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About Me
New stuff...: After finding how hard it was to find Ferrikki with Lop Ear in Search, I decided to breed a bunch of them, some with various genetic decorations, some with none, with the main point being getting more Ferrikki with the Lop Ear mutation available to BREEDERS who would like to add it to some of their bloodlines. Please stop releasing low budget low to no gene/mutation Ferrikki who have just or almost just Lop Ear. They're being bred on purpose and the rates kept low for new people with low budgets. I just end up having to breed more, raise costs when I'm trying to keep these animals available to low budget players.


NOT here to socialize, it is just something to do while I wait for slow but important things to finish up. I do not accept friends requests, or random PMs. I open them but only to block the sender. I don't bother reading them. I also block any random pests trying to friend me when I don't even know you. Strangers are not friends. Strangers are just that STRANGERS.

If there are a bunch of unpriced babies in the hatchery, those are the ones I consider unworthy of breeding so they've been left there to cycle out on release. Unless you really want one of them and ask for it (One ONLY) I'm ignoring those.

Mixed Sales Barn 1...this is the place where all hatchery pets first enter the main portion of the Stud Farm. This is where they meet the Person Who Decides If They May Live: The Barn Manager, in other words....ME. Some of the breeders are still housed with sales stock, as time goes on more and more stables will be put up for individual breed sales. This process is not yet complete.

They land in Tab sales occur in tab 1 unless your timing is excellent and they're already priced in the hatchery. They'll go from here ether into species specific sales or into some other portion of the Mixed Sales Barns, there's three now and they're labeled.

If it's not for sale, and more than 30 days old, it's a breeder. No, you can't have or buy it. Don't ask.

I don't name every pet before it leaves my hands, but those I do name quite often have highly original ones. Makes it easier to track them through generations if I need to, plus...they just sound way cooler.

I only price Egglings and Hatchlings that are purebreds, either my own designs or Exclusives...that's because I know what the adolescents will look like. Otherwise, you have to wait until the mutations, if any, show before I put prices on them.

Most hatchery pets will not be priced or named. I keep only the best for breeding and slightly less than the best are sold. The rest are on auto release.

If it is in stables and does NOT have a price it is NOT for sale so don't ask.
If it has a price, you can buy it.
NO I will not lower the price or it to you for free, asking can get you reported to website.

NO RANDOM P.M.s from people I don't know.
Beggars are deleted without an answer.

Chat has been the browser security level, i.e., my hosts file as well as from cometchat itself. NOT INTERESTED in random stupidity so I never got into chats. I've been using the internet since shortly after Win95 came out so let's just say that I actually DO know what I'm interested in by now.

I try to move hatchery pets into breeding or sales as appropriate, however, assume that in the case of a mix up, if it has a price on it, you can buy it.

By the same token, an unpriced/non-purchasable beast in a sales area is not a mistake, so no, you can't obtain it.

Last but not least, I'm 57, not 15: Not interested in your little cliques, clubs or gossip...and I'm not susceptible to whatever online bullying attempts pop up.

In the case of the last item, I will NOT report you to the admins, instead, I'll report your ID number and the site to the FBI's webpage and let THEM deal with tracking you down and dealing with you.
The admins won't know until they get the subpoena from the investigating Feds: This is the ONLY warning you get.

Got me? Good. We understand each other. Have a nice day.
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Battle Record: 757-6 (99.21%)
Mission Record: 33-2 (94.29%)
Gold Earned: 12,446,481
Scales Earned: 8,673
Quests Completed: 10
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 0
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 0
Legendary Items Found: 1
Epic Items Found: 23
Rare Items Found: 47