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Forum Index > Official Games and Contests > Lost Grove - Pet Trait Design
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Level 70
Cutely Creative
Joined: 3/14/2016
Threads: 87
Posts: 1,598
Posted: 1/6/2019 at 1:08 PM Post #31
New ideas.
Longhair Lop ears

Sloth Nails

Peacock Markings

Split tail

Old idea repost
Level 70
Warden of Umbra
Joined: 6/10/2018
Threads: 12
Posts: 188
Posted: 1/6/2019 at 2:45 PM Post #32
Aeridini Fungus Wings (it's supposed to look like shelf fungus)

And same idea, but for the Nephini
Nephini Fungus Wings

Draeyl Rock / Cave plating

and some links for what it might look like with genes: striped plating, starry plating, serpent's mark, crested gecko
Edited By Bananafood on 1/19/2019 at 6:23 PM.
Level 62
Candy Dispenser
Joined: 11/18/2018
Threads: 4
Posts: 100
Posted: 1/6/2019 at 4:28 PM Post #33
I would like to participate, but I don't know how to paste my image onto the response. Can I have some help?
Level 69
Joined: 10/30/2018
Threads: 13
Posts: 48
Posted: 1/6/2019 at 5:29 PM Post #34
Author: Lovelock
Time Posted: 1/6/2019 at 7:21 AM
Aeridini - Snake Mouth, M3

Ignore the smudge, not sure how it got there.

Ryori - Mystic Clouds, M1

This can obviously be drawn better, but this was sort of meant to imitate the way clouds are drawn on a lot of oriental pottery and tapestry.

Lupora - Pyrrhic Runes, G3

Couldn't find the doodle on the updated design lol.

That Snake Mouth Aeri...might be just the thing for me to start collecting them! Those Ryo clouds are also pretty, right up my alley too :D Good luck with your entries!
Level 60
Joined: 10/20/2018
Threads: 4
Posts: 31
Posted: 1/6/2019 at 5:30 PM Post #35

Flower Auaro

Takes up

slot 1 and 2 it's a mutation's it gives the creature a very lovely but friendly look and hides in flowers as their a bad type too their's a friend version and evil version
Edited By Darkness765 on 1/7/2019 at 1:10 PM.
Level 62
Candy Dispenser
Joined: 11/18/2018
Threads: 4
Posts: 100
Posted: 1/6/2019 at 5:55 PM Post #36

I think I figured out how to post the image, not sure if it works yet.

Hidden Diamonds

This would be for M2 or M3, the blue would be mutation color and the gray would be an accent. Sorry about my horrible drawing skills.
Level 16
Joined: 11/30/2018
Threads: 0
Posts: 1
Posted: 1/6/2019 at 5:57 PM Post #37
Nope, I don't think it works.
Level 62
Candy Dispenser
Joined: 11/18/2018
Threads: 4
Posts: 100
Posted: 1/6/2019 at 5:58 PM Post #38
Ok, thanks Bella. I'll try to find a different way.
Level 69
Joined: 6/4/2017
Threads: 31
Posts: 1,195
Posted: 1/6/2019 at 6:03 PM Post #39
Do this soon, thanks!
Level 60
Benevolent Brewer
Joined: 11/20/2017
Threads: 52
Posts: 520
Posted: 1/6/2019 at 6:06 PM Post #40

It's a fennec fox tail with leaves on a vine around it. It could be called grassland fox tail. It would be m1.
Edited By Littenlover2017 on 1/6/2019 at 6:06 PM.
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