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Forum Index > Official Games and Contests > 2022 Winter Festival - Themed Pet Design
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Level 75
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Joined: 12/17/2012
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Posted: 11/7/2022 at 6:49 AM Post #1
We are looking for help coming up with new Themed Pets for the upcoming 2022 Winter Festival, due to begin mid December! You can submit Themed Pet Designs for all species.

Please make sure to read the rules carefully!

1. Navigate to the Generator, select a species of your choice and then choose various colors for your design. Once done, post your design(s) here in this thread. Please only post one entry per species and try and keep everything to one post. You can also make sure that submitted images are sized to 250 (&size=250) to prevent designs being too small or too large.

Visit Themed Pet Codex to View Existing Official Themed Pets

Guide on How to Create and Share Designs

2. All designs submitted must be Winter Themed. This means anything to do with the season, such as any holidays that occur within the season, weather, etc. Players can use any available Traits to showcase their design. However, players should be mindful that their designs need to look good against various Trait options, not just the Traits they are showcasing.

3. All submitted designs must have been made by the poster. Please do not use other players' designs. It is both disrespectful and if we see someone posting other player's designs, you will be disqualified from this contest and receive a Forum Strike. To clarify, a Design does not equate to a Theme. Multiple players can submit, say, a "Pumpkin Lupora", as long as each player designed their own version.

*NEW* 4. All designs must be new designs! Please do not submit designs that are a copy of existing Themed Pets. If you want to try re-submitting an older design of yours, please at least attempt to improve upon it. Thank you.

5. Please do not make any negative comments in this thread, this thread is for contest entries only and not discussion.

6. Please do not reserve posts. If you reserve a post I will delete your post.

*NEW* 7. Please do not make multiple submission posts! All of your submissions must be in a single post. Ignoring this rule may void your Participation Prize.

8. Please do not Ping me with your submission. Please only Ping me if you have a question.

9. The end date is December 4th at 11:59 PM server, after that there is no guarantee that we will see your entry and the thread will be locked once designs are picked.


We will NOT announce which designs were chosen, so please do not ask if we are going to announce it. If a thread is created listing all of the available Themed Pets, we will provide our list to the author upon request. Players will receive a PM from us for their choice in prizes.

All Players With Chosen Designs
Max 1 Per Player

Prizes: 3-Visible (2-Visible if Restricted) Winter Festival Themed Pet of Choice, 1 Entry Ticket into a Raffle for a Custom Colored/Named [Shamrock Warden Luffox (Mirabelle)] Avatar Aspect Item OR Custom Colored/Named [Vytrius, Prince of Bargains] Avatar Aspect Item of Their Choice OR Custom Colored/Named [Leviathan, Terror of the Deep] Avatar Aspect Item of Their Choice.

All Participants
With a minimum of 10 valid designs

Prizes: [Fabled Frost Essence] x1, [Premium Ice Water] x2, [Box of Ice Sculpting Supplies] x1, [Box of Ice Sculpting Agents] x2, [Frost Token] x500
Level 75
Master Sylestiologist
Joined: 12/16/2020
Threads: 42
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Posted: 11/7/2022 at 6:51 AM Post #2
Ice Palace Aeridini

Hazy Lights Aurleon

Aurora Dream Bulbori

Snow Shadow Draeyl

Peppermint Cream Ferrikki

Ice Castle Luffox

Creme Brulee Lunemara

Festive Stew Morkko

Spearmint Nephini

Fancy Chocolate Ny'vene

Merry Morning Nytekrie

Winter Coat Puffadore

Absolute Zero/Winter Solstice Vulnyx
Edited By EvilNapkin on 12/2/2022 at 12:41 PM.
Level 75
Joined: 8/18/2013
Threads: 40
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Posted: 11/7/2022 at 7:09 AM Post #3
Corrupted Frost Nytekrie

Level 75
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 3/5/2021
Threads: 79
Posts: 1,805
Posted: 11/7/2022 at 7:27 AM Post #4
Arctic Lurker Zolnixi

Fire Place Lupora

Fire Place Lighira

Santa's Spooks Nephini

Last Minute Gift Griffi

Back-water Slush Faelora

My Snowman Ferrikki

Starter Christmas tree Puffadore

Frosted Lagoon Morroko

Christmas Star Zolnixi
Edited By IzukuTheLupLord on 12/8/2022 at 7:17 AM.
Level 75
Enchanted Explorer
Joined: 1/2/2014
Threads: 177
Posts: 1,939
Posted: 11/7/2022 at 7:36 AM Post #5
First frost Aeridini

