans garments: ghost
Lupora tamers regalia: eventide, blue roan
Astral wanderer: recolor
Witch doctor: recolor
Harpy armor: recolor
Dragon stalkers armor: recolor
Fae fire garb: recolor

Helds i want:
Crystalline drake: cerios

You open the Lost Grove Chest.
You have found some materials: Nephini Fae Dust x1 (1)!

Created striped skunk puff gene, fireworks dress and fairy shimmer dress

1. get one frost rune vis of all themed griff
2. Get one arctic panda vis vul of all themed vuls
Still to acquire
^ chow tail and stripe vis nixi from Sarah : read post 19 for a laugh

Color 3: 2b2b2b
Gene 2: 5CDCFF

8c2fa1 avi hair color
Eye color E0FFFF

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Battle Record: 50,232-161 (99.68%)
Mission Record: 439-5 (98.87%)
Gold Earned: 122,627,749
Scales Earned: 78,328
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 229
Bosses Defeated: 346
Elites Defeated: 612
Superiors Defeated: 3,814
Mythical Items Found: 55
Legendary Items Found: 367
Epic Items Found: 3,592
Rare Items Found: 5,050