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Forum Index > News and Announcements > Nytekrie Revamp Announcement
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Posted: 2/5/2021 at 6:32 PM Post #1

Click to Read 2/28 Update

It has been a long journey, but we are finally nearing the very end! The Nytekrie Revamp is pretty much all but finished at this point and is currently scheduled to go live on Wednesday, February 10th. A specific time will be announced closer to the date.

This thread will showcase some of the new artwork, reveal their new Trait allocations, and describe what will happen when the Revamp goes live and the artwork switches over.

Click for a Larger Image

Quick Overview

Here is an adjusted original Nytekrie using the above color scheme: Original Nytekrie. The main changes to the base are that we will be swapping the C2 and C3 slots and then instead of the (now) C3 accenting the Wings with Yellow, it will pull from GC2 (the Black on the new version). Additionally, M2 and M3 will be swapping places. Here is what this looks like:


And here are what the new intentions are for each Trait Slot:

Gene One: Full body designs
Gene Two: Wing/Head accent designs
Gene Three: Overall accent designs and glowy runes
Mutation One: Body Traits, such as armors
Mutation Two: Particle effects and wing Traits
Mutation Three: Head Traits

Full Trait List

Gene One
A - Underbelly
B - Raptor Stripes
C - Osprey
D - Zebra Finch
E - Mystic Feathers
F - Petal Markings
G - Sprinkles
H - Fire Tiger
I - Partridge
J - Leaf Veins
K - Fairy Enchantment*
+ L - Skeletal Paint
+ M - Jaguar Shadow
+ O - Python
+ P - Dragon Scales*

Gene Two
A - Shimmer Tips
B - Bearded Vulture
C - Rosella
D - Petal Markings
E - Sprinkles
F - Owl Feathers
G - Nighthawk
H - Fairy Enchantment*
+ I - Hawk
+ J - Blue Jay
+ K - Swallowtail
+ L - Emperor Moth
+ M - Dragon Fleckings*

Gene Three
A - Moon Runes
B - Tribal Markings
C - Lucky Runes
D - Valentine Lace
E - Elegant Runes
F - Red Tailed Cockatoo
G - Rosella
H - Downy Woodpecker
+ I - Iridescence
+ J - Dragon Flames*

Mutation One
A - Moon Armor
B - Bone Jewelry
C - Fairy Adornment*
D - Plaguebringer's Armor
E - Forest Garb
F - Icicle Feathers
G - Gallant Armor
H - Storm Armor
I - Tribal Jewelry
+ J - Enchanter's Shawl
+ K - Dragon Armor*

Mutation Two
A - Stardust
B - Flower Petals
C - Lucky Dust*
D - Spring Blossoms*
E - Icicle Wings
F - Tribal Covering
G - Fairy Wings*
+ H - Skeletal Adornment
+ I - Dragon Wing-Guards*

Mutation Three
A - Plaguebringer's Mask
B - Forest Antlers
C - Cockatoo Crest
D - Moon Tiara
E - Fairy Headwrap*
F - Icicle Crown
G - Gallant Helm
H - Storm Helm
I - Tribal Mask
+ J - Skeletal Mask
+ K - Plague Doctor's Mask
+ L - Enchanter's Crown
+ M - Dragon Mask*

* = Restricted Trait
+ = New Trait

Re-Generation Information

As you can see above, there's quite a lot of Trait movement and Trait splicing. This obviously poses a lot of potential issues for existing Nytekrie. Therefore, as has been customary for Revamps, we will be allowing players to "Re-Generate" existing eligible Nytekrie. However, it will work a little bit differently this time around.

Given the massive amount of Trait movement, under normal Re-Generation policy, virtually every Nytekrie would end up just being a full Re-Gen. This is not at all something I am comfortable doing and I think that it would significantly damage the Nytekrie pet economy. Therefore, the Re-Gen process for the Nytekrie is going to be a bit more targeted. This should lessen the damage dealt to the economy while still allowing players plenty of wiggle room to fix up their existing pets and projects.

