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Forum Index > Official Games and Contests > 2021 Black Friday - Space Tales
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Posted: 11/24/2021 at 3:35 AM Post #21

The laser beams flew past the Reptilians as they charged forward, their sharp pristine white teeth glistening in the dark. Ahead of them lay the Robot Gnomes, vile mechanisms created by the Zeta Reticulans in their attempts to conquer and take over the planet Gyrasha.

"CHARGE!" The leader of the Reptilians, Y'asmandor shouted. His heavy battle axe gleamed as he swung it to and fro, clearing a path through the enemies' front defenses. One of the Robot Gnomes started to make a piercing shrieking sound, its eyes burning a feverish red as it prepared to activate its proto blaster.

Y'asmandor was quicker. With a sickening crunch, he crashed his large build into the robot, knocking it over. It screamed in rage and disbelief but the Reptilian leader was already moving on. He had more important matters to deal with. As the son of the ruler of Gyrasha, it was his duty and honor to bring forth a victory. That would prove his might and battle prowess to the rest of his species. Defeat was NOT an option. His forked tongue flicked out as he quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out a long metallic looking cylinder.

Swiftly he opened it and from within the container a small mewl sounded. Out slipped his two tiny cats, the white and grey Mirin and ginger Solkar. The two cats were no larger than his palm, and though he was quite fond of them, they had work to do. He set them down on the ground amid the chaotic battlefield his eyes never leaving them, trusting his reptilian comrades to protect his back.

'And so the hunt begins.' Y'asmandor thought. Mirin and Solkar wasted no time and caught the scent they were looking for. Within seconds they arched their backs and hissed before lunging forward. Y'asmandor followed them, hitting enemies out of the way when they tried to interfere. They were not the prize he sought.

The cats took him past the battle into a quiet wooded clearing. He spotted a large bird like creature sitting quietly in one of the branches of the gnarled trees. A Scrawin. They had no eyes on their face, but instead hundreds of eyes could be found on the top of their webbed feet. The perfect eyesight for an aerial ambusher. The fact it was not making its usual loud raucous shrieking was proof strangers lurked nearby.

And indeed there they were. The spaceship Adromeda owned by the Galatic Empire and the Zeta Reticulans, who were watching the battle from afar on their advanced technology. They were not a very sturdy species themselves and thus combat was not something they excelled at.

Mirin and Solkar had found their prize while he had been focusing on the spaceship. Giant Space Slugs left trails of space slime in their hurry to detach from the backside of the spaceship. But it was far too late. The two cats unhinged their jaws like snakes, and sprouted feelers from their backs in which they used to grab the slugs and shovel them into their mouth. They were not eating them, but would store them in their mouth till Y'asmandor could retrieve them later. They made wonderful light sources.

With a savage smile, he once more proceeded, no longer in a hurry. The Zeta Reticulans saw him and commotion erupted as their chain of command broke down in a flurry of fear. One of them tried to start the hyper-drive thrusters from the outside, but in their horror they kept fumbling and pressing the wrong buttons. As Y'asmandor neared, the poor soul gave up, and fled deeper into the woods, abandoning their companions to whatever fate awaited them.

Y'asmandor approached the door to the spaceship, which was of course locked. He laughed; a deep guttural sound, as he used his long talons to puncture the space craft, ripping the door to pieces within moments.

Within lay a star chart and a large monitor surrounded by Zeta Reticulans. They stared with their large and deep eyes, none daring to move. He pushed past most of them until he stood in front of one he recognized from his father's stories.

"Comet... We finally meet." Y'asmandor spoke in broken Zeta Reticulan as he looked down at Comet, his body size enormous beside the smaller species. Comet stared up angrily with his one eye, but wisely chose not to say anything.

"It is time your species leave our planet. You have overstayed your welcome. If I see you again....." He trailed off, leaning forward as he flicked his tongue at Comet, his eyes bright and furious molten gold slits. "I will have no choice but to choose to reciprocate the violence you have shared with us."

"As you say. We have lost. I will call off the robots and leave." Comet growled in a strained voice as he responded. Y'asmandor nodded in acceptance, one of his large talons reaching out and touching Comet's eyepatch.

"You wouldn't want a repeat of this, I understand. My father may be old, but he is not ailing. And he hungers for this ancient rivalry to finally be put to a violent rest. You're lucky it is I standing here and not my father nor my brothers. This outcome would be very different for you." With those last words Y'asmandor stood up and without looking back, exited the space craft.

