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Username: SpaceElf1
Title: Ghost Writer
User ID: 24084
User Level: 75
Joined: 9/17/2014 at 8:10:39pm
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Account Age: 3,004 Days
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About Me
I am Sylestia's Lord Of Naming, Sage Authority On Springtime Zolnixies, and Giver Of Hats!
Pronouns: any. If that makes you uncomfortable, they/them/their/theirs.
Motto: "Any plan where you lose your hat is a bad plan!"
Don't "friend" me if we've never interacted before.
Apparently, I have an itinerant hat named Gravenflame.
I created the Forest Wanderer Draeyl, Macabre Puffadore, Lake Reflection Sylvorpa, and Maireener Shell Nephini Themes!

"About Me" is actually here:

Permanent Sales Thread
Yes, I do sell fertile project pets!

Note to self: On Saturday, check w/ Yureineko re Benedict.[/img]
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 279,450-87 (99.97%)
Mission Record: 48,898-130 (99.73%)
Gold Earned: 560,200,544
Scales Earned: 520,685
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 116
Bosses Defeated: 855
Elites Defeated: 968
Superiors Defeated: 12,399
Mythical Items Found: 12
Legendary Items Found: 4,707
Epic Items Found: 15,093
Rare Items Found: 20,900