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Level 63
Joined: 9/23/2022
Threads: 0
Posts: 1
Posted: 10/8/2022 at 10:55 PM Post #11
Frigid Steel, Metallic Rose. I have no idea how to name things.
Level 75
Frosty Hands
Joined: 12/27/2014
Threads: 20
Posts: 456
Posted: 10/10/2022 at 1:14 AM Post #12
Inspired by my recently found love for yarn projects! The hat and sweater are knitted with raised patterns on them, the held is a giant ball of yarn with a tiny swatch being knitted on the needles in the avatars hand, the aspect item is a basket full of yarn balls, the boots are meant to be fluff lined soft boots, and the pants are supposed to be leggings with the paradise tail mutation as the pattern on them. I will be adding more to this later (I hope) but here is what I have for now :D

Level 75
The Fortuitous
Joined: 9/21/2016
Threads: 5
Posts: 102
Posted: 10/18/2022 at 3:40 PM Post #13
Aspect: Northern Lights

Background: Tundra Mountain
Level 75
Frosty Hands
Joined: 10/18/2018
Threads: 28
Posts: 1,466
Posted: 10/20/2022 at 6:16 PM Post #14
Level 75
Master Sylestiologist
Joined: 12/16/2020
Threads: 42
Posts: 355
Posted: 10/20/2022 at 7:46 PM Post #15
The shy and elusive Snow Spirit.

The fluff is glistening frost. The claws, horns, & gems are solid ice. The held is a Frosted Kitsune Luffox. Everything else has a snowflake pattern which could be different depending on colouration.
The cloak and wings do not have to be transparent.

Wings are tilted towards head to match angle of cloak.

Wing intended to look wrapped around companion.

I am very bad at drawing feathered wings.

Edited By EvilNapkin on 11/3/2022 at 8:42 PM.
Level 75
Maw-nster Masher
Joined: 11/2/2014
Threads: 66
Posts: 3,584
Posted: 10/24/2022 at 7:34 PM Post #16
Outfit- Warm Winter Shorts

Head- Warm Winter Canvas Hat
Held- Warm Winter Womble
Tail- Warm Winter Rootail
Wings- Warm Winter Campfire Wings

Head- Warm Winter Straw Hat
Held- Warm Winter Wobbly (/ Warm Winter Wallaby) (based off of the Banded Hare-Wallaby)
Aspect- White Roo Mob

Held- Warm Winter Wala
Aspect- One White Boomer

(potential additions:
1 Avatar Head Item
1 Avatar Cloak Item
1 Avatar Accessory Item
1 Avatar Background Item
Edited By Scathreoite on 10/26/2022 at 10:16 PM.
Level 75
Collector of Souls
Joined: 11/18/2018
Threads: 18
Posts: 466
Posted: 10/24/2022 at 8:41 PM Post #17

Ice Dancer's Costume (Outfit, male would have pants and a shirt instead of tights and a leotard)

Ice Dancer's Pannier (IDK what to really call it, its a Cloak item hanging from the waist)

Ice Dancer's Laurels (Head item, male has no bun and shorter bangs)

Ice Dancer's Medal (Held item, variations could be other placements)

Ice Dancer's Icy Butterflies (Aspect Item, looked cool)
Level 75
Hand of Destiny
Joined: 1/9/2014
Threads: 25
Posts: 1,856
Posted: 10/24/2022 at 9:56 PM Post #18
Resubmitting this one in case I don't get time to create something new:

Background: Starry Aurora/Northern Lights
Level 70
The Perfectionist
Joined: 3/10/2018
Threads: 194
Posts: 1,744
Posted: 10/24/2022 at 10:37 PM Post #19
I'm not sure what to call this, something to do with sunsets lol.

Full Body




Color Variants

Level 75
Lurker of the Depths
Joined: 6/14/2018
Threads: 87
Posts: 1,234
Posted: 10/26/2022 at 2:36 PM Post #20
Ice Carver Set

Head: ice carver's cap
Outfit: ice carver's outfit
accessory: ice carver's tool bag
held: ice carver's knife / ice carver's companion

Wings and feathers are supposed to look like ice :)
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