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Forum Index > News and Announcements > Fortune Event Overview
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Posted: 3/13/2020 at 12:49 PM Post #1
Before I dive into the official Overview, I just wanted to take a minute just to address the crazy circumstances that literally all of us, all over the world, are coping with right now. At least in my lifetime, I can honestly say that I haven't ever really experienced such an event and I know that times already are, and most likely will continue to be, quite dire for a lot of people all over the globe.

Since the moment Sylestia was created, the goal has always been to provide people from around the world with a place to come together, relax, and have fun; put aside the troubles and stress of real life, one night at a time, and hopefully just help to make life just a little bit easier. While the day to day grind can be bad enough sometimes, a global pandemic is really something unimaginable - until it happens.

Throughout the next few months as the situations continue to develop, I will do my best to have Sylestia continue to be a place where everyone can come together, relax, and hopefully escape the troubles that we will all be facing - even if for just a few hours at a time.

I urge everyone to exercise extreme caution over the coming months regarding the care and health of yourselves, your friends, and your families. And I hope to do my part to provide what little mental relief that I can for you all.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make Sylestia what it is today and what it will be for the years to come. Please be safe out there.

With all that said, here is the official announcement thread for the 2020 Fortune Event!

Start Time: Friday, March 13th at 12:00 PM
End Time: Sunday, April 5th at 11:59 PM

The Fortune Week Event is to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the beginning of Spring, and of course - all things luck and fortune!

Diamond Sale, Double XP Event, Doubled Themed Chance

For the entire duration of this year's Fortune Event, there will be a Diamond Sale, a Double XP Event, and all Wild Themed within the Lost Grove will have a doubled base rate of being encountered! Due to the various real-world issues that we are all coping with at this time, I felt that it made the most sense to just have all of these bonuses last for the entirety of the event, rather than for a select part of it.

For the Themed Encounter Rate Bonus, it is a doubled increase chance on the base rate. This means that this will stack with the Perfume Bonus!

Visit the Diamond Shop

Stable Purchase: 400 (20% Discount)

Diamonds: 500 per $4.00 (20% Discount) (20% Discount)

[Exceptional Genetic Scanner]: 1,000 (33% Discount)
[Exceptional Genetic Test Kit]: 1,000 (33% Discount)
[Exceptional Infertility Kit]: 1,000 (33% Discount)
[Masterful Snare Trap]: 300 (40% Discount)

[Philter of Trait Disruption]: 200 (33% Discount)
[Philter of Expedient Learning]: 200 (33% Discount)
[Greater Genetic Mutator]: 160 (20% Discount)
[Greater Pet Dye]: 120 (20% Discount)
[Perfume of Themed Attraction (Lost Grove)]: 80 (20% Discount)
[Greater Pet Dye]: 120 (20% Discount)
[Philter of Infertility]: 80 (20% Discount)
[Magical Pie]: 80 (20% Discount)
[Philter of Gender Swapping]: 80 (20% Discount)
[Prismatic Philter]: 60 (25% Discount)

[2020 Fortune Event Mega-Bundle]: 3,900 (Limited Item)
[Fortune Event Themed Pet]: 600 (Limited Item)
[Avatar Item (Fortune - Retired)]: 100 (Limited Item)

[Trait Disruptor (Luffox - Windchaser)]: 500 (Limited Item)
[Trait Disruptor (Sylvorpa - Water Dragon)]: 500 (Limited Item)
[Trait Disruptor (All Species - Lucky Dust)]: 300 (Limited Item)
[Lucky Mutator]: 300 (Limited Item)

2020 Fortune Event Limited Mega-Bundle

In celebration of the Fortune Event, we have decided to add a Limited Bundle to the Diamond Shop. This bundle contains a bit of everything offered from the 2020 Fortune Event! Included are the following:

[Piece of Lucky Pot Ticket] x50
[Fortune Event Themed Pet] x3
[Philter of Expedient Learning] x1
[Philter of Trait Disruption (Themed)] x3
[Perfume of Themed Attraction (Lost Grove)] x3
[Prismatic Philter] x3
[Avatar Item (Fortune - Retired)] x5
[Lucky Mutator] x3

New Themed Pets

These brand new Themed Pets will be available throughout this year's Fortune Event: Eventide Windchaser Luffox, Auspicious Water Dragon Sylvorpa! These can be found by playing The Lucky Pot Scratchcard or from the [Fortune Event Themed Pet] boxes.