The war was over and the Reptilians had won. Now their ravaged planet had a chance to heal from the scars inflicted upon it. Only time would tell whether Comet would heed Y'asmandor's words...
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Posted: 11/24/2021 at 7:41 PM Post #22
Shroom! A Laser beam narrowly passed Senior, who quickly ducked behind the smoldering remains of a table to dodge the blast. " Come on, pick up!" Senior shouted into his communicator as another laser flashed overhead.
" How are you right now, it sounds very exciting over there!" A voice said from the communicator. " How am I. How am I... What do you think right now! You caused this to happen! You and your stupid cats"
" Come on, don't call my Tiny Cats stupid; They are adorable teacup kittens, they cannot do anything wrong. "
" I literally saw one sabotaged the spaceship . It slammed into the controls and broke Hyper Drive. Which we need to get out of there!" A boom rocketed the ship and flung Senior into the Star chart, where he slowly slid down to only faceplant on to the floor.
" You ok? I heard a explosion. What is going on right now?" said the voice.
" I am good, Bass. Just got caught on the fridges of a explosion. Why is my luck so bad, I somehow warped in a conflict between the Reptilians and the Galactic Empire , and they being the thugs they are, Shot the proto blaster. They also sent out the Robots Gnomes." Said Senior.
" Wow, your luck is horrible. I am amazed that you got out in one piece." Bass said.
" Stop being patronizing! Anyway, I got out only because of the Space Slime from Andromeda, they corroded all the spaceships here, Luckily, Planet Gyrasha is close by, but it is inhabited by Giant Space Slugs. I just need to go around this Comet!"
" Ok, go find the Zeta Reticulans that are stationed there, they will help!."
" Understood!"
The spaceship shifted in the direction of the planet and zoomed forwards.
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Posted: 11/25/2021 at 1:55 AM Post #23
After rummaging around for a pencil, pen, something! To write the stories told to you of past expeditions before you forget (again), you find a slip of paper left on the coffee table. Mayhap it was forgotten in the after party haze and food coma.


The Department of Exploration, using outmoded Triangulation, located the elusive Planet Gyrasha (the one referenced during the Zeta Reticulan debacle). A disastrous collision happened in the region a while back causing many anomalies which resulted in a need to update the Public Star maps and Space Paths available.

The Planet can be found near the Andromeda Galaxy, however, Hyper-drive technology would be needed to reach such a place. As it is situated in a cloud of debri, a single spaceship would have difficulty navigating without a shield for defence, at least one proto blaster to demolish large unavoidable meteorites and a high-tech navigation system. Even then many highly recommend an AI or a team of Robot Gnomes to help mitigate and repair damage on site.

The Galactic Empire would sponsor such a ship for prospective Captains, especially if they will help update areas of the region in their Star Chart after exploring Planet Gyrasha. If interested, technology for laser beams can be included to facilitate the act of exterminating Giant Space Bugs that congest the general flight paths. Cleaning space slime will be included.

The latest probes of the planet show Reptilians, carnivorous plants, acidic seas and what seems to be the predecessor of the tiny cats of the Galactic Interwebs. No contact has been made due to the difficulty of traveling. Soon a comet will pass in the region, and the path will go by the planet. Some wonder if it is a chance, that it will clear out some of the debri. Most however think it will cause a catastrophe (like the last incident) in the area causing this expedition to be the last in the region wiping out life on Gyrasha.

If interested Contact the Department of Exploration at XXXXXXXXXXXX.

-Sponsored by General Alzhemijk


On the back is a form filled out with Captain Tyz'jrhjk Spaceship and crew, and in the crew list is your name. Only then does the memory spark of agreeing to join in such an expedition, that is if Captain Tyz'jrhjk gets a spot. Better keep this copy in a safe spot, just in case.
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Posted: 11/25/2021 at 12:53 PM Post #24
Since it's acceptable to change singular words into plurals (i.e. comet -> comets), is the reverse also allowed? (i.e. reptilians -> reptilian)

