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Forum Index > Official Games and Contests > 2022 Summer Festival - Themed Pet Design
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Level 60
Fancy Pants
Joined: 2/19/2022
Threads: 19
Posts: 287
Posted: 7/6/2022 at 1:30 PM Post #131

Sleep over fairy magic zolnixi

Seaside stargazer Ryori

Summer storm lightning Nyvene

Summer Victorian Wedding Ferrikki

Sea mist Kelpari

Beach guardian Lighira

Sunshine Cloud Nephini

Watermelon Lupora
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Level 75
The Tender
Joined: 5/27/2020
Threads: 9
Posts: 91
Posted: 7/8/2022 at 4:08 PM Post #132
Savannah Sunset Aeridini

Dusty Lavender Bulbori

Tropical Bird Griffi

Juicy Fig Kelpari

Galaxy Swirl Luffox

Pink Orchid Morkko

Velvet Rose Nephini

Celestial Rain Ny'vene

Tropical Bird Nytekrie

Purple Fairy Qitari

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Level 75
Joined: 9/21/2018
Threads: 17
Posts: 604
Posted: 7/8/2022 at 8:19 PM Post #133
Black Sand Beach Aeridini:

Vivid Green Peridot Aurleon:

Natural Pool Ferrikki:

Setting Sun Waters Kelpari:

Sea Firefly Lighira:

Summer Meadow Elves Lupora:

Flamboyant Cuttlefish Morkko:

Ruby Nytekrie:

Strawberry Puffadore:

Shore Reef Qitari:

Obon Dancer Ryori:

Sea of Floating Lanterns Zolnixi:
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Level 75
Joined: 1/26/2018
Threads: 18
Posts: 150
Posted: 7/9/2022 at 2:36 AM Post #134
Blueberry Cloud Bulbori

Pool Float Draeyl

Eranthis Faelora
Eranthis are a flower that represents new beginnings, very fitting given the Faelora's upcoming revamp ;)

Lavandula Dentata (French Lavender) Ferrikki

Sweet Cygnet Griffi

Desert Oasis Lighira

Heirloom Rose Luffox

Sweet Melon Morkko

Papaver (Poppy) Puffadore

Mako Shark Zolnixi
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Level 75
Nature Walker
Joined: 9/17/2014
Threads: 607
Posts: 12,061
Posted: 7/9/2022 at 12:21 PM Post #135
I need Leafy Seahorse Sylvorpas.
Level 75
Grand Protector
Joined: 8/29/2016
Threads: 20
Posts: 577
Posted: 7/9/2022 at 3:26 PM Post #136
I'm glad you like them. I worked on it for a long time and wanted it to be just like the picture and wasn't satisfied till it was just right!!! The colors just really look good together! Thank You !
Level 70
Fancy Pants
Joined: 7/29/2014
Threads: 1
Posts: 81
Posted: 7/9/2022 at 9:23 PM Post #137
Firefly Nights Nytekrie

Cotton Candy Puffadore
Level 28
Joined: 6/20/2022
Threads: 3
Posts: 25
Posted: 7/12/2022 at 3:12 PM Post #138
July 4th fireworks Qitari

Level 75
Warden of Umbra
Joined: 3/25/2022
Threads: 1
Posts: 27
Posted: 7/15/2022 at 4:33 PM Post #139
Blueberry Bush Aeridini:

Rainforest Sunset Aurleon:

Moon Jelly Bulbori

Desert Thunderstorm Draeyl:

Firefly Twilight Faelora:

S'mores Ferrikki

Shimmering Sea Griffi:

Heat Wave Kelpari:

Bio-luminescent Depths Lighira:

Pink Lemonade Luffox:

Bonfire Lunemara:

Hot Springs Lupora:

Mangrove Grove Morkko:

Tropical Burst Nephini:

Midnight City Ny'vene:

Ancient Artifact Nytekrie:

Rosy Dawn Puffadore:

Blue Tang Qitari:

Summer Solstice Ryori:

Kelp Forest Slyvorpa:

Flame Angelfish Vulnyx: (based off one of my second favorite animals)

Thunderstrike Zolnixi:
Level 70
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 1/27/2018
Threads: 101
Posts: 1,954
Posted: 7/15/2022 at 11:42 PM Post #140

~Neon Guppie Aeridini~

~Music Festival Aurleon~

~Wildflower Wildfire Bulbori~

~Sea Slug Draeyl~

~Enchanted Oasis Faelora~

~Vampire Crab Ferrikki~

~Orange Creamsicle Griffi~

~Lava Lamp Kelpari~

~Tropical Slushy Lighira~

~Hawaiian Vacation Luffox~

~Glow Stick Lunemara~

~Mango Twist-Pop Lupora~

~Poison Dart Frog Morkko~

~Raspberry Lemonade Nephini~

~Snap Dragon Ny'vene~

~Scarlet Macaw Nytekrie~

~Summer Wine Puffadore~

~Carnival Candy Qitari~

~Hawaiian Hibiscus Ryori~

~Discus Fish Sylvorpa~

~Siren's Lagoon Vulnyx~

~Sun-Kissed Zolnixi~
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