Snow swan Aurleon

Aurora borealis Bulbori

Winter sunrise Draeyl

Crackling fire Faelora

Snow pearl Ferrikki

Stormy skies Griffi

Snow drift Lighira

Holiday cheer Luffox

Frostbite Lunemara

Sugarplum Lupora

Smoldering embers Nephini

Frozen lake Ny'vene

Cozy cuddle Puffadore

Cherry pie Qitari

Winter solstice Ryori

Frozen forest Vulnyx

Frosty flower Zolnixi
Edited By Entr0py on 11/7/2022 at 9:47 AM.
Level 75
The Fortuitous
Joined: 9/15/2021
Threads: 4
Posts: 171
Posted: 11/7/2022 at 7:38 AM Post #6
Frosted Flowers Aeridini

Weak Light/Morning Light Aurleon

Darkest Night Bulbori

Fading Warmth Draeyl

Sleigh Reindeer Faelora

Candlelit Cedars Ferrikki

Snow Dusted Cedars/Quiet Pines Griffi

Snowcapped Sea Ice Kelpari

Bright Hearth Lighira

Pale Moonlight Luffox

Burning Yule Log Lunemara

Fire and Ice Lupora

Northern Lights Morkko

Frost Moon/Moon's Kin/Moon Skin Nephini

Toasted Marshmallow Ny'vene

Burning Coal Nytekrie

Crushed Velvet Puffadore

New Year's Glitter/Midnight Glitter Qitari

Cold Starlight Ryori

Holiday Ornament Sylvorpa

Frosted Dawn Vulnyx

Wintermint Zolnixi

Edited By Elevensins on 12/2/2022 at 5:42 PM.
Level 75
Collector of Souls
Joined: 3/19/2020
Threads: 24
Posts: 230
Posted: 11/7/2022 at 7:58 AM Post #7
Polar Nights Nephini

Firework Skies Ferrikki

Snow Queen Ryori

Winter's Dawn Zolnixi

Mulled Wine Nytekrie

Polar Nights Vulnyx

Edited By Bassarid on 11/7/2022 at 8:45 AM.
Level 72
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 7/5/2016
Threads: 292
Posts: 19,128
Posted: 11/7/2022 at 8:00 AM Post #8
Frostbitten Flowers Aeridini
-l- -l- -l-

Polar Skies/Starfield Aurleon
-l- -l- -l-

Playful Puffin Bulbori
-l- -l- -l-

Frosted Fir Draeyl
-l- -l- -l-

Deeping Sunset Faelora
-l- -l- -l-

Sugarplum Slumbers Ferrikki
-l- -l- -l-

Blue Spruce Griffi
-l- -l- -l-

Sugared Cranberries Kelpari
-l- -l- -l-

Stocking Stuffer/Royal Gifter Lighira
-l- -l- -l-

Winter Harvest/Colorful Kale Luffox
-l- -l- -l-

Fickle Flame Lunemara
-l- -l- -l-

Silent Night/Snowy Twilight/Midnight Xenith Lupora
-l- -l- -l-

Arctic Blue Morkko
-l- -l- -l-

Winter Dusk Nephini
-l- -l- -l-

Wintertide Water Lilies/Frozen Pond Ny'vene
-l- -l- -l-

Spiced Mulberry Wine Nytekrie
-l- -l- -l-

Fluffy Squirrel Puffadore
-l- -l- -l-

Silver Bells/Christmas Bells Qitari
-l- -l- -l-

Shivering Dawn Ryori
-l- -l- -l-

Merry Morning Sylvorpa
-l- -l- -l-

Christmas Candles Vulnyx
-l- -l- -l-

Twinkling Lights/String Lights/Fairy Lights Zolnixi
-l- -l- -l-
Edited By Limor on 11/17/2022 at 3:22 PM.
Level 75
Guardian of the Realm
Joined: 3/5/2022
Threads: 17
Posts: 94
Posted: 11/7/2022 at 8:42 AM Post #9
Holiday Surprise Bulbori

Spiced Cocoa Faelora

Midnight Snow Ferrikki

Arctic Essence Kelpari

Holiday Spirit Morkko

Winter Galaxy Nytekrie

Timber Wolf Puffadore

Spellbound Ice Qitari

Glacial Wonder Sylvorpa

Tinsel Pine Zolnixi
Edited By Voidborn on 11/17/2022 at 10:23 AM.
Level 75
The Fortuitous
Joined: 1/1/2020
Threads: 12
Posts: 172
Posted: 11/7/2022 at 8:45 AM Post #10
Icy Moon Aurleon:

Frozen Sunrise Aeridini:

Marshmallow Cocoa Bulbori:

Icy Rock Draeyl:

Cozy Fireplace Faelora:

Frigid Ground Ferrikki:

Frozen Tide Griffi:

Simmering Merlot Lighira:

Borealis Phantasm Lupora:

Frosted Pine Nephini:

Frosted Midnight Ryori:

Cherry Chocolate Sylvorpa:

Moonlit Frost Zolnixi:
Edited By Raika on 11/15/2022 at 2:02 PM.
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