If yes, are we allowed to change the word's part of speech? 'Reptilians' implies the word should be used as a noun, but once changed to the singular 'reptilian' it could be used as an adjective.
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Posted: 11/29/2021 at 7:18 PM Post #25
Space Tales- A Recollection of Journeys and Expeditions Into Outer Space- Log #1255- Access
Thousands of miles away on Planet Gyrasha lay the Galactice Empire of Tiny Cats headquarters. Its leader was a curious little cat named Flibbertiggibet, and it was known as the Big Paw because it guided all decisions within the inner circle of the Empire. It was they who caused the Zeta Recticulans debacle, of which nothing shall be spoken because the Big Paw insists it is highly classified information. Anyways, Andromeda is the home galaxy of their planet, and it is where they carry out their operations. It was they who invented proto blasters, hyper-drives, and spaceships. Although the laser beams from the blasters have been known to cause mighty problems in the past, the greatest of which was the destruction of Comet Star Chart, so named because its surface resembled a map of the stars. The reptilians of Planet Robot Gnomes are notoriously known to have caused this incident, although some blame the space slime of the Giant Space Slugs of Planet Slimetopia.
End of Log #1255 in the Space Tales Collection
Level 75
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Posted: 11/30/2021 at 4:55 PM Post #26
"One. Two. Three. Four."
His time had started. As quietly as he could, he maneuvered himself towards the door, his speedy footsteps muffled by his dirty socks he'd unintentionally covered in Space Slime.
"Five. Six."
He picked up the pace as soon as he was out of the room, searching desperately for an exit. He had to get out of this Spaceship, away from these terrors, and back to Planet Gyrasha.
The sound of counting faded into the background as he panicked. Escaping had been no small feat, he couldnt be captured again! Fine then, He thought determinedly, Ill trick them. No way out? Hiding will give me more time. As soon as they were gone hed escape, like a Comet from orbit. He takes another moment to search the small building he is trapped in, but doesnt linger in one place for longer than a few seconds. As soon as the count reached 60, his captors would notice his absence and come looking for their prisoner. He keeps time in his head. Twenty-six. Twenty-seven. Twenty-eight.
At last, he finds it! The perfect spot to hide. Bones and body creaking in protest, he squeezes himself into the miniscule space between the wall and a large cushioned object, pretending to be one of the Tiny Cats he saw on occasion. Very little light pierces his newfound hiding spot, a bonus that only serves to help hide him. Any movement would be hidden, and any sound would be muffled, though not that he would be foolish enough to make a sound at such a precarious moment. He tries to struggle into a more comfortable position when two things happen in heart stopping unison. He realizes that he is stuck now, and the triumphant sound of Sixty! reaches his ears. He was pinned in this narrow space with his pursuers now realizing their captive was missing. He realizes he has no escape plan from here, and nothing to help him, not even a Proto Blaster.
Why had he thought this was a good idea? Hed shoved himself into this narrow space to avoid detection, but now it was all too real of a possibility. He flinches as his pursuers burst rowdily through the door into the room he was concealed within, hitting one of the Giant Space Slugs on the way in. He squeezes shut his eyes and hopes they dont think to look behind the Zeta Reticulans. From his position hed been unable to see their entrance, but the sound of Laser Beams being fired pre-maturely told him enough, they were eager to find their prey. Like a swamp of Reptilians, they were viscous. Three sets of footsteps, all searching for one thing. Him.
His racing heart was audible to his own ears. Could they heart it too? Betrayed by his own beating heart, wouldnt that be something? All his plans and the thing that gives him life could be the reason he loses it. He would have laughed at the irony if his life didnt depend on absolute silence.
He had but one hope left in this egregious game of cat and mouse. They still had not found him, and he continued to hold his breath, grasping at the string of hope that they might not find him. During his captivity, he had discovered they were not particularly clever. They had a lot to learn, like how to read a Star Chart, and their clumsiness gave away their every move. He took advantage of this to time his breaths to their absences and distractions. He knew that he could outsmart them, but his most previous decision to hide here was definitely making him doubt himself. They did outnumber him though, which was worrying, and he was still trapped and powerless to influence the outcome of this cruel game.
Without moving his head, he casts his eyes upward to the long, thin blade of murky light above him. Over the sound of the blood rushing through his ears, he heard them whispering. They were plotting, drawing up a plan of attack. He couldnt make out what they were saying. A few words floated over to him, but their context baffled him. 'Hang on', 'pinching', 'Andromeda', and 'squished' were the only words he heard with certainty. What were they planning? As he contemplated, the room fell silent. Theyd stopped talking and, he assumed, had finalized their plans. Probably something with evil Robot Gnomes, as was a favorite punishment of the Galactic Empire.
His whole body stiffened. He knew that if by some miracle he made it out, his muscles would ache wretchedly, but he would be thankful that was the only thing he had to deal with. They would have to take it for a little longer though, he had more pressing issues.
A few seconds of silence followed by a sound which turned the air in his lungs cold. The laugh, as wicked as a fairytale witch, gave him goosebumps. It was louder than a Hyper-drive. What did it mean? Was his fate at the hands of these tyrants sealed? The feeble light above him vanished, throwing him into darkness. They had blocked off the opening. He had been discovered, but how? Hed been so careful, so quiet. What were their plans for him now? Would they trap him in this tiny space and let him suffocate? Surely they would want him for more of their cruel games. He risks lifting his head to where the light source had been, and he saw them. Their heads blocked out the light and three sets of eyes now peered down at him from above.
"Found you, Daddy! We knew you were behind the sofa the whole time!"
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Posted: 11/30/2021 at 10:44 PM Post #27
"General Kelin!" Andromeda, the Reptilian scout, skidded around the corner to where her leader sat. Her claws scraped madly across the floor as she careened into the room, and her superior seemed almost amused by her chaotic entrance. A faint flicker of a smile crossed his broad, scaly face.

