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Forum Index > News and Announcements > Faelora Revamp Sketches
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Level 70
The Carver
Joined: 8/29/2016
Threads: 146
Posts: 1,363
Posted: 8/11/2021 at 9:27 AM Post #21
Faelora are my absolute favorite, and I'm so glad they're getting reworked!
Ooh, I do like how elegant they look. I really like the male antlers being higher than they are now (leaves more room for the ears; always thought it made the current one look a bit like he's tucking his ears back) and they look very pretty!
I also love the more realistic eyes on the adults. And the bud on the female hatchling is cute!
Most of all, I'm really glad they've stayed mostly the same. I didn't think they needed more than the lines updated, and more traits added.

However, something about the female adult and male hatchling makes them look...swaybacked? And although the male pose is nearly the same as before, I feel like he could be just a little more proud-looking.
Edited By Anemochory on 8/11/2021 at 1:50 PM.
Level 75
Grand Protector
Joined: 10/4/2014
Threads: 18
Posts: 2,163
Posted: 8/11/2021 at 9:28 AM Post #22
I just love them!

Great job :) I can't wait to see how the details develop.
Level 70
Wondrous Witch
Joined: 8/28/2019
Threads: 2
Posts: 70
Posted: 8/11/2021 at 9:42 AM Post #23
I like that they look pretty much the same as the current faelora! But a little bit more stylized. I'm not a fan of the big Disney eyes on everyone but the male adult, but that's probably more personal taste.

Can't wait!
Level 73
The Perfectionist
Joined: 9/3/2016
Threads: 7
Posts: 55
Posted: 8/11/2021 at 10:19 AM Post #24
I like their faces
I think their legs are too short and their hooves too small and maybe the head a bit too big
Level 73
The Artistic
Joined: 1/21/2016
Threads: 38
Posts: 1,376
Posted: 8/11/2021 at 10:25 AM Post #25
I feel like the male hatchling's head is a little small. Also, the overall pose might be improved if his neck weren't so stiff and straight, and curved backwards some more instead.
Perhaps also the bulge of the male's neck could be connect in a smoother line down into the chest? As in, give him a deeper chest. He feels a little unbalanced atm.

Other than that, these are fantastic, wow! I love how graceful they are.
Edited By Dinnerbone on 8/11/2021 at 10:28 AM.
Level 75
Frosty Hands
Joined: 10/18/2018
Threads: 21
Posts: 1,237
Posted: 8/11/2021 at 10:31 AM Post #26
Author: Scathreoite
Time Posted: 8/11/2021 at 5:32 AM
Adult Male:
> antlers don't look like they're at the same angle (closer antler looks like it's more backwards-angled, far antler looks like it's sticking more out to the side)
> Chest looks. Very strange. With the Huuuge bulge that goes in and then goes down and then goes into the legs (the bulgy chest could work, but I think it'd need to come down more to not have the weird bit between it and the legs)
> his body seems pretty thin- most stags are pretty blocky

>adult female's neck seems too long
> front legs seem too far back related to neck
> her back is VERY dipped, and the shoulder area is extremely high
> one of her ear flower's petals is literally sticking straight down her ear canal that CANNOT be comfortable.
> her legs are very splayed and her furthest leg seems to be on a slightly different plane to the others

> baby male's torso and shoulder joints are a bit off-looking,

> baby female's neck should be connecting higher than it is

Me, doing some sketches over the top:

Deer legs continue to make me cry, they're awful, and my attempts at them are ALSO awful, and also I was extremely halfassing the plants because they are basically fine outside the female's ear flower (I'd basically 100% given up at adding them by the time I reached the baby female.
(these aren't great sketches but hey)

I pretty much agree with everything you've stated; that being said, I went ahead & made a few extra changes, one of them being the male baby faes head being a bit small compared to the baby female fae.
& another, adjusting the male faes antlers, ect.
So I took the original & edited it:

Not sure if I got all of your details down, but I tried lol.
Level 70
The Hallowed
Joined: 4/16/2014
Threads: 2
Posts: 34
Posted: 8/11/2021 at 10:53 AM Post #27
They look great! First time seeing them and theyre very elegant and really fits for them!
Edited By Xerneas on 8/11/2021 at 10:54 AM.
Level 71
Omniscient Sculptor
Joined: 10/12/2018
Threads: 83
Posts: 2,613
Posted: 8/11/2021 at 11:02 AM Post #28
I love these! They look so much more real now~ I do agree with a few criticisms though. The chest of the male seems way too large, so maybe make it a bit smaller, and having some fluffy bits would be lovely to see. The petals/leaves around the male, there are too few! I would love to see more petals/leaves so that he matches the female better. The head on the male fawn is a bit small like others say, so a bit bigger would be nice and make him look better proportioned. Other than that, I don't really see anything else wrong, but I'm also not the best to notice little things. I love the male's antlers the most, how large they are is amazing~ And the female is absolutely darling. ^-^
Level 73
Grand Protector
Joined: 5/2/2019
Threads: 23
Posts: 648
Posted: 8/11/2021 at 11:09 AM Post #29
I love how the male looks, and I do like that it isn't looking at the 'viewer' but rather off into the distance.

Edit: Since I had never been fond of faes, never paid much attention to them, so couldn't see a huge difference between current and the revamp.

I went and compared them, and didn't seem much change in the females, except maybe they got a bit more elegant, but the males changed a lot more. They now look more natural, like a deer I would actually see outside my front door.

I especially love the change to the head of the male, makes him look regal, at least to me.
Edited By Jemadar on 8/11/2021 at 11:16 AM.
Level 75
Luck of the Draw
Joined: 6/26/2018
Threads: 46
Posts: 1,407
Posted: 8/11/2021 at 11:34 AM Post #30
I love the adult male's expression, the antler/plant details, and the now-noticeably-leafy tails! Much less awkward looking than the current Faes xD

Gotta say that the body proportions feel uncanny valley for a few reasons
Adult Male:
- poofy chest, oh dear. looks like a balloon has been blown up from underneath his skin
- antlers seem to be rotated at different angles
- body/legs look rather too small, especially with balloon chest
- neck leaves are very smooth? And also aren't as leafy as females. I like the dimorphism for the antlers/head flower, but I feel similar amounts of neckleaves would make more sense

Adult Female:
I think others have mentioned the back curve and neck/leg positioning strangeness, as well as the jawline looking a bit too noticeable. Jawline is reasonable for both male art positioning, not sure if I like it here

Female bab's visible eye looks a little too big and too far to the right, otherwise cute!
Male bab's legs and neck appear too thin in comparison to the thickness of his body, just a bit gangly and small-headed for baby proportions

Edit: I also wanted to mention (even though these are preliminary unshaded sketches) that I really hope Faes aren't going to have shading that is as heavy-handed as the recent Lupora and Nytekrie revamps have had. It looks fancy and detailed, but design-wise it's nearly impossible to have them light/pastel and still look good - only dark colors work. The Nytes' shading muddily greys out paler tones. I think Kelps and Lunes have had a good balance between detailed shadows and not making the entire pet grey, so here's to hoping Faes aren't going to get as extreme of a shading treatment like the more recent revamps :P
Edited By Skor on 8/11/2021 at 11:53 AM.
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