For those who are unaware of what a Re-Generation is, it is when we allow a player to re-allocate an existing pet's colors and/or Trait Points. Traditionally, this has been mostly an all-or-nothing approach for the most part. If a pet is eligible for a Re-Generation, they traditionally have been able to basically select any Trait that was available prior to that specific pet's creation. As I said above though, this Re-Gen process will be more targeted.

Basically, for each Trait that is being moved slots or spliced into multiple slots, it will trigger a Re-Gen for that pet. However, rather than being able to select any Trait with those refunded Trait Points, they will only be eligible for the Traits they had prior. If the pet is in a situation where it's impossible to allocate the refunded Trait Points into eligible Traits, then it will allow players to select any eligible Trait (added into the game prior to the pet's creation) for the eligible Trait Slots. I am sure this is exceptionally confusing, so I will provide some examples lol.

Please read the following update on Re-Gens:

Let's say you currently have a Nytekrie with the following Traits:

G1: None
G2: None
G3: None
M1: None
M2: Tribal Armor
M3: None

Now, Tribal Armor is one of the Traits being spliced. In the Revamped version, there is now Tribal Armor, Tribal Covering, and Tribal Mask spread across M1, M2, and M3. Rather than us decide for the player which of those three to have and rather than just simply allowing the player to completely choose any replacement Traits, instead the pet will be eligible for a Re-Generation that will allow them to choose either Tribal Armor (M1), Tribal Covering (M2), or Tribal Mask (M3).

Obviously, this gets more complicated with pets that have more Traits. So let's look at another example. Let's say you currently have a Nytekrie with the following Traits:

G1: None
G2: None
G3: None
M1: None
M2: Tribal Armor
M3: Stardust

In this example, Stardust will not be triggering a Re-Gen. Therefore, it will remain locked into M2 (remember, M2 and M3 are fully just swapping places). However, since Tribal Armor will trigger a Re-Gen, the pet will have 2 Trait Points and will have the option of choosing either Tribal Armor (M1) or Tribal Mask (M3). It can't choose Tribal Covering (M2) because Stardust will be settled into the M2 slot.

Let's look at a bit more of a complicated example. Let's say you currently have a Nytekrie with the following Traits:

G1: Red Tailed Cockatoo
G2: Downy Woodpecker
G3: Moon Runes
M1: None
M2: None
M3: None

Now, in this example, all 3 of those Traits end up being G3 Traits. Therefore, we can't simply apply the targeted Re-Gen in this case because you'd have 6 Trait Points and only allowed to choose from G3. So in this instance, the player could select any of those 3 Traits as the G3 and then they would be able to choose any eligible Trait (added into the game prior to the pet's creation) for both G1 and G2 as replacement Traits.

Hopefully, these examples shed a bit of light on how this Re-Gen will work. I think it should do a very good job at allowing players to recreate their existing pets given the changes while not being an overpowered tool that ruins the Nytekrie economy. We have seen the damage that can be done when a species ends up with a near unlimited amount of 12 Trait Point fully Re-Gen'able pets. It brutally decimates the breeding project prospects for the species in an already struggling pet economy.

My goal here is to boost the Nytekrie's economy so that there is ample demand for future projects and for new pets being created and added into the mix. I do not want to simply create a situation where there's just an endless supply of cheap fully Re-Gen'able 12 Trait Point Nytekrie floating around the market for years to come.

Re-Generation Triggers

This section will go over the specific criteria I am currently considering for triggering Re-Generations.

