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Username: Mystiria827
Title: The Perfectionist
User ID: 139341
User Level: 65
Joined: 12/21/2019 at 7:38:23pm
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Account Age: 310 Days
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About Me
Aurleons are incredible...
Yes, I hoard them.
My real profile is on this thread (rant) Take my quiz!!!
If you haven't guessed already, I love Aurleons and am always open to breed/buy.
I LOVE these Aurleon traits:
Snowdrift Wings
Tempest Wings
Ornate Armor
Ornate Helm
Galaxy Sprite
Ice Armor
Ice Crystals
Snowdrift Crest
Tempest Runes
Tempest Wrappings
I need more avi item-ios so...
On my bucket list:

"Europa Aurleon" project

"Silverscales Ny'vene" project

"Starry Tempest Aurleon" project

Art by the great Lucario

My Spring 2020 Avi by RyderofDragons

My (unrealistic) dream avi:

Kasani by Luca!

70% of people say that Wings of Fire is dumb.
25% of people say, "What's Wings of Fire?"
The last 5% will smack everyone else in their faces with a hardcover Legends book and scream "DARKSTALKER WILL BE AFTER YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"
I'm part of that small 5%.
Repost if you're a Wings of Fire fan
I promise to think of Clay when I see someone in need.
I promise to think of Tsunami when my personal feelings get in the way of the logical choice.
I promise to think of Glory when I need motivation to do the right thing.
I promise to think of Starflight when I need to be brave.
I promise to think of Sunny in the depths of despair.
I promise to think of Peril when I doubt my self-worth.
I promise to think of Riptide when people judge me by my heritage.
I promise to think of Deathbringer when my peers keep me from doing the right thing.
I promise to think of Fatespeaker when my friends are down.
I promise to think of Kestrel when someone is angry- there are always two sides to a story.
I promise to think of Reed when my siblings need me.
I promise to think of Coral when someone tells me love is foolish.
I promise to think of Kinkajou when someone judges me by my age.
I promise to think of Tamarin when someone has a disability.
I promise to think of Thorn when I am forced into leadership.
But most importantly of all,
I promise to always remember Wings of Fire.
My lovely OC Vega, drawn by the amazing Tori!!!
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 2,692-43 (98.43%)
Mission Record: 47-0 (100.00%)
Gold Earned: 1,321,308
Scales Earned: 6,407
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 0
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 9
Epic Items Found: 109
Rare Items Found: 126