"What is it, Andromeda? You look as though you've just seen a whole horde of Giant Space Slugs!" he teased. Andromeda gave a little sigh, wishing with all her heart that she had better news to deliver.

"Tiny cats," she whispered at last, hanging her head and expecting the room to erupt in terror. For a moment, silence hung in the air like a thick cloak. Then, unbelievably, General Kelin began to laugh.

"Tiny cats? For a moment, I thought you were going to say we were faced with an actual threat!" he roared with mirth.

"Actually, sir," a Reptilian scientist began, looking up from the star chart he'd been studying for the past few hours. "Tiny cats are incredibly dangerous. This particular breed comes from the Planet Gyrasha, and theyre ferocious to say the least. Whole galactic empires have been destroyed by their attacks, and now theyre headed for the planet of the Zeta Reticulans."

"I need proof," the general declared, lashing his thick, powerful tail. The scientist nodded, pressing a button on a hidden remote. The screen above them, which was typically reserved for maps or video conferences with allies, suddenly displayed a tropical jungle. As they watched, the silent air was suddenly full of screeches and yowls, and what looked like an ocean wave made of multicolored fur began to wash across the scene. Upon closer examination, Kelin and Andromeda realized that the wave was made entirely of tiny, fluffy kittens.

"What are they after? Treasure? Food?" General Kelin asked, leaning forward in his seat. It was well-known that the Zeta Reticulans were close allies of the Reptilians, and their leader was a very dear friend of the generals. Kelin would stop at nothing to protect the peaceable, wolflike creatures. The scientist cleared his throat, looking rather uncomfortable.

"Keep watching," he murmured. As the little group looked on, the tiny cats washed over the peaceful landscape . After only a few moments, the cats faded and only debris remained. The trees were scratched and splintered, every leaf of every plant was fang-marked, and the earth was raked with the marks of tiny claws. Suddenly, the ferocious yet fuzzy face of a tiny cat loomed in front of the screen, and the video feed was lost.

Silence dominated the room for several moments, until at last the scientist spoke once more. "Nobody understands the mind of those cats. Some say they're hungry, others say they're merely bored, and some...well, some say they're bent on dominating the entire galaxy."

"Well, we have to stop them." General Kelin rose to his feet, a new fury in his eyes. "Put the spaceship in hyper-drive! We have a mission!"

The ship leapt forward, faster than even the fleetest comet, and after only a few heartbeats, the crew landed on the planet of the Zeta Reticulans. "What sort of weapon shall we use against the Tiny Cats?" Andromeda asked, trying to keep her voice from shaking. "Laser beams? The Proto Blaster?"

"No." As the door of the ship opened out onto the peaceful, woodland realm of the Zeta Reticulans, Kelin stared dramatically into the sunset. "Bring out the Robot Gnomes!"

"Space Slime," Andromeda swore. It was a known fact that the General only activated the Gnomes for the most serious of missions. At his signal, the scientist slammed his scaly hand into a button on the wall, and an ominous beep permeated the air. A few moments later, the Robot Gnomes appearedat the exact moment a wave of tiny cats came pouring over the horizon, mewing war cries in their deceptively small and adorable voices.

"What happened next?"


"I said, what happens next, Papa?"

"Oh," General Kelin closed the book, which could have either been a storybook or a journal. Nobody truly knew what the book contained, but none had the courage to investigate its contents for fear of angering the great warrior. "It's late, my daughter. Why don't you try and get some sleep?"

"But what about the gnomes?" the younger, smaller reptilian flicked her tongue excitedly. "And the tiny cats! And what did Andromeda do? She's my hero!"

