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Username: Cececat
Title: Guardian of the Realm
User ID: 86049
User Level: 75
Joined: 4/25/2017 at 11:03:21am
Last Online: 3 Hours ago
Account Age: 1,645 Days
Profile Views: 5,942
About Me
Fun Facts about me!

My birthday is July 27th
GhostPirate's birthday is a day before mine
I have a cat (Danny) and a dog (Griffin)
My favorite ice cream is rainbow sherbet
My favorite tv shows are Criminal Minds and The Flash
My favorite movies are the Avengers movies (because *Loki* <3)
My favorite books are Wings of Fire, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson (basic, I know)
I have played violin for 12 years and viola for 3
I live in the Sylestia time zone
My nickname is Cecemom because I can be a buzzkill
My username was Cececat7275 but I changed it in a 1am existential crisis
I want to be an Actress and/or an FBI Agent
I am a Hufflepuff
I am the poster child of an arts kid (theater, music, art, writing, etc.)

I will no longer accept random friend requests! I will accept friend requests if I know you personally or have conducted some sort of deal or trade. It's not to be mean, I just don't want my whole friend list to be filled with players I don't know. ^^

Give a huggle!

My cat Danny who loves to interrupt the Christmas tree building process:

Tysm KW5!

From Sandstorm514!

Lucario's incredible handiwork with my OC!

And Limor created this for me and GhostPirate!

Ten Things Orchestra People Will Understand
1. When you get a new piece that looks like a mess and you stare at it for a few seconds before you reminisce about the times you thought Mary Had a Little Lamb was hard.
2. When you realize that you will never be as good as the concert master. Unless you are the concert master. Then relish the fact that everyone in your section, including the second chair, looks up to you.
3. When you have to do a playing test and you're shaking so much it sounds like you're doing vibrato.
4. When your conductor frowns at you and you realize your life is officially over.
5. When you play on a rest and everyone looks at you like you've just murdered someone.
6. When you thought you played the concert song well but you hear a higher chair play and you question your existence.
7. When you glare furiously at the people who walk by casually playing a song that they know sounds impressive.
8. When the violas get a solo and everyone has lost the ability to speak.
9. When you have no idea what to do so you are forced to air bow furiously and pretend you know what you're doing.
10. When you're too lazy to shift so you just stick your finger a little bit higher and pray you hit the right note.

Don't lose:

Growing Nyte for Typh and Vene for Ghost

Holding Atlas Moth Outfit for Karma - 400k

Satyr has offered me free art!

9 of my non-tradeable prismas, 2 mana philters, and 15 of my lpds are Fanta1380's
6 prsimas are Sonrisa's

I was so excited to have 5 million gold on October 26, 2019
I got my very first full max stat party on April 13, 2019

You have found 54,079 Gold! <---- LG Chest

My very first legendary! 6/7/2020

Other Legendaries I've found

***Cececat has defeated Vardune, Storm's Fury!***
I was the 7th person on the site to defeat Pseudo Krinadon in Summer 2020. ^^

*Server First Achievement* Cececat Captured: Blazing Fireworks Qitari
Patriotic Festival 2021

Turn 100: Zadtinra has defeated Kowlla the Ancient!!! First time defeated - 7/1/21
Turn 39: Storm has defeated Spellbound Golem!!! First time defeated - 7/2/21
Turn 67: Storm has defeated Dia, Du'Vhal's Hand!!! First time defeated - 10/10/21

The day a managed to run away from Dia with 54 health - 7/5/21

For one hour on this day November 2, 2020, Krinadon's avi was reset to an innocent newbies avatar, and region chat lost their minds

Cececat7275: Can we not call them murder boards? XD
Ceylonrose: kill boards then
Cececat7275: How about, hug boards?
Cececat7275: Forceful hug boards.
Ceylonrose: *throws a feral rikki at Cece* no.
Renic: We give some fierce hugs then Cece XD
Ceylonrose: we need murder.
Cececat7275: Nooouuuu!
Ceylonrose: murder completes our world!
Cececat7275: Do I need to be concerned? Should I call the police?
Beaubuddyz: Yes
Cececat7275: D:

Alphalizzyflame: chat freeze or everyone die?
Silverstrike32: everyone died
Mythnomer: died i think
Cececat7275: I think everybody died
Alphalizzyflame: welp lol
Cececat7275: XD
Krystaltears: I died
Alphalizzyflame: R.I.P. Fest Chat, 2019-2019
Sleepycat: so we're all ghosts now?
Alphalizzyflame: yepperoni pepperoni
Cececat7275: That seems to be the case.
Geddra: Boo
Colleenvc: *spoopy ghost noises*
Sleepycat: cool *fazes through stable*

Sakina: I got over 100k from an lg chest once. Took a screenshot to commemorate the occasion. xD
Sakina: My crowning achievement
Cececat: Nice! I got ... 50k from a chest once lol
Sakina: Actually I lied. I think my crowning achievement was getting Krin to put that pumpkin script on my account.
Cececat: Wait what!?
Sakina: Has Cece not heard the pumpkin story?
Cececat: No!
Sakina: omg how
Cececat: Maybe I've been living under a rock XD
Sakina: So anyway one fall fest I was annoying Krin by continually sending him those pumpkin baskets.
Sakina: Because they were super common and I had way too many of them.
Cececat: That sounds like an awful idea
Sakina: Whenever I'd get one I'd just send it straight to his account.
Sakina: So we end up talking about it in gen chat
Sakina: And all that happens
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 35,133-91 (99.74%)
Mission Record: 1,163-29 (97.57%)
Gold Earned: 105,087,703
Scales Earned: 65,817
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 26
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 4
Legendary Items Found: 323
Epic Items Found: 2,399
Rare Items Found: 1,321