A - Raptor Stripes
B - Owl Feathers *Re-Gen if G2 in use*
C - Nighthawk*Re-Gen if G2 in use*
D - Osprey
E - Red Tailed Cockatoo *Re-Gen if G3 in use*
F - Zebra Finch
G - Mystic Feathers

A - Shimmer Tips
B - Bearded Vulture
C - Rosella *Spliced Re-Gen. Can Choose New Slot*
D - Downy Woodpecker *Re-Gen if G3 in use*
E - Petal Markings *Spliced Re-Gen. Can Choose New Slot*
F - Sprinkles *Spliced Re-Gen. Can Choose New Slot*
G - Fire Tiger *Re-Gen if G1 in use*
H - Partridge *Re-Gen if G1 in use*

A - Moon Runes
B - Tribal Runes
C - Lucky Runes
D - Leaf Veins *Re-Gen if G1 in use*
E - Valentine Lace
F - Elegant Runes
G - Fairy Enchantment *Spliced Re-Gen. Can Choose New Slot*

A - Moon Armor *Spliced Re-Gen. Can Choose New Slot*
B - Bone Collar
C - Fairy Adornment *Spliced Re-Gen. Can Choose New Slot*

A - Plaguebringer *Spliced Re-Gen. Can Choose New Slot*
B - Forest Horns *Spliced Re-Gen. Can Choose New Slot*
C - Cockatoo Crest
D - Icicle Feathers *Spliced Re-Gen. Can Choose New Slot*
E - Gallant Armor *Spliced Re-Gen. Can Choose New Slot*
F - Storm Armor *Spliced Re-Gen. Can Choose New Slot*
G - Tribal Armor *Spliced Re-Gen. Can Choose New Slot*

A - Stardust
B - Flower Petals
C - Lucky Dust
D - Spring Blossoms

Now, when it comes to Carried Traits, things get a lot more complicated. I know it has been requested for awhile to allow the Hidden Carried Traits to be selected during the Re-Generation process, however, I do not have any tools to allow that. The Re-Generator uses the Generator as the foundation for the code and there is literally nothing in that to allow selection of Hidden Carried Traits. It would take a lot of work to somehow allow that to be an option - almost to be point of probably having to completely redesign the entire Generator.

As far as the specifics of what happens if you have certain Hidden Carried and whatnot, I haven't 100% figured that out. Obviously, things will have to be adjusted if the Hidden Carried Trait is being moved. But I will probably have to just decide for the player in a lot of situations or just write off the Hidden Carried and it gets lost. There will be a lot of various situations with this that I will have to write out logic for in the Revamp code.

At this time, I don't have anything specific I can say about it as I haven't written it yet.

Lastly, for Colors, all Nytekrie by default will be able to Re-Generate their GC2, AC1, and AC2. As I said previously, all Nytekrie will have their C2 and C3 swap places as well as their MC2 and MC3 - this is just to keep things in sync.

If a pet has any Trait Re-Generations, I will probably just allow full color Re-Gen as things get messy for the player when it's only certain slots and not others.

Examples Showcase

Last, but not least, I will be showcasing some examples of the Revamped artwork because I always love to tease everyone as much as I can. First, and foremost, here is their new full Restricted Trait Set:

Click for a Larger Image

G1: Dragon Scales
G2: Dragon Fleckings
G3: Dragon Flames
M1: Dragon Armor
M2: Dragon Wing-Guards
M3: Dragon Mask

And here is an example of the Restricted Lost Grove Fairy Set:

Click for a Larger Image
*NOTE: Female is correct color allocation.
Male isn't quite synced up. Will be fixed by Revamp*

G1: Fairy Enchantment
G2: Fairy Enchantment
G3: None
M1: Fairy Adornment
M2: Fairy Wings
M3: Fairy Headwrap

And here are some more basic examples using original Traits:

Click for a Larger Image

G1: Zebra Finch
G2: None
G3: Rosella
M1: Forest Garb
M2: None
M3: Forest Antlers

Click for a Larger Image

G1: None
G2: None
G3: Moon Runes
M1: Storm Armor
M2: None
M3: Storm Helm

Click for a Larger Image

G1: Fire Tiger
G2: Shimmer Tips
G3: Tribal Markings
M1: Tribal Armor
M2: Tribal Covering
M3: Cockatoo Crest

And, last, an example using some of the new Traits.

