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Forum Index > Official Games and Contests > 2022 Spring Festival - Themed Pet Design
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Posted: 4/1/2022 at 1:24 PM Post #1
We are looking for help coming up with new Themed Pets for the upcoming 2022 Spring Festival, due to begin early-mid May! You can submit Themed Pet Designs for all species.

Please make sure to read the rules carefully!

1. Navigate to the Generator, select a species of your choice and then choose various colors for your design. Once done, post your design(s) here in this thread. Please only post one entry per species and try and keep everything to one post. You can also make sure that submitted images are sized to 250 (&size=250) to prevent designs being too small or too large.

Visit Themed Pet Codex to View Existing Official Themed Pets

Guide on How to Create and Share Designs

2. All designs submitted must be Spring Themed. This means anything to do with the season, such as any holidays that occur within the season, weather, etc. Players can use any available Traits to showcase their design. However, players should be mindful that their designs need to look good against various Trait options, not just the Traits they are showcasing.

3. All submitted designs must have been made by the poster. Please do not use other players' designs. It is both disrespectful and if we see someone posting other player's designs, you will be disqualified from this contest and receive a Forum Strike. To clarify, a Design does not equate to a Theme. Multiple players can submit, say, a "Pumpkin Lupora", as long as each player designed their own version.

4. Please do not make any negative comments in this thread, this thread is for contest entries only and not discussion.

5. Please do not reserve posts. If you reserve a post I will delete your post.

6. Please do not Ping me with your submission. Please only Ping me if you have a question.

7. The end date is April 24th at 11:59 PM server, after that there is no guarantee that we will see your entry and the thread will be locked once designs are picked.


We will NOT announce which designs were chosen, so please do not ask if we are going to announce it. If a thread is created listing all of the available Themed Pets, we will provide our list to the author upon request. Players will receive a PM from us for their choice in prizes.

All Players With Chosen Designs
Max 1 Per Player

Prizes: 3-Visible (2-Visible if Restricted) Spring Festival Themed Pet of Choice, 1 Entry Ticket into a Raffle for a Custom Colored/Named [Shamrock Warden Luffox (Mirabelle)] Avatar Aspect Item OR Custom Colored/Named [Vytrius, Prince of Bargains] Avatar Aspect Item of Their Choice.

All Participants
With a minimum of 10 valid designs

Prizes: [Fabled Seed Pouch] x1, [Premium Fertilizer] x2, [Box of Gardening Supplies] x1, [Large Basket of Enrichments] x12, [Decorated Egg] x500
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Posted: 4/1/2022 at 1:25 PM Post #2
Flowering Orchard Aeridini

Galaxy Petunia Aurleon

Hidden Eggs Draeyl

Evening Sunshower Faelora

Violet Starling Ferrikki

Cabaret Rose Griffi

Dayglow Daffodils Lighira

Moonlit Monarch Luffox

Fresh-cut Flowers Lunemara

Magnolia Lupora

Shimmering Wisteria Morkko

Sunset Tulip Nephini

Midnight Petal Ny'vene

Skyberry Nytekrie

Magical Moss Puffadore

Verdant Qitari

Carnation Ryori

Overgrown Pond Sylvorpa

Blooming Ruins Vulnyx

Iridescent Starling Zolnixi
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Level 75
Leaf Bender
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Posted: 4/1/2022 at 1:26 PM Post #3
Spring Warmth/ Sun Dazzle Aeridini

Garden Flower Aurleon

Gazania Bulbori

Spring Garden Draeyl

Purple Ivy Faelora

Bluebell Ferrikki

Treasured Tulip Griffi

Hydrangea Blush Kelpari

Garden Flamingo Lighira

Asiatic Lily Luffox

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar Lunemara

Spring Cosmos Lupora

Salmon Run Morkko

Circus Calliope Nephini

Wild Indigo Ny'vene

Rosebud/Rosebud Medley Nytekrie

Marigold Puff

Sunrise Shimmer Qitari

Daffodil Ryori

Floral Burst Sylvorpa

Purple Emperor Butterfly Vulnyx

Spotted Yellow Orchid Zolnixi
Level 75
High Warlord
Joined: 2/23/2017
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Posted: 4/1/2022 at 1:27 PM Post #4
Spring Design 2022

