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Forum Index > Official Games and Contests > 2021 Black Friday - Space Tales
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Level 75
The Kind-Hearted
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Posted: 12/5/2021 at 10:47 PM Post #41
A long way away, past Andromeda in a galaxy far far away, dwells a humble planet. From afar the planet Gyrasha looked perfect. It had plenty of space, so you shouldnt bump into the local reptilians. Food is abundant, the air is fresh and the temperature is fair. It was as nice as could be for the squad of tiny cats. The cats had fled from their home planet on a spaceship and we're looking for a new one. They landed on the fair planet and took some time to take in the scenery. The sky was purple, with a tint of pink, and clouds streaked across the sky. The moons of Gyrasha were visible in the atmosphere. The ground was a soft, light blue color and had a grassy feel to it. It was perfect.

Now, all they had to do was find a place to build back their civilization. The tiny cat squad decided to head north, straying far from the woodier areas that contained the giant space slugs. No one wants to deal with all the slime or the threat of being eaten at any moment. When they reached the north side they realized it was quite different from where they landed. The northern side of the planet was colder and the ground was dark. The sky was clouded as well, filled with smoke. The tiny cats weren't the only ones on the north side.

The Galactic Empire had established a town there before them. The Empire was responsible for the cat planet's demise. They shot laser beams through the core, shattering it into pieces. The tiny cats decided they better head back to ship, but unfortunately, they were captured by empire soldiers before they could make it back. The cats were put in jail, under lock and key. There, they were to be watched by the dreaded Robot Gnomes. If your planet didn't get destroyed, it got taken over by the empire. They would send the gnomes to defeat the inhabitants of planets they wanted to conquer. They would gather some of the inhabitants to be brought back along with supplies. There, they would be forced to work for the empire.

Luckily, the tiny cats weren't the only ones being watched by the gnomes. Some Zeta Reticulans were also being watched, and they were already making a plan to escape. With the tiny cats help, they made a foolproof plan. They tricked the gnomes into opening the door and jammed their gears with some space slime they had hidden in their cell. They stole a couple of proto blasters from the gnomes and headed out. From there they went to find the Zeta Reticulans ship. Together they took out some other guards and found the ship dock. Unfortunately, they didn't make it out before the whole town was alerted of their escape.

Everyone strapped in and got ready for flight. The tiny cats pulled out the star chart. They needed to figure out what direction they should all flee to before it was too late. The empire town wasted no time and sent out ships to shoot them down. The Zeta Reticulans started booting up the hyper-drive. They managed to dodge left and right, up and done and all around. They thought they would make it away unscathed. Then bam, the right-wing was blasted! They spiraled out of control. Would this be the end of the tiny cats and their new allies? No, because a stray comet came and crashed into the empire ships! Destroying them all at once. The Zeta Reticulans were able to repair the ship since no one was chasing after them anymore. With the repairs done and their next destination marked both the Zeta Reticulans and the tiny cat squad set out to find a new home, where they all could live in peace away from the empire.
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Level 75
Nature Walker
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Posted: 12/5/2021 at 11:42 PM Post #42
Tyz'jrhjk was quite agitated seeming as he told the tale of their travel back here to celebrate Thanksgiving. When traveling through space they have to be careful using hyper-drive. There's routes that are safe to travel that seem to act like highways through the Galactic Empire. When Tyz'jrhjk was checking the star chart to plan the trip, little did he know that disaster would strike.

There's apparently a comet that travels visits near Planet Gyrasha every 1,275.35 years. I'm still not sure which planet's years this was in but it definitely seemed like a rare occurance. When this comet starts getting close to the planet's sun, giant space slugs wake from hibernation to mate. They end up leaving space slime everywhere.

Usually the Reptilians that live on Planet Gyrasha harvest this space slime and sell it to the Zeta Reticulans who resemble tiny cats with multiple prehensile tails. Seems like it's great for making soap. Anyway, this time however the Reptilians had trouble with the harvesting and this left slime all through the space route. There was another spaceship that was traveling ahead of them that decided to use their proto blaster to clear a path through the slime. This was a disaster though as all the laser beams did was harden the slime causing them to crash. Tyz'jrhjk's ship barely avoided a collision. The entire route slowed to a crawl as everyone had to wait for the robot gnomes to come tow the crashed ship away.

Because of the wreckage it took twice as long as usual to get here from their home world in Andromeda. Tyz'jrhjk sighed from frustration but he was happy to still have made it somehow in time. He had planned on an early arrival to take some samples back. I assured him that they could stay longer if they wished but they had another place to be. Hopefully we'll see them again next year!
Level 75
Sweet Solver
Joined: 10/26/2019
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Posted: 12/5/2021 at 11:42 PM Post #43
Our Great leader Tyz'jrhjk, from Andromeda, has marked a new planet to the Star Chart; Planet Gyrasha. Its inhabitants are Zeta Reticulans. They are being led by the Galactic Empire.

As our people, the great Tiny Cats *salutes*, entered the planet, the Robot Gnomes greeted us with hostility and shot Laser beams towards us. We fired back with Proto Blaster, but it was no use, since robots arent of organic material.
Suddenly a pack of Giant Space Slugs came to rescue and covered the robots with Space Slime. The slime covering the robots caused them to shut down.
The Slugs told us that new breed, Reptilians, had built the robots, while trying to conquer the planet.
No-one knows for sure why or how the Reptilians came to be, but they suspect that they came from a Comet crashing to the planet 10 years ago.
We went to greet the other inhabitants and agreed to get some more help from our people, the great Tiny Cats *salutes*
We entered our Spaceship and turned it back towards home, we have to use Hyper-drive, since Andromeda is a whole other galaxy.
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Level 75
Guardian of the Realm
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Posted: 12/8/2021 at 6:35 PM Post #44
1st Place Winners

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