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Username: Malas120
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About Me
Hi, call me Mala! Feel free to send my a message! I've been here for awhile, if you want to see some of my "accomplishments", go one down to the bottom. ^^

Eek!!!!So cute!!
By Typhlosion[#2057]

A head shot of my first puff,Pinewood.Thank you Yuya #90226 ^^

I not that long ago got baptized,to wash away my sins.I am a Christian.

I collect a lot of different pets here on Sylestia, but my favorite has to be Puffadore. Then comes Faelora, Nytekrie, Morkkos and so on.

I really like Pokemon and I don't know what a would do without books!^-^
Preference..basically anything with animals,also books with mythical creatures and magic and action.

I like games of all sorts.I play on Flight Rising,Chicken Smoothie and Goatlings and other stuff like that.I have a 3ds,I always forget to write down my friend code>-< I like to play Pokemon,Animal Crossing,Legend or Zelda and Fire Emblem games.

Breeding Projects?

Other Threads: [LF] Collector's Edition MG Fae

For forums [url*=LINK]words[/url]

Squigles #29060 has TONS of themed offspring
Vulpie and Shadowprowlz are awesomeness

LDDarcWolf #10769 B-day is Feb 3rd!
Wolfywaffle #42266 B-day is March 1st!
Dyris #7970 B-day is May 13th!
Vulpie #15265 B-day is May 30th! XD
Evieseriously #22173 B-day is June 1st!
Lostwords13 #5836 B-day is June 4th!
CaptainKat/Hyouki #6407/#21452 B-day June 16!
Nightbanewolf #12643 B-day Aug 24!
Savynn/Mysevin #135/#27724 B-day Sept 4!
Rikaheart #59583 B-day is Sept 9!
Christenat #70220 B-day is Sept 10!
Wonderfulb2uty #17930 b-day on 25 Dec!

Cool things I've done:
I have pairs of every tagged puff to date ^^ 6/30/20
I made the Arachnid Armor for Fall fest in 2016
I caught the first Daffodil Nephini 5/25/17

Rip this guy, leg vorpa with an unfortunate trait [5/1/19]:

Themed Pet Designs I made *pats self on back *:
The Original Morning Glory Faeloras[Spring 2014]:

Chocolate Delight Zolnixi[Fall 2014]

Frosted Sugar Cookie Luffox[Winter 2014]

Mourning Cloak Aeridini[Spring 2019]
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 250,747-57 (99.98%)
Mission Record: 6,901-52 (99.25%)
Gold Earned: 140,275,193
Scales Earned: 372,648
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 55
Bosses Defeated: 59
Elites Defeated: 118
Superiors Defeated: 1,101
Mythical Items Found: 10
Legendary Items Found: 888
Epic Items Found: 4,126
Rare Items Found: 11,438