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Level 70
Guardian of the Realm
Joined: 5/2/2019
Threads: 13
Posts: 353
Posted: 11/7/2019 at 10:03 AM Post #141
Personally, and I know it isn't a vote, I would prefer to have the revamp started and finished rather than continuously changing/adding thing that aren't 100% needed to a system that is going to be changed anyways.

it seems to me that it would save time in the long run, as there isn't need to try to coordinate between outdated systems nor update that new code to work with the new system at a later date. It would also hopefully mean that the revamp happens and is finished sooner. (I realize that it will take a long time to do the revamp, I just think that the fewer 'new' things that need to be converted to the revamp system the better)

And, please, make it so other areas use the keyboard controls like the lost grove does, it makes it so easy for me to not have to constantly use both hands. (I can eat them without pausing beating up the bosses then)

As for changing the leaderboards, as long as people are legitimately winning, i have no issues. It is when user use bots or autoclickers or things like that that make it not fun to me. if it is their own steam, then there is always the chance I can beat them if I dedicate myself, but if they are cheating to obtain the rewards, there is no way to compete.
Level 23
Joined: 11/4/2019
Threads: 1
Posts: 16
Posted: 11/7/2019 at 11:55 AM Post #142
Level 23
Joined: 11/4/2019
Threads: 1
Posts: 16
Posted: 11/7/2019 at 11:56 AM Post #143
why wont people buy my pet its for 3000 and its named for sale thats the name
Level 70
Joined: 11/1/2018
Threads: 230
Posts: 24,315
Posted: 11/7/2019 at 12:30 PM Post #144
1. This isn't the place to put this, q&a would be better.

2. Just becaue it's for sale doens't mean someone will buy it. Most pets that aren't themes, 6vis, restricted traits, or statted don't really sell that well no matter where you price it. Unless it looks amazing or something.

(P.S. the puff Punk Rocker can probably go for higher, 750 is low for a 6vis puff)

Also naming a pet "for sale" isn't a good idea either since you cna't rename it wihtout a philter. Better to leave it unnamed. Also, it's a no-vis pet and those...don't relay sell well.
Edited By Orca2Whale on 11/7/2019 at 12:32 PM.
Level 23
Joined: 11/4/2019
Threads: 1
Posts: 16
Posted: 11/7/2019 at 12:42 PM Post #145
i'm happy now cause i got a ice mocha slyvorpa and my friend had one and i was jealous but now im not <3 <3 <3<3<3<3
Level 70
Ghost Writer
Joined: 3/12/2014
Threads: 82
Posts: 1,606
Posted: 11/7/2019 at 1:39 PM Post #146
I only participated in one leaderboard this time around, but I'm usually on several due to my high nurture amounts when RealLife isn't as busy as it is now. It's entirely possible to nurture through every pet in existence, if you spend the whole day doing it. I personally tend to focus on specific species as I do have other obligations, but it's possible that people who aren't in school or have jobs could really dedicate their whole week to taking every position.

I'm obsessive enough that, if I didn't have other obligations, I may well be up there racing Jaidi to hold every top position. (I have a week off toward the end of the month, if it coincides with a festival I may just end up doing so.)

It just takes timing, dedication, and a certain degree of disregard for your health. xD
Level 70
Candy Dispenser
Joined: 5/24/2015
Threads: 323
Posts: 16,895
Posted: 11/7/2019 at 3:47 PM Post #147
I agree with Fox it would not be very appeasing to see the boards go that direction, and I know for the majority us as a community are understanding of how the boards work.

Whatever harassment and lashing out is going on does need to come to an end, but those who worked hard and did well should not get punished. Normally if it is in Chat the older players tend to shoot that type of attitude and backbiting down very quickly however I know very little about what has transpired. But I do know that as a player base tones and comments geared to be little another player are practically forbidden XD
Edited By Katelynn4545 on 11/7/2019 at 3:54 PM.
Level 70
Joined: 12/18/2012
Threads: 165
Posts: 3,917
Posted: 11/8/2019 at 2:51 PM Post #148
I also think hard work and effort should be rewarded when it comes to leaderboards. I'm glad that this seems to be mostly in agreement with others here.

As far as tricks to landing on multiple boards, for battles it helps to have a decently equipped team and max stats but max stats are not necessary. You can find some pretty decent mid-range stats for sale at cheap prices or breed some for yourself. I've won boards many a time without a max stat team. Muscle memory for quick keyboard movements I think help greatly. I think I've also gotten pretty good muscle memory with nurturing and that it helps a lot as well. It just takes practice and patience. You'll eventually start clicking the right nurture option without even really reading which is which. You just do it without thinking much kinda like if you get good at crochet or something like that. Listening to music helps. I personally like something like the sound track to Initial D for the beat of it.
Level 70
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 12/17/2015
Threads: 47
Posts: 935
Posted: 11/8/2019 at 7:39 PM Post #149
*Peeks at boards*

I didn't do the boards at all this fest...but I am extremely sad that there are negative comments about this! What happened to the (nice & welcoming) Sylestia community!?

I even had a look at the boards...and they are not even that extreme compared to the past. I've seen a complete top place sweep (minus 1) for the nurture boards before. This didn't even happen here.

It really sounds like jealousy, or targetting/dislike of a certain player. This really needs to stop! It doesn't help anyone. They haven't even done anything different with the boards, so why the big fuss now instead of years ago?

The boards are the *one* competitive thing in sylestia (other than maybe snow wars). People who like competition can thrive, but no-one is forced to participate. You can argue that some of the forum games the Faiona puts up can be competitive for the top prize, but many have random winners, and there are good prizes just for participating!

There are always non-competetive alternatives here. :)

So let's all just be kind to each other and move on...
Level 70
Guardian of the Realm
Site Administrator
Joined: 12/17/2012
Threads: 805
Posts: 11,858
Posted: 11/9/2019 at 6:45 PM Post #150
It was a relatively isolated event. It seems like most everyone is on the same page in regards to the contests and I hope that my announcement just reinforces our stance regarding the harassment and hopefully that will be the end of it.

As I originally stated, there is no plan to make any adjustments at this time.
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