Eventide Windchaser Luffox

Auspicious Water Dragon Sylvorpa

Returning Avatar Items

In regards to Avatar Items, there will unfortunately not be any new Avatar Items for this year's Fortune Event. Since last year's Fortune Event didn't really have all that much either, I have decided just to have everything drop Retired Avatar Boxes instead, where any previous year's Fortune Event items can be obtained.

The Lucky Pot Scratchcard Game

The Lucky Pot Scratch Card has returned! The goal of the game is to scratch off prizes and match 3 like prizes to win that prize. However, there are a few twists that help make the game more fun and help to award more prizes!

Themed Bonus Bar: The most prominent feature of the game is the Themed Bonus Bar. For each game that you play where you do not win a Themed Pet, this bar will fill up. As it fills up, the chances of you winning a Themed Pet increase! Once you win a Themed Pet, the bar resets and you can fill it up again. This not only helps to award more Themed Pets, but also helps to prevent long droughts without winning.

Rollover Prizes: For the lesser prizes of the game, the amounts that you find from previous games roll over to future games. For example, this means that if you only uncover 2 of one of these prizes, this will rollover to future games and you will only require one more to win that prize. This feature helps to ensure that you can continue winning constant prizes over multiple games.

Bonus Scratches: Find two of a big prize but ran out of Scratches? Well you can purchase a bonus and get 4 additional Scratches to find that third match!

Free Play Vouchers: Collect [Piece of The Lucky Pot Ticket] x10 and then Use them from your Inventory to claim a Free Play Voucher! You can find these ticket pieces by encountering Keepers of the Clover as roaming Named in The Lost Grove, by encountering Pookas as roaming Named in Astryl's Tranquility and Sweet Blossom Orchard, or by defeating any other Named within The Lost Grove. They can also be obtained as rewards from the Event Task Log!

Collect as many as you can throughout the Event to claim as many Free Play Vouchers as possible!

Exclusive Prizes: Only from The Lucky Pot can you win 3-Visible (2-Visible Majestic) Pets of the following Themed:

Eventide Windchaser Luffox
Auspicious Water Dragon Sylvorpa

Veiled Fortune Luffox

Sakura Lupora

Exalted Puffadore

Lucky Draw

We have released a brand new feature: Lucky Draw! This is a simple card game where you bet on whether your score is Lower, Tied, or Higher compared to your opponent's score.

The Deck: Contains a total of ten cards, numbered 1 through 10.

The Score: The added value of the cards in a player's hand. For example, a 2 and 6 would be a score of 8.

First Round: You and your Opponent are each dealt two cards from the deck. Two additional cards are discarded. You can see your cards and one card from the Discard Pile. You must bet whether or not your Score is Lower, Tied, or Higher than your Opponent's Score based on the information provided.

Final Round: After your bet, the Final Round begins and your Opponent reveals one of their cards and the second card of the Discard Pile is revealed. You must now bet again whether you think your Score is Lower, Tied, or Higher than your Opponent's Score. While you can switch your bet to a different option, you will win less Points than if you keep your bet the same. After betting the final time, all cards are revealed and the game ends.

Game Fee: The cost to play each game is 10 Points.

Purchase Points: While you start with 200 Points for free, if you end up running out of Points and no longer have enough to play, you will have the option of purchasing an additional 200 Points for 10,000 Gold.

Prize Board: As you play and accumulate Points, you will unlock the options to purchase Prizes via the Prize Board at the bottom of the page. Some Prizes have certain Daily and Event limitations where you can only purchase so many in the given period of time. Daily purchase limits will reset each day at midnight.

I plan on adding many more Prizes very shortly! I just want to collect some playing data first before deciding on certain pricing and limitations.

Task Log

New this year is the Event Task Log! Similar to the Festival Task Logs for seasonal festivals, this is a mini version of it. How this works is just simply complete whatever is required of the Task and credit will automatically be tallied into your Task Log. Once you have completed the Task the required amount of times, you will receive whatever the reward for the Task is. It's that simple!

There are both Daily Tasks, which reset every day at midnight, and Event Tasks, which can only be completed once per Event.

Return of the Pookas

The Pookas will return to the Sweet Blossom Orchard and Astryl's Tranquility zones as they were last year. Each Pooka will drop a Retired Avatar Item and a [Piece of The Lucky Pot Ticket] x1. They also will have a chance at dropping a Lucky Themed Pet of the species that have them (Aurleon, Bulbori, Draeyl, Faelora, Kelpari, Luffox, Lunemara, Lupora, Morkko, Nephini, Nytekrie, Qitari, Sylvorpa, Vulnyx, Zolnixi)

As you battle random enemies in either of these two zones, the chances of encountering a Pooka will increase. This will continue until you eventually encounter a Pooka and then the bonus spawn chance will reset. You can continue this as many times as you like for the duration of the event!

