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Username: Aerimistress
Title: Wondrous Witch
User ID: 118901
User Level: 70
Joined: 10/12/2018 at 7:31:44pm
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Account Age: 1,020 Days
Profile Views: 7,509
About Me
Please excuse the confusing stables, I'm reorganizing. Lol

Barracuda griffi of Eim's for project
And dragon tail griffi

I owe Eim a master trap. -Sent July 1, 2021-

Get pretty venes from Uie and Ty~
Art would like a deathberry with drape and vines. ^-^

Stream would like breedings with these two once they are old enough~ 1,2

Jraven (33940) wants to breed with this girl once she's grown.

My kitty Liberty~,
New kitty pics!,,
Pics of new tower I built,

Trading Galaxy Orchid Vene to Val for max stat Grim Rose Ryo~

~My chosen themes~

Demonic Pumpkin Ryori

Frostchaser Griffi

You can call me Aeri or Jen if you like.

As of Feb. 16, 2019 I am godmum to a perfect little Heavenly Ferrikki named Coconut Macaroon which belongs to Spelf. ^-^ <3

Squeak has chipmunk VL puff I can breed with~
Spelf will let me breed or breed me a couple foals from this girl~

Please note 2 things: I don't accept friend requests unless I know you well. If it's not got a price, it's not for sale.
IF something does have a price, it could be negotiated for. I don't normally do pet trades.

Jai gets a full victorian traited Garden Skunk rikki once the project is complete. ^-^

Lan has tentacle Frostkeeper and Dawnbreaker Aeris that I can breed with. <3
Also has SD neph set for me to breed with for a bit~

My wonderful birthday gift from Unstaeble~

Wanna know what I look like? Here...a pic. ^-^ Don't know how to make it yeah.

7-14-19 - Caught the first ever Turquoise Gem Lunemara!

Darthbane539 would like Winiera after she gives a good baby. ^-^

Am doing a bulb project for Fanta1380. Must remember to pm her when a breeding pair is ready~ Finally got one 4c

Project Notes:
Finished Kelpari project- need to dye the last 2 out of 3 pairs.
Finished Will 'O' Wisp Lunes
Have enough pairs for Darkly Dreaming Qitaris~ 2 male and 4 female. May dye one set.
Aristocratic Dream puffs done, 2 pairs, may dye one pair.
Blazing Fireworks drae finished
Enchanted and Kingfisher nytes finished. May max kingfisher or both

Max statting Elven Lups- Finished!
Max statting Spring Victorian Rikki
Max statting Berry Fairy Kelps - once there are enough pairs to start

Working on:
Deathberry Rikkis- working on drape with flower vines visible
Tufted Titmouse Rikkis- 1 6vis with chipmunk attained, trying to get another for a pair.
Burgundy Petunia Lighs with Nebula traits- Project for Crea~ up to 3v3c
Warden Warrior Rikkis- sort of slow/on hold
Ghostly Woods and Dusky Winter Rose Vuls~
Arabian Desert Griffi - Up to 4v2c but not all wanted traits. Need to null unneeded traits
Garden Skunk rikki
Misty Flower nyte
Lost crystal and nightshade nytes with fairy muts
Baby lamb and siren's song bulbs
Vibrant lagoon and witching hour puffs
Sunlit dawn and poison dart frog nephs

Future plans for Dragon nytes:
Witch's blood
Voodoo master
Lost crystal
Doom harbringer
Solar eclipse

Nyte themes still needed for collection:
Festive- PB
Frau Perchta-PB
Leaf Pile- PB
Patriotic- PB
Raspberry Dessert- PB
Winter Songbird- PB

AD Griffi breeding thread-
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 247,839-50 (99.98%)
Mission Record: 6,550-61 (99.08%)
Gold Earned: 211,158,621
Scales Earned: 763,796
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 316
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 69
Legendary Items Found: 1,638
Epic Items Found: 8,441
Rare Items Found: 9,180