Sundew / Strawberry Picking Aerdini

Rock Climber Aurleon

Irish Rose Bulbori

Hot Springs Draeyl

Fairy Flower Faelora

City Spring Ferrikki

Painted Canvas Griffi

Dandelion Breeze Kelpari

Pastel Arrangement Lighira

Sky Flare Luffox

Sunlit Petals Lunemara

Fairy Garden / Cactus Flower Lupora

Marshland Green Morkko

Enchanted Butterfly Nephini

Tempest Heights / Malachite Ny'vene

Cobalt Poppy Nytekrie

Silent Flower / Silent Sunset Puffadore

Sunlit Prism Qitari

Ivory Rose Ryori

Bumblebee Sylvorpa

Mountain Caller Vulnyx

Overgrown Garden Zolnixi
Level 75
Grand Protector
Joined: 12/16/2020
Threads: 31
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Posted: 4/1/2022 at 1:28 PM Post #5
Tea Party Aeridini

Rainbow Prism Bulbori

Storm Chaser Draeyl

Blue Jay Ferrikki

Fruit Punch Kelpari

Sweet Perfume Luffox

New Horizons Lunemara

Fairy Garden Morkko

Lavender Tea Nephini

Bat Orchid Ny'vene

Evening Rose Nytekrie

Wild Mushroom Puffadore

Berry Breeze Qitari

Magic Marigold Vulnyx

Strawberry Banana Zolnixi

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Level 75
High Warlord
Joined: 10/18/2018
Threads: 26
Posts: 1,399
Posted: 4/1/2022 at 1:30 PM Post #6

Double Rainbow Aeridini

Whimsical Wind Chimes Bulbori

Wisteria Draeyl

Countryside Faelora

Flower Bed Ferrikki

Strawberry Shortcake Griffi

Whimsical Unicorn Kelpari

Migrating Monarch Lighira

Fruity Tart Luffox

Cherry Tree Lunemara

Lovely Hydrangea Lupora

Fairy Blossom Morkko

Kite Flyer Nephini

Flowered Skies Ny'vene

Falling Petals/ Soft Bloom Nytekrie

Spring Meadow/Frolicker Puffadore

Zen Garden Ryori

Spring Cottage Sylvorpa

Rainy Day Explorer Vulnyx

Garden Dreamer/ Fairy Garden Zolnixi
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Level 75
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 9/18/2020
Threads: 9
Posts: 236
Posted: 4/1/2022 at 1:30 PM Post #7
Hyacinthus Aeridini

Hyacinthus are a really pretty species of flower. There's lots of different colors and I wanted to incorporate them all

Piping Plover Aurleon

Piping Plovers are adorable. All I got to say

Nebula Burst Bulbori

I like to think if you're in a spot and it's clear, you can see the night sky. I honestly am fascinated by nebulas, and I think it'd be a nice fit for the Bulbori

Anouska Faelora

Anouska Roselily is a flower I really take a liking to. The pink and white make a calming mix, and it looks pretty.

Calming Current Kelpari

In certain places in the spring there are really nice currents that are flowing and the Kelpari seemed like a good fit

Honey Crisp Morkko

I think bears like honey. I think this one had too much.

Solar Flare Nephini

There's been some recent talk about solar flares and I thought of the Neph

Earth Elemental Nv'vene

I can imagine a subspecies of Nv'vene who've mastered the earth element and use it to guard their home

Water Lotus Sylvorpa

Lotuses are usually on water and come in blue colors, so might as well add some flair!

Sneaking Fox Zolnixi

Sneaky, sneaky foxes
Edited By Katiew04 on 4/2/2022 at 9:36 AM.
Level 75
Master Sylestiologist
Joined: 3/10/2014
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Posted: 4/1/2022 at 1:30 PM Post #8

Water Lily Aeridini

Twilight Magic Aurleon

Easter Egg Bulbori

Mushroom Forest Faelora

Amethyst Skies Ferrikki

Pond Flora Kelpari

Enchanting Rain Luffox

Frosty Fairy Lunemara

Garden Fairy Lupora

Dawnbreaker Morkko

Creeping Phlox Nephini

Garden Pest Nytekrie

Spring Rebirth Ny'Vene

Bright Succulent Puffadore

Spriggan Ryori

Edited By Fox on 4/15/2022 at 7:46 PM.
Level 75
The Tender
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Threads: 350
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Posted: 4/1/2022 at 1:31 PM Post #9
Crisp Cucumber Aeridini

Pondweed Draeyl

Blooming Iris Ferrikki

Garden Succulent Luffox

Carpenter Bee Lunemara

Hydrangea Nephini - need to species swap

Springtime Garden Puffadore

Royal Vineyards Qitari - need to species swap

Level 75
Joined: 2/21/2017
Threads: 62
Posts: 1,179
Posted: 4/1/2022 at 1:33 PM Post #10
Are we allowed to edit posts to add more if we don't design them all at once?
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