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Username: Dreamfyre
Title: None
User ID: 140656
User Level: 70
Joined: 2/4/2020 at 5:50:10am
Last Online: 5 Days ago
Account Age: 631 Days
Profile Views: 1,140
About Me
Dream Avi Items:
Ancient Mummy Sentinel (Nixxie)
Atlas Moth Spriteling (Halloween)
Lily Spriteling (Pinky Pete)
Lily Spriteling (Rowdy Ruby)
Delicate Butterfly Spriteling (Peony)
Springtime Lunemara Spriteling (Sunset)
Corrupted Dryads Dragonet (Peaches)
Vulnyx Sorceror's Familiar (Cheshire)
Fancy Winter Snowbird (Hearth)
Partridge Aurleon Companion (Sanguine)
Oriental Rose Dragon (Sunrise)
Harvest Demons Companion (Halloween)
Harvest Demons Companion (Ghastly)
Demon Hunters Guardian (Candy Corn)
Elegant Leaf Eagle (Nightshade)
Elegant Leaf Bat (Maple)
Fancy Winter Stag (Hearth)
Pooka's Fox Familiar (Jovial)
Angelfish Seahorse (Queen)
Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 6,760-72 (98.95%)
Mission Record: 2,997-94 (96.96%)
Gold Earned: 20,336,208
Scales Earned: 113,185
Quests Completed: 17
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 1
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 221
Epic Items Found: 660
Rare Items Found: 504