"You'll find out tomorrow night. Sleep well, my darling. I love you."

The little reptilian giggled as her father placed a tender kiss on her small, scaled head, and soon snuggled into her bed for a long nights sleep. General Kelin smiled to himself as he closed his daughters bedroom door. All was peaceful and silent on the ship, and he stifled a yawn.
In the distance, a tiny cat yowled.
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Posted: 12/4/2021 at 10:53 AM Post #28
We were on our way to the planet Gyrasha. They had a sale on Tiny Cats and Officer Ktekgaj was very excited to add some to our terrarium. We'd made it to the Clexaroid Asteroid Belt, in the Andromeda Galaxy, when we were attacked by an army of giant space slugs hiding in a comet!

Unconcerned, we casually fired our laser beams, but they were too... fast!? I signaled Red Alert. Now we had to act quickly, they were making a web of space slime to trap us! If the space slime reached our spaceship it would breakdown the hull and vent our atmosphere! We headed to toward the edge of the asteroid belt. If we could clear the asteroids, we could use our hyper-drive to escape but we were too late. We were completely trapped.

Desperate to know how the usually slow slugs could now evade our legendary auto-firing system, I ordered all the crew to search for the answer. Perhaps there contained a way to defeat them. Then, Ensign Lalkrelkjn, our lookout, saw it; the slugs were riding robot gnomes from the Galactic Empire!

All was lost. Our computer-guided lasers can be defeated by only one thing, robot gnome evasion techniques. I began preparations to set the auto-destruct. We couldnt let the Galactic Empire get a hold of our star chart. It would lead them to all the bases of the Hydirain Resistance!

I stared out into space, my arm hesitating over the timer that would bring our destruction, when Ensign Lalkrelkjn shouted, A ship! A ship is coming, Captain!

A scaled ship appeared. It was the Reptilians! They fired their Proto Blaster before us. Unlike our precise lasers, its wide array destroyed slugs, gnomes, and slime alike! A loud cheer erupted across our ship. A few more blasts and we were free!

Zeta Reticulans, Captain of the Reptilian ship, hailed us. They had heard our distress call and came at once. We thanked them profusely and asked what we could do for them in return. We braced ourselves, prepared to offer lifelong service to the Reptilian Space Navy. However, all they wanted was for us to pick up 100 Tiny Cats from Gyrasha for their own spaceship terrarium.
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Posted: 12/4/2021 at 12:48 PM Post #29
Captain Tyz'jrhjk's Log, Stardate 51715.2

The Spaceship Galileo's Comet has been exploring the Andromeda sector. We have spent the last 3 Gyrashan weeks mediating peace talks between the Robot Gnomes of Planet Gyrasha and the Tiny Cats of Theolosia.

We finally made a breakthrough when we told them of the 50 Year War between the Reptilians and Zeta Reticulans. What started out as a small dispute over the Zeta Reticulan's merchant ships taking shortcuts through the Reptilian's territory quickly escalated into all-out war. Laser beams destroyed huge swathes of land, leaving both planets nigh uninhabitable, and the Proto Blasters killed millions.

After learning how easily tragedy could ensue from the smallest conflict, both parties agreed they could live in peace if they made minor concessions. The Robot Gnomes promised to keep their Giant Space Slugs that oozed Space Slime away from the Tiny Cats' Sacred Catnip Forest, and the Tiny Cats promised to stop using Planet Gyrasha's third moon as a litter box.

After consulting our Star Chart, we engaged the Hyper-drive and returned to Galactic Empire space, mission complete.
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Posted: 12/4/2021 at 2:51 PM Post #30
Tyz'jrhjk received a missive from the Galactic Empire to investigate a distress signal originating from Planet Gyrasha in the Andromeda galaxy. On the way to investigate this distress signal, the pilot on night shift, Slu'grynk, fell asleep and a comet scraped the side of the spaceship. It was a glancing blow and only woke the pilot. Embarassed about falling asleep they shrugged it off when no alarms went off. The next morning another pilot took over and went into hyper-drive as scheduled to reach their destination in a timely manner. When they exited hyper-drive they were not outside of Planet Gyrasha as planned, but in an unknown seemingly empty stretch of space surrounded by large astroids. When the navigator consulted their star chart they discovered they were slightly off course and in an unexplored stretch of space within the Andromeda galaxy. When they did a systems check they discovered one of their lateral thrusters was missing and decided to investigate. Slu'grynk volunteered to investigate this alone and Tyz'jrhjk decided to allow this. They use the buddy system when outside the ship normally but they were all alone in the middle of nowhere and everyone was busy checking the engine, trying to find the closest repair shop, and re-rationing the food supplies.

