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Username: Lampyridae
Title: The Perfectionist
User ID: 131128
User Level: 70
Joined: 5/5/2019 at 4:32:15pm
Last Online: 394 Days ago
Account Age: 772 Days
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About Me

Notice: Going on hiatus for awhile. We just needed a bit of a break.

If you had a pet for sale for 100 gold or less, and I bought it, I probably have or will release it. I'm sorry. I will do that. If you would rather I not do so, please message me and I will make sure not to in the future. If you want to reclaim a pet, please pay for the 50 diamonds and I will send it back.
Do not release from:

The Hybrid Lab

Pet Sales

As of 11/28/2019, I have the Exceptional Genetic Test kit! Feel free to PM me with your pet if you can't find me in chat, but please know it can take up to a day since I'm not always on! I promise to those who find me in gen chat that unless I'm in a Named battle, I'll have them done within five minutes.

Whoever reads this, please remember the Trade Broker has a tax.

My second stable is full of sale pets. For G1, unbred: Themed are 7500, non-themed are 2000 (0, 1, or 2c), 5000 (1 vis), 8000 (1vis 2c), or 12000 (2vis).
There are also a few offspring and sometimes purebreds, mostly release fodder, aging in there. All, despite traits, are 2k.
Check out my hatchery! It seems like people like wild-caught eggs, so if I have any, they'll be on sale for 5000 gold. I also have a sales thread, above.

To do list:
-Get one of those blobby brown flotsam-esque vorps I keep finding and name it "My Maiden Name is Flotsam"
-First generation 3vis Puffadore (festival or puff market in Ethernia)
-Obtain a copy of Ethernia's Tinkerbell, offspring or tamed, I don't care
-First generation 3vis Ny'vene (festival or arena shop)
-Become more of a dragon than Encryption. This might actually be my only goal.
-Obtain all lune themes. We can do it, there are less than 70...
-Collect one of every lunemara gene on a 1st gen lune. Still needed:
(KK) Tree Dryad Markings
(FF) Ladybug Antennae
(JJ) Scarab Crown
(II) Scarab Armor
(LL) Spring Blossoms
(KK) Tree Dryad Wings

I accept mainly three (maybe four) currencies for trade or sale, in order of preference: diamonds, legendary+ lunes, gold, pretty rare+/1vis+ lunes with genes I don't have.

-Obtain a 3vis legendary LG lune, and thank you Jaidi!
-Own 1% of the tamed dreamberry population. Obtained 6 dreamberries 7/12/20!
-December 18, 2019, 07:18:24 PM: As you are nurturing the Sylesti, you begin to notice a strong glow pulsing around it. After a few moments, a bright flash engulfs you.
When the light fades, you notice that you just received:
[Enhanced Ferrikki Essence]
-Obtained 1st place in Enemies Defeated, Winter Contest 1/15/20!

Among Ruins RPG

Current Project: Trophy Bird and Trophy Moth
From two 6c G1 legendaries, I'm trying to breed a 5v (possibly 6v) bird. Rejects, all rejects, will be priced at 2k gold and put up for sale as soon as they hatch. The color range is wild but very earthy.
We fight the demons, and liberate Applemancers.
Tamed Rarity: what do you think?

Pronouns? Call me anything! I don't mind, and honestly, half the time I don't know either! They is fine, but I won't get offended by others.
Lampyridae is a very long name. Lamp, Pyri, anything works, as long as it's vaguely recognizable. I answer to Firefly, too, if anyone caught that...

I owe these people:
Zevria, for almost single-handedly finishing off an expedient brew for me. Search for themes for them?

Quotes are love, quotes are life.
Steal (2020 Winter Fest): "I have an aurora um. Deer thinger fae?"

The Dragons of Sylestia
The dragons are the true hoarders of anything, the ones that make us feel faint just gazing upon their glory.
Nephini: Theafy (1380 tamed nephs)
Estimated Net Worth: Jaidi (approx 2 billion between pets, diamonds, and gold)

Dyes, greater or lesser. So many dyes for the Luminous Skullmoth and whatever other silly recolors we've come up with.
Dreamberry Lunemaras, non-purebred (here we go, Alpha)
Greater Genetic Mutators
Eggling and Hatchling tamed lunes
Enhanced Aurleon Essence
Any Lunemara Essence
More sparkly moths
More stable tabs for more sparkly moths
More stables for more tabs of sparkly moths
Yellow and black (maybe with accents of orange or green) wardrobe things

Ooo, preferences?
Likes colors: By the chaos of my stables, you can see that I'll keep anything I find as long as I can roughly write it off as any of the elements.
Dislikes colors: Absolutely nonsense, without a shared color or theme between them.
Likes species: Lunemara, mostly. We're a sucker for the intricate designs.
Dislikes species: Trait-less, mono-color Sylvorpas and Bulboris. I'm sorry, there simply isn't much blending or shading...

Showing Off:
My first legendary aurl, generator-ed with all visibles:

Self Notes:
Arena Guide
MoM Strategy
Bandit Dungeon:
Sparkling Chest: Legendary Armor, 3k gold, Strong Restore Potion x6, 4k (4120) gold, Strong Restore Potion II x6
Glowing Chest: 5k gold, 3k (3213) gold, 3k (3947) gold
Dusty/(Dull?) Chest: Strong Restore Elixir x4, 5k (5732) gold, 5k (5491) gold, Eggling, Faded Bracelet of the Evoker (Epic),
Shiny Chest: 5k gold, Revival Draught II x2, Faded Armor of the Disciple (Epic)
Encryption: Purple, with light gray accents. Sylvorpa.
Mandademanda must now always be addressed as Man Dad.

Gorgeous lineless of Luciferin by the talented Drachi!

Pacts. Honor your pacts!
Wolfcat111: Send any and all Autumn Flower (M1) Faeloras.
WildAtHeart is interested in Rare+ Qitaris.

This is the mighty bulbori that killed chat for a full minute. It is unstoppable. It will conquer Sylestia.

Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 32,543-26 (99.92%)
Mission Record: 4,430-6 (99.86%)
Gold Earned: 30,616,075
Scales Earned: 86,610
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 48
Bosses Defeated: 0
Elites Defeated: 0
Superiors Defeated: 0
Mythical Items Found: 3
Legendary Items Found: 121
Epic Items Found: 954
Rare Items Found: 2,327