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Username: SpaceElf1
Title: Mojo Master
User ID: 24084
User Level: 70
Joined: 9/17/2014 at 8:10:39pm
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Account Age: 1,828 Days
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About Me
Motto: "Any plan where you lose your hat is a bad plan!”

Don't "friend" me if we've never interacted before.

I created the Forest Wanderer Draeyl and the Macabre Puffadore Themes!
If you are a new player and got a free item from me--I'm not a stalker. I just like to give things to n00bs who have impressed me.
Portraits of Sellner Water Toboggan and my Starter, Calamander, by NightbaneWolf:

Pre-Tagging preservation
I collect rare/endangered Themes, too. I'm currently helping to preserve the Springtime Zolnixi, the Great Pumpkin Zolnixi, the Sweet Potato Qitari, the Rose Petal Qitari, the Halloween Zolnixi, the Halloween Sylvorpa, Ectoplasmic Kelpari, and the Clear Sky Lupora
Avatar items to sell/trade:
Member, Sylestia Festival Pet Preservation Society
I changed the Puff Project's name to Lavender Latte Puffadores--
Star-crossed Qitari project--
Springtime Zolnixi project--
Samhain Zolnixi project--
The old Iocane Latte Puffadore project--
Maireener Kelpari project--
Mika's Rose Petal Qitari project, which I have been known to help with:
Spelf's Avatar Stuff
Guide to changes within Themes from year to year
Themed Lune changes
Zexionangel owes me a Master Trap for 22May19 SB Nixi.
Niverus owes me a Master Trap for 22Jun19 Legend LG Lune
How to pronounce my pets' names--
Annwr - ANN-ur
Bradach - BRAD-ukh (means "thief")
Caden - KAY-din
Cu Dylan - KOO DIH-lan
Daithi - DAH-hee
Donnchadh - DUN-uh-kah
Etain - several possible pronunciations, but the one I intend is EHT don, where the "d" sound is almost swallowed by the preceding "T."
Husqvarna - husk-VAR-na (English pronunciation; Swedish is different!)
Madadh Ruadh Banfeinni (Irish for "fox female-champion") - MA-dath ROO-ah BAN-hayn-e
Muirne - MIR-ne
Oisin - OE-sheen (almost rhymes with "ocean")
Piste - peast (rhymes with "beast")
Priyome - pree-YOHM
Reine Des Fleurs - HREN de flur
Saoirse - SER-shuh (rhymes with "inertia")
Siobhan - shi-VON
Sionn MorwchFflur - shonn MOR-uch-fleer
Tadhg - TIEg
Notes to self--
Don't ask Absoluteinsanity for breedings
Talyn likes Vorpas wtih Seashell. Don't ping AriDae. Jennysyc and LadyMoriarity like Dragon Whiskers.
Thecrowlady owes $ of 1 purple LG trap for Aurleon.
WildAtHeart24 owes Prismatic for 5109279/5124675 swap
Shardial owes me 91 Diamonds.
Ace666 owes me 4 more free Nephini breedings as part of the sale price of Yuehua Ma.
I owe Mysticfantasy1996 a free breeding with Arglwyddes Rhyfelwr from the Delphiniums On Parade contest.
Puff changes:
Winter Fest designs:
Spring Fest designs:
Summer Fest designs
Fall Fest:
Vulpie is awesome. so is ShadowProwlz
Dschinghis Khan's very own thread:
StatSong Project with SparklingGanymede: Absoluteinsanity gave 5 Philters of Precision and DragonGrindle gave 2 Lesser Philters on 27Mar16. Celuwen gave2 Philters of Precision and Amarok gave 1 on 28Mar16.
My Sales Credit with SheVampire:
Current list of free breedings with any pet:
AliceHearts - 2
Barcode454 - 1
Britters - 1
ColonelHazard - 1
Esylana - 1
Erinkitty2003 - 1
Keanai -1
Owl0430 - 1
PurpleStarlightWolf - 1
Rabbitaka - 3
Siennathecat - 1
Sonally - 1
ShadowKitten owes me some breedings with spook, the MM Nephini I sold.
Cherryblossom19876 owes me a free breeding with 1399381 in exchange for that egg from Dodger Blue and Chrysocolla.
Rosegarden owes me 10 free breedings with my choice of any of these pets: Any Themed Zolnixies, 1786930, and 1771535.
Lupeclaws owes me perpetual free breedings with Chagatai Khan in exchange for giving the puppy to them.
Blueskiesdragon owes me 2 free breedings with Cosquer in exchange for the stag
Glitch egg:
People I've asked about Springtime Nixies: Winter (replied), Katasaur (sold todd to me), Draco, Annakitsune, Chrbe, Miitake, Kamikazo, SoulMuncher, XxAniraxX.
Fix a PM

Pet Information
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Exploration Information
Battle Record: 193,156-26 (99.99%)
Mission Record: 33,307-106 (99.68%)
Gold Earned: 295,418,156
Scales Earned: 203,999
Quests Completed: 19
Sylestia Completion: 12.05%
Dungeons Cleared: 52
Bosses Defeated: 855
Elites Defeated: 968
Superiors Defeated: 12,399
Mythical Items Found: 12
Legendary Items Found: 2,519
Epic Items Found: 8,190
Rare Items Found: 18,351