Important Note: Pookas can only be encountered if you are using a party of Pets no higher than Level 59. This also applies to incrementing the encounter bonus!

Return of the Keepers of the Clover

The Keepers of the Clover will return to the The Lost Grove as they were last year. Each Keeper will drop a Retired Avatar Item and a [Piece of The Lucky Pot Ticket] x2! Some may even have a 1-Visible Shrouded Fortune Ferrikki or a Lucky Themed Pet of the species that have them (Aurleon, Bulbori, Draeyl, Faelora, Kelpari, Luffox, Lunemara, Lupora, Morkko, Nephini, Nytekrie, Qitari, Sylvorpa, Vulnyx, Zolnixi).stashed away! Keepers can also drop a random Vinethorn Pet Equipment.

Shrouded Fortune Ferrikki

Forum Games

2020 Fortune Event - Peanut Guess
2020 Fortune Event - Word Search
2020 Fortune Event - Create a Lucky Pair
2020 Fortune Event - Pick a Door Series (Limited Time: 3/17-3/18)

Listed above are all of the Forum Games for this event. Be sure to participate as much as you can for many chances to win all sorts of awesome prizes!
Edited By Krinadon on 3/20/2020 at 4:16 PM.
Level 70
The Fortuitous
Joined: 11/1/2018
Threads: 285
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Posted: 3/13/2020 at 1:01 PM Post #2
Ooh, wxciting!thanks krin, and stay safe! (Its prob a good thing syleatia around for people like me who really do need a break.....ugh midterms are trying to kill me ZP)
Level 70
The Perfectionist
Joined: 1/9/2016
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Posted: 3/13/2020 at 1:10 PM Post #3
The Lucky Pot link in this thread is broken. The link from the festival page works though.
Level 70
Guardian of the Realm
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Joined: 12/17/2012
Threads: 844
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Posted: 3/13/2020 at 1:14 PM Post #4
Author: Somneli
Time Posted: 3/13/2020 at 1:10 PM
The Lucky Pot link in this thread is broken. The link from the festival page works though.

Thanks. Fixed.
Level 70
Joined: 9/4/2013
Threads: 7
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Posted: 3/13/2020 at 1:33 PM Post #5
Woo! Looking forward to taking part in an event again (and Diamond Sale). Thanks, Krin!
Level 62
Majestic Brewmistress
Joined: 6/6/2014
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Posted: 3/13/2020 at 1:36 PM Post #6
Actually, the initial crisis with AIDS was much worse and it's still an ongoing problem. In fact, the way AIDS spread and killed so many people is why the governments all over the world knew they had to react quickly. And I was in my twenties for that one. Most of the deaths are people at the end of their lifespans with underlying issues that could have killed them, too. Most children and people under sixty are doing fine and really young kids aren't even catching it.

Honestly, the coronavirus is behaving like what happens to deer and rabbits when their populations exceed the carrying capacity (Forage and water) of the land where they live. You tend to get a massive die-off when that happens...and without medical intervention that's what would have happened to humans as well.

With that in mind, it does not surprise me that the hotspots are in places where people are tightly crammed together like ants in an anthill. There are a huge number of addresses on our DNA strands which the experts who study them do not understand the purpose of...who knows what is hardwired into our species as far as reactions to overpopulation combined with dwindling resources are concerned?

We are still mammals, top of the foodchain or not...and are still subject to things that evolution has on those strands of genetic coding.
Level 70
Warden of Umbra
Joined: 1/27/2018
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Posted: 3/13/2020 at 1:50 PM Post #7
Oh, Krin, I think the keepers are only dropping one ticket piece instead of two.
Level 70
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 2/23/2020
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Posted: 3/13/2020 at 1:53 PM Post #8
Great idea, Krin! I can't wait to start!
Level 70
The Perfectionist
Joined: 1/9/2016
Threads: 88
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Posted: 3/13/2020 at 2:28 PM Post #9
Author: Snowsong
Time Posted: 3/13/2020 at 1:50 PM
Oh, Krin, I think the keepers are only dropping one ticket piece instead of two.

This is true. Proof in case it's needed:

Level 64
The Perfectionist
Joined: 2/11/2020
Threads: 78
Posts: 3,928
Posted: 3/13/2020 at 3:15 PM Post #10
I'm so excited for more forum games!
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