Click for a Larger Image

G1: Python
G2: None
G3: Iridescence
M1: Enchanter Armor
M2: None
M3: Enchanter Crown

Themed Designs

As we did with the Lupora, we will be going through all of the Nytekrie Themed and updating them to make sure they are correct and look good post Revamp. Once we have finished the first pass, we will make a separate post showcasing what we have selected and open the thread for feedback. We will then make any final adjustments and then fully switch over the Themed Designs.

At that point, players will have the option of freely updating their existing Nytekrie Themed Pets to the new design, or leaving them as is. This will apply both to Themed Pets and Purebred Offspring.

We are planning to do this process basically exactly how we did the Lupora as we think it worked very well last time.

Final Notes

Please note, not everything is 100% set in stone. I may still change some things. Additionally, I am still working on getting all of the color allocations 100% set in stone. They are mostly done, but there are a few things I still have to do and a few things I may end up doing as I go through the process.

There are also some issues that still need to be cleaned up. For example, I noticed while doing this that there is an issue with the Adult Male's eye layers - there's the female highlights leftover in the files that needs to be cleaned up. I also pointed out the Fairy Traits aren't properly colored for the Adult Male. There's also some gene color allocation discrepancies that I have to fix up. Stuff like that. All of this should be good to go by Wednesday.

Please leave any feedback or thoughts on the Nytekrie or Revamp process if you have any. We are excited to finally be at the end of this project and we hope everyone else is too! =)
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Level 70
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Posted: 2/5/2021 at 6:37 PM Post #2
You and your team did an amazing job. I never quite liked them with how limited they were..Among other things, but now...Just wow...I think I have a new pet species to love. Thank you for the heads up and awesome job. Very well done!!
Level 60
Joined: 10/6/2020
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Posted: 2/5/2021 at 6:38 PM Post #3
Can you show us what these will look like with brighter colors, instead of just the darker earth toned or jewel toned ones? Some of them are hard to see because the colors sort of blur between markings.
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Posted: 2/5/2021 at 6:46 PM Post #4
Author: Mascot51
Time Posted: 2/5/2021 at 6:38 PM
Can you show us what these will look like with brighter colors, instead of just the darker earth toned or jewel toned ones? Some of them are hard to see because the colors sort of blur between markings.

Do you have a specific existing Nytekrie that you would like to see?
Level 70
The Fortuitous
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Posted: 2/5/2021 at 6:47 PM Post #5
Ooooohhhh nytes!!!!!!!
And i need to stop pronouncing that as "nee-teh" for the recamp lol, it looks great (from my mobile ajyways) so kudos to yall for the revamp!
Level 67
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Posted: 2/5/2021 at 6:56 PM Post #6
I really like them, except for one thing. I don't care for how fluffed out the feathers on the face are. Other than that I really like them!
Level 70
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Posted: 2/5/2021 at 6:58 PM Post #7
It looks incredible! I can't wait to get some of those new restricted traits-they look super epic. Will there be nyte themed avi items for sale with the revamp also?
Level 70
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Posted: 2/5/2021 at 7:00 PM Post #8
Yay Nytes!

I totally understand your reasons for not wanting to do full revamps, but that was some of my joy in the past revamps, and full revamps shall be missed. I enjoyed hosting design contests for them and such and be able to fully celebrate new art with beautiful pets.

I love the new artwork and can't wait to start my Winter Morning Nyte project soon~

(Also thank you for going back and editing the baby female, it's a lot better!)
Level 64
Joined: 9/19/2019
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Posted: 2/5/2021 at 7:06 PM Post #9
Sorry to bother, but Im a bit confused on the color wise... how exactly is that supposed to work? Sorry...
Level 69
The Perfectionist
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Posted: 2/5/2021 at 7:06 PM Post #10
Woo hooo! Congrats, Krin, Fai and the rest! *parties*
*searches for Nytes in excitement*
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