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Username: Shardial
Title: The Perfectionist
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Joined: 2/12/2017 at 12:20:59pm
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About Me
On an indefinite hiatus.

Hi! Important: Please don't call me Shar, it doesn't really feel like me =P. I very much prefer Shard. Thank you~

My pile of randomness:


Please don't steal designs/color palettes and claim them as yours. It's really upsetting and discouraging to many designers. Ask for people's permission! If they say no, or don't respond, or aren't online anymore, does that mean you can use their designs/color schemes? No! If they do give permission, does that mean it's okay for you to go around and claim you created them, even if all you did was switch around the color placement, change the species/traits, and/or make tiny modifications to color hexes so that the color codes are different? No! Is it really so hard to be a decent person? Have some respect.
If I send you a PM that is really choppy and/or incoherent, or I seem super insensitive or am reacting weirdly... that probably means I am lacking sleep. Apologies~

Do not use my designs that you see on the generator or anywhere else.

Design Thread
Summer Festival 2017 Beach Design Contest Entry
Summer Festival 2017 General Design Contest Entry


Grape, the Nurture Goddess & Torturer of Totally (well, kind-of-sort-of) Innocent Friends

Enohoeno Kaygam the Polite

Baney/Night (not day, never day) the Awesome & Magnificent (also, has very creative autocorrect. Apparently, I'm shirt dial)

Shour, the ultimate art master and my fellow Lazy Lady


I am co-creator of the Prestigious Poets with Grape

Rhinnish Name (Magyak101 is the creator of Rhinnish): Culsat'ne


Projects thread:

Thank you Baney for this lovely chibi!


I owe Destinyflight 1 diamond
I owe Grape a project offspring
Shour gets an unlimited number of infert max stat Sea Turtle Nixis

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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 10,998-37 (99.66%)
Mission Record: 2,609-33 (98.75%)
Gold Earned: 40,049,586
Scales Earned: 178,791
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 22
Bosses Defeated: 10
Elites Defeated: 47
Superiors Defeated: 332
Mythical Items Found: 9
Legendary Items Found: 473
Epic Items Found: 815
Rare Items Found: 873