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Username: WingsOfAmber
Title: The Majestic
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Joined: 11/8/2015 at 3:39:06pm
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About Me
I am on campus wi-fi for the next few months. No idea if anyone else on my campus plays, but just a heads up.

My Threads:
Tree Spirit Lupora Buy/Trade:

Mountain's Majesty is set for breeding for Skor (112716)

I do buy cheap pets to release and boost my chances for eggs in the Lost Grove, as well as to clean up cheap pets for the economy. Pets that are going to be released can be found in Stable 11 '42 Days'. Bought and Randomly Bred will be resold for 1g, if under 42 days old. Project Bred will be priced based on themed or non-themed status and number of vis. If they are high vis from further along in a project they will be sold Infertile.

You want lore? Head-canon? No one asked? Ah well.

My name is Amber. I am simply a satyr who enjoys Sylestis like everyone else around here. I believe releasing is important for balance, others do not share that belief.

I'll pick up pets that are listed for mere pennies. I bring them home, feed them, genetic test them, then prepare them for life in the wild, if they were bred. The tamed ones are often already ready, almost excited to return to the wilds. I prefer to train and release in groups, so the Sylesti isn't tossed into the woods on it's own, with no one to be there with them. I never release before they are 42 days old, I believe that is the true adult age for most Sylestis.

Word seems to spread among wild Sylestis in the Lost Grove, as I'll catch a glimpse of a familiar tail, and then an egg is left in my path. My theory is that they leave the eggs for me in the case that they, or another Sylesti they know can not care for it, and know that I will be able to have one of my own Sylestis raise the egg instead.

I keep track of where I release Sylestis, in case I, or someone else, needs to find them again, we have general area of where to start. This process can be rough and time consuming, and often the Sylesti is reluctant to return to a stable. Others are perfectly happy with either life.

Thank you for reading.

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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 25,211-80 (99.68%)
Mission Record: 377-28 (93.09%)
Gold Earned: 35,486,637
Scales Earned: 549,565
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 85
Bosses Defeated: 194
Elites Defeated: 399
Superiors Defeated: 2,714
Mythical Items Found: 12
Legendary Items Found: 140
Epic Items Found: 1,052
Rare Items Found: 1,218