While investigating the "mysterious scrape" on the side of the ship, Slu'grynk was surrounded by drones at proto blaster-point. A smaller spaceship glided out from behind the nearest astroid and the drones ushered Slu'grynk towards it. A yowling voice announced that Slu'grynk was their hostage and if Tyz'jrhjk wanted Slu'grynk back unharmed they must assist them in their war against the evil robot gnomes. The Galactic Empire's protocol in this situation is to immediately retaliate and attempt to recover the hostage. If the hostage is taken to a second location, they are not supposed to pursue but call in reinforcements. Tyz'jrhjk could not risk Slu'grynk getting harmed in a retaliation since Slu'grynk had just agreed that morning to lay Tyz'jrhjk's eggs. Tyz'jrhjk agreed to fight for the mysterious pilot-nappers in the last battle if they promised to keep Slu'grynk out of harm's way. After agreeing to these terms, the privacy screen was raised on the smaller spaceship and Tyz'jrhjk saw Slu'grynk surrounded by tiny cats decked out in haphazardly assembled armor and ancient proto blasters. Knowing that their crew and equipment would make a huge difference in their battle, Tyz'jrhjk requested the tiny cats escort them to the closest repair shop after they win. The tiny cats' leader, Meowthra, agreed to personally escort them to the closest repair shop which happened to be on Planet Gyrasha.

In an effort to understand more about their newly acquired enemy, Tyz'jrhjk had a meeting with Meowthra to determine what type of armor and weapons they would face on the battlefield. Tyz'jrhjk also wanted to know the cause of the war since robot gnomes are normally peaceful. Meowthra informed Tyz'jrhjk that this was all started by a silly misunderstanding. Some kits got into their parent's catnip cookies then ran through the robot gnomes' "garden" *cough junkyard* and left pawprints all over their welded masterpieces. They also may have knocked over a few works-in-progress. The robot gnomes retaliated by burning their catnip fields. The retaliations escalated from there by each side and the tiny cats are on their last leg. They originally outnumbered the robot gnomes but the robot gnomes have stolen or destroyed the majority of their food supplies, poisoned their wells, and can repair each other. When a tiny cat falls they can not be brought back. The robot gnomes have enhanced their welding torches to shoot laser beams but they do not have many of them. The majority of the robot gnomes fight with hammers and tongs and defend themselves with large hovercar hoods.

Tyz'jrhjk devised a plan to take out the robot gnomes' welding torches in their sniper nests by deploying part of their crew with jet packs and signal scramblers to confuse the snipers long enough to disable them. Tyz'jrhjk would then stagger the rest of the crew throughout the front line with the latest proto blasters and armor. The crew would push forward from the front line with the tiny cats and inward from the sniper nests until the robot gnomes surrender. The battle started as planned, but eventually the tiny cats and crew began to tire while the robot gnomes kept repairing each other. It wasn't until Slu'grynk snuck off the tiny cats' spaceship and held a laser saber to the robot gnomes' greatest masterpiece that the robot gnomes finally surrendered. Tyz'jrhjk attended the meeting between the robot gnomes' leader, Ctnkrus, and Meowthra outlining the terms of surrender(the return of the tiny cats' food and assistance building new wells to start with). Once these were agreed upon, Tyz'jrhjk, Slu'grynk, and the rest of the crew partied with the tiny cats and helped the robot gnomes build new welders.

Finally, Meowthra escorted Tyz'jrhjk and their crew to the repair shop on Planet Gyrasha. Coincidentally, it was in the same town as the distress signal and Tyz'jrhjk quickly discovered the root of the problem. There was a turf war between the Reptilians and the Zeta Reticulans. The Reptilians wanted to expand their space slime dairy farm and the Zeta Reticulans wanted to expand their giant space slug ranch. The leaders of each group invited Tyz'jrhjk and crew over to show Tyz'jrhjk why they should be allowed to expand their respective farms. The Reptilians hosted a cocktail party with space slime cheese and wine. The Zeta Reticulans hosted a dinner with giant space slug steaks and mashed tubers. Tyz'jrhjk was thoroughly disgusted by both offerings and suggested they share the lands since space slimes and giant space slugs will not attack each other and have different diets. Once Tyz'jrhjk's spaceship was repaired, they were sent off with gifts of space slime cheeses and giant sea slug steaks which Tyz'jrhjk generously gifted to us before they left.
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