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Username: Amethystx
Title: The Sweet Tooth
User ID: 121574
User Level: 70
Joined: 11/16/2018 at 1:34:08am
Last Online: Currently Online
Account Age: 1,168 Days
Profile Views: 731
About Me
hi, i'm amethyst. my favorite species are faelora, luffox, lunemara, lighira, ny'vene, and vulnyx.
if you'd like to breed a pet i don't have up for breeding, feel free to ask.




cosmic web kelpari


cocoa fairy's companion (berry blast, caramel, lemon)
cosmic dragon heder's companion (eos)
toymaker's mechanical teddy (platinum, silver, gold)
toymaker's mug (platinum)

fae fire garb (sky fire)
gingerbread attire
steampunk attire (white gold)
seraph's regalia
dragon stalker armor
dragon stalker armor (white)
harpy armor
harpy armor (emperor penguin, imperial hawk, noble peacock, phoenix)
celtic warrrior's garb (lowlands)
fairy dragon costume
sea dragon robes (pearlescent)
ferriki tamer's costume (polar)
toymaker's outfit (azure, festival, bronze)

nightfall cavalier hat
steampunk top hat
steampunk top hat (white gold)

butterfly bandit cape
shepherd's cloak
tundra nomad's cape
moth's fairy cape (auroral)
cocoa fairy's scarf (peppermint)
glamorous fairy's cape

tundra nomad's tail (short tawny)
tundra nomad's tail (long squirrel, long tawny, long lilac)

partridge wings
partridge wings (red candy cane)
moth's fairy wings (auroral)
cocoa fair'ys wings (lemon, berry blast, berry banana)
arctic nomad's wings (frosted)


To Do:

check changelog

sale post:

Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 13,712-7 (99.95%)
Mission Record: 3,542-16 (99.55%)
Gold Earned: 22,725,614
Scales Earned: 16,411
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 2
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 210
Epic Items Found: 547
Rare Items Found: 761