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Username: Marichoness
Title: The Fortuitous
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Joined: 8/28/2019 at 10:41:51am
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About Me
^^ Done by Fox of my girl Seraphina vv

My cat Carmel laying on his sister, Skitters:

Buying: Typically if a pet is not already listed for sale or in a Sale tab, I'm not very likely to sell it to you. Pets that are for sale can be haggled for. (Pets in a sale tab without a price are for sale, I'm just too busy to put a price atm)
Breeding: I am pretty lenient when allowing people free breeding with my pets, as long as it's for your project and I get an offspring or two when you are done.
Releasing: By all means release my pets! Once bought, they are yours. I am a big releaser so I release any pet I can't sell for at least 10K ish anyways.
Projects: I will never sell a fertile project pet. Ever. Please don't ask. I won't let anyone breed with my project pets either, or tagged nixis.

Fanatical nixi hoarder, marionette queen, releaser, and co-leader of the nixi club!

Site Goal: Get a tagged pair of every nixi theme - So close!

Check out Valeriem205's profile for a secret ^^
I am a college student majoring in Secondary Education English. I prefer waffles over pancakes, the edge of the brownie rather than the middle, and my food slightly overcooked. (Guess I am a dragon?)
I offer a free gen testing and infert service! You can find my forum thread or just PM
I write on occasion, but prefer editing for friends.

Newbie Mentor:

I never log, and I am on Sylestia Time. I am on at least once a day, but usually way more than that. I will usually respond to Pings/PMs within the hour, unless I know it requires an in depth response, then I will take more time to ensure you get the attention you need.

Please PM me if you are from Nebraska! I found 2 state buddies
I love dragons and adore red pandas. My favorite color is orange (A specific sunrise color) followed by green (preferably deep or emerald).
I'm considering make a thread in Player Introductions. Maybe I will when I get bored...
(Latif and Arcanesketches are my birthday buddies)

If I have a pet for sale, and it's over priced, one of two things is happening:
1. It's a theme that used to go for that much, and I haven't updated it's price recently. (PM and I'll fix it)
2. It's a pet I have some attachment to (usually from my early play days) that I would be willing to let it go, but for more than usual.

If I PMed you about buying a pet, I have zero intentions to release it, so you needn't worry.

Unstaeble: I see you've got your iconic marionette mask on XD
Yes, I will always always always have on a marionette mask, its my thing! That one way you will always be able to recognize me by even if I change my avi so much. I tend to enjoy consistency, but I also embrace creativity and I guess you can call the mask my middle ground.

Permanant Credit! AliceHearts created the design of my custom colored Vytrius. (Named Viscariam, Woodland Dancer)
I had hosted a little contest here:

And as of Spring fest 2021 I was first to discover Spring Storm Nixis and Peacock Butterfly Lunes! (Previous spring fest I was first to discover DE nixis and first to get them to 6 vis and I have finally finished maxing them! )
2020 Fall Festival Traditional Pumpkin Carving winner!

2021 Spring Festival Outdoor Scavenger Hunt winner!

Defeated Fungus Army all by myself xD

You have helped defeat the Myconid King and his army in Fungus Grove. Please check Trades to collect your reward.

You earned 50 Reputation with Esior's Haven

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[01:05:31 AM] *Server First Achievement* You were the first to capture Blazing Fireworks Aeridini!

*Server First Achievement*
Marichoness Captured:
Blazing Fireworks Aeridini
1am and 6 encounters left on my perf <3

Premier Green Thumb Spring Fest 2021

Notes to self:
agility (boosts defense and evasion)
dexterity (higher accuracy and crit chance)----v
Strength - Increase physical damage and mitigation
Intelligence - Increase magical damage and magical mitigation
Dexterity - Increase critical hit chance and accuracy bonus
Agility - Increase physical/magical mitigation, increase avoidance chance, and increase
Got permission from Thorn to do a project with one of her designs (give credit and free offspring)
Got breeding permission from Lunadove:
Got permission from Unst to do that forest nixi as a project- PM for name and help if wanted
Give a free offspring when project is done

Fanta owes me max:
Snowblossim owes me male + female project offspring

Cupids regalia
Armor of the clover (only recolor left
Neph recolor buddy
Solar Preist's Robes
Marionette doll mask Heavenly (feminine version) (will pay 1mil, PM)

Val (obviously), Mika, Lark, Luna, Tigress ($$$), Myth


I might need this, who knows
Forum bg F5FAFF


Shilo is permitted free breeding to nixis with the needed traits as long as I get free project offspring. (there's like 3 I think that were good? One was the young male with vines)

80646 likes CR nephs

Max Breeders Log

84816 also maxing nixis tagged 6v check it out
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Battle Record: 36,669-52 (99.86%)
Mission Record: 4,809-59 (98.79%)
Gold Earned: 74,591,545
Scales Earned: 165,161
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 41
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 385
Epic Items Found: 2,180
Rare Items Found: 1,381