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Username: AliceHearts
Title: The Kind-Hearted
User ID: 7808
User Level: 60
Joined: 8/26/2013 at 4:51:10am
Last Online: 4 Hours ago
Account Age: 1,550 Days
Profile Views: 8,818
About Me
sep 26, today my grandma past away. i will be online becaus i have plenty to do here (like prepareing for fall fest and my projects, and it's a nice destraction) but i will be a bit destracted becaus there are a lot of things in rl that need to be taken care of.

No random friend requests!!!! if you want to send me a friend request make sure i know you first!

Chickie owns me 203k gold
Fall pets search^^

Best player(s) awardes!!!
Birthday Calendar
PB BF themed offspring
personal lune project
[P] pre-order lune offspring from bundel

Grandjedimastersabin owns me a Master trap


i'm Alice and i'm a big Nephini fan^^ but i like Ryori a lot as well.
for the people that like to know my b-day is the 2nd of March.
i'm a themed pet collector but mostly focust on fabled themed pets.
i'm alsow a prode member of the Sylestia Festival Pet Preservation Society

i got a surprise today^^

made by Chromaticbunbun

lucky charm baney, by NightbaneWolf

my Puppy!!!! Lady designd by NightbaneWolf

Dino became adult^^ (alsow made by NightbaneWolf )

thank you Night for drawing my Korafay

Spooky Ryori by Night

christmas pudding vorpa by Night

Elpide is inttrested in 4v NL Qit, with Solar traits
Dunno is intrested in 6v WW Ryori project
when GG has 6v breeding pare of these i want offspring

Pre-Order Max Stat 6v HF Nephini

[P] Alice's Madness
Tigergirl gets 1 max stat offspring for free from each project she gets me 6v pets for^^
[S] pre-order puff offspring

Hundenelsker can have offspring from any pet she wants <3

i own Keys a pb steampunk offspring
Liandralithe gets 4c offspring of angelic puff themed
i own Aquari a 4v Natureguard offspring in exchance for this tagged one

Kaosu want pb Griffi with Galactic Dust vis
LDD owns me a Cute Witch Zolnini offspring and 2 natureguard aeri offspring

i was given tokens by Desirae11 afther i had given a player a new set of party pet.
i asked if they wanted something for the tokes and got the sweetes replay ever.
Nope. Just keep being you. (thank you for this Desirae11 ^^)

if someone els is holding pets for me and i did not put you up here or i did but with the wrong pet pls let me know^^ (this is to help me keep track of things becaus real life is bussy and i'm forgeting to many things becaus of it)


New Species

Lilypad Sylvorpa

[LF] Themed offsping from resent events

Charred Leaf Nephini 6-vis project

[LF] Strawberry Nougat Ny'vene

Ikelu gets Tempest Winds Aurleon offspring
Angelzrulez wants 6-vis max stat SN Ny'vene
Jadedragoness intrested in Ny'vene

- my 6-vis Nephini Hunter (he is the first 6-vis nephini)

- my nephini design that got picked for the spring festival 2015
Strelitzia Nicolai Nephini

- my mutation got picked for the Ryori, Glimmering Jewels (and i collect them on tagged Ryori)

i collect tagged ryori with Crown of Leaves as well

i will be collecting tagged Nytekrie with vis Fire Tiger!
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Battle Record: 184,863-20 (99.99%)
Mission Record: 16,554-40 (99.76%)
Gold Earned: 190,420,422
Scales Earned: 596,921
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.24%
Dungeons Cleared: 544
Bosses Defeated: 2,163
Elites Defeated: 4,115
Superiors Defeated: 29,637
Mythical Items Found: 161
Legendary Items Found: 2,221
Epic Items Found: 7,520
Rare Items Found: 16,465
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