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Username: Grapejuice
Title: The Kind-Hearted
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About Me

The above was made by Lavenderrain go check her out she is amazing!
Hello welcome to my page! if you need any help just tell me! Now just a couple heads up if I am not selling a pet don't ask me to sell it because its not for sale for a reason, however if they are in the sale tab and are not for sale that means you can make an offer! so If you do want them just send me a price and i'll tell you if its okay or not. If a pet is not up for breeding and you would like to breed to it mail me about it and I'll put them up (unless I say otherwise)

Items for sale
Lots of relics, armor, and accessory. I also sell some things from the scale shop so make sure to check the trade broker!

Some facts about me
My favorite sylesti is the Vulnyx
I'm a girl.
I'm Human.
I like the color blue
My wattpad story link

My Wishlist

Also can anyone guess what is the theme for the name of my stables?
*Hint it's from a board game*

A Very Punny Poem,
Cod the Puns that I tell,
Sea people don't think they are well.
I think thats full of abalony,
and cheese and macaroni.
They are Fintastic in my eyes,
it always a surprise.
Although Shard may disagree,
I say "Whale there is nothing that can stop me for I should have a degree."
Water you going to do about it I ask.
and she reply's "I will spread awareness that is my task"
We shake our heads and say "Cod the puns I(She) tell(s)."

What did ya'll think of my poem? XD Make sure to Check out Shardstar8's peom over at her page!

Some wonderful art from some wonderful people!

thanks to Nightbanewolf for the beautiful Grape-wolf!

Thanks so much to Shiraishi for the wonderful drawing of me and my starter pet kindheart!

Thanks Vineyiea for the beautiful Shadow kitten adoptable

Thanks Galexiadraws for the awesome Gif of my Starter pet!!

Special Moments!
SpaceElf was tested by SpaceElf1!
Clubs and services I'm a part of

My Scale Sale/Trade thread

My Trading Stall

Notes to self

PercyPJOpiper wants a wild river vul when they are starting up

Part 16: 1:30-1:35
Shooting star Max stat 6 vis project

Common - 0TP
Uncommon - 1TP
Rare - 2TP
Epic - 4TP
Mythical - 6TP


get all tabs for all 5 stables
get philters for projects
Get 50 tabs
get 1-vis for every trait
Max stat project collection

Ivy's limited rpg team
Starburst - *important* (maybe dampen the sound?)
Visor - *protective of starburst* (info gatherer/leverage?)
Marionette - attack/defense (Use wings to cut through obstacles?)
Unity - attack/defense
Wishful - sweet boi (encase of water or island situation?)

items -
pets -

148,742 scales - reg rikki essence

Brilli took a fork, but she had not liked the fork she chose so she has chosen another fork.
She is now eating the waffle.
She chewed slowly
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 15,237-83 (99.46%)
Mission Record: 431-37 (92.09%)
Gold Earned: 10,070,373
Scales Earned: 168,714
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 29
Bosses Defeated: 13
Elites Defeated: 68
Superiors Defeated: 634
Mythical Items Found: 6
Legendary Items Found: 42
Epic Items Found: 359
Rare Items Found: 926