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Posted: 3/18/2020 at 1:12 PM Post #21
Here is the start to my story:
Sang A: Awaken
Song B: Night of The Soaring Dragon

My name is Linda, I am 16 and am, of course, a female. I always liked reading stories, they where always where so relaxing. In a world where most things didn't go your way, books where always there to help me deal with me stress and problems.
"Finished," I said placing the book I had just finished on the bookshelf next to me.
Standing up I looked around my small room, it had plain brown walls, with only a bed, a small kitchen, a bathroom and of course my bookshelf.
Looking up at the clock on my wall I gasped, I was almost late for school!
"Got to go," I whispered to myself as I grabbed my stuff, meaning my backpack and my keys.
Locking the door I hurried down the street, my shoes pounding against the concrete sidewalk. Looking in front of me I skidded to a stop as I spotted someone, someone familiar. Karly was a girl in my class, wearing the usual bland purple school uniform, her brown hair was tied back in a bun.
"Hey," I tried to say, but the words stuck in my throat, I liked this girl, but I was always to shy to talk to her.
I followed her to our school, making sure to keep my distance so she would not think I was following her and then finally I could see the school come into view. It was huge, with windows all over, all tainted purple. The walls where also purple, with a huge picture of a hippo on the front of the school. I felt a sense of dread, not because of the school or anything, but because of the girls who stood at the front of the school.
"Oh Karly," One of the girls called out, giving her friends an amused glance as she run up to her, "You look so ugly today."
This happened every day and I hated it when it happened, but I was always to scared to do anything.
"Pathetic," Another girl said as she kicked Karly, making me want to punch her.
I walked timidly past as they continued to beat up Karly, making me feel so angry but I felt powerless, unable to do anything.
The bell rang, signaling the end of school. I walked down the hall, glad that school was finally over. In class earlier I had been drawing Karly, getting lost in my thoughts when one of the people next to me saw the drawings.
"Definitely not a lezbian supporter," I whispered to myself, trembling slightly as I opened up the crumpled note that the girl had given me earlier.
""You will never fit in", oh I hate how this is true," I said to myself as I threw the note in a recycling bin.
Walking out of the school I almost stopped, the same people as before were beating up Karly.
"Stop," I wanted to call out, to stop them from hurting her, but my mouth refused to open.
Feeling defeated I walked past, pulling my hoodie hood over my head to hide my sadness.
I stared at the wall, it was so late at night and I just couldn't fall asleep. Looking up at the roof I let out a sigh, I really just wanted to talk to Karly, but I was always to afraid to talk to her. I hated the fact that she kept getting bullied, but what if... what if I could stop it?
"How," I asked myself, I thought about it for awhile, all night to be exact.
Riiinnngggg, my alarm blared and I hit it, shutting it up. Standing up I got ready for school, when suddenly an idea popped into my head, excited I grabbed my stuff and ran to school.
When I got to school I headed to the principal's office as I tried to muster up the courage to tell them what had happened. Opening the door I walked in, only to freeze at the lack of people of the room.
"Hello! What can I do for you?" The lady at the desk asked as she looked at me, making me tremble even more.
"I.... I'm-m he-ere," I stuttered as I backed out of the room, feeling relived as the door shut behind me.
"Well that didn't work," I said to myself about to give up when I spotted a sticky note on the floor.
Picking it up I decided I didn't need to talk to the lady and I took out a pencil as I wrote out a message on the note.
Walking back in I awkwardly put the note on the lady's desk, said tensely, "Ple-ease giv-ve to th-he principal-l," before walking out of the room again.
Smiling in the first time in awhile I went to my class. When I walked in my class I saw the girl from yesterday standing next to my desk. Feeling confused I walked forward, only to be blocked by the girl.
"Look who it is, it's the lezbian girl," The girl said holding back a laugh, making me feel so angry.
"Stop," I whispered, glad that Karly was not at class yet, I felt so mad at this girl for making fun of me for being different.
"What did you say sweetie," The girl said with a laugh as she leaned in and suddenly, I felt myself snap.
"Stop," I yelled as loud as I could, pushing past her as I sat down at my desk, "I am a lezbian and there is nothing wrong with that," I said more quietly as the teacher came in and started the lesson for the day.
I walked to the front door if the school. The bell had rang minutes before and I was relieved that I was able to leave. Stepping outside I saw a sight that made me tremble, but not with fear or sadness, it was anger. Karly was getting beat up again and nobody was trying to help her. I didn't want to see her get hurt again, never again.
Walking up to them I said, "Stop," it was pitiful and quiet, so I repeated it again, but louder, "Stop!"
I don't know why, but suddenly I felt powerful, like I could do anything to help Karly and I enjoyed the moment while it lasted.
"Oh, what you think you are doing?" One of the girls said turning away from Karly and walking up to me.
"I, w-well," I gulped nervously, "You-u sh-hould st-top hurting Karly," My confidence had returned enough so I could finish my sentence.
"Like you can do anything," The girl said as she punched me in the face, making me fall backwards onto the ground.
Holding back tears I slowly stood up, only to be pushed down again and again by the bullies.
"You are nothing," I heard one say.
"You shouldn't be alive," Another said.
I stopped getting up after awhile, thinking to myself as the bullies laughed at me, why was I doing this? Then I remembered Karly, her bright smile when she first joined the class. I remembered the first time she had gotten bullied. I remembered how her smile had turned into a frown as she had started to cry.
"I'm done," I said, making the girls stop, probably thinking I was giving up, "I am done seeing someone I like being pushed around by you guys."
Standing up slowly I attacked back, punched in clumsy blows at first, then stronger blows as I got used to it. I punched until all of them ran, they uttering threats as they run, but they didn't scare me anymore and finally, I felt like I held all the power.
"Thank you," Someone said behind me and I turned around, shocked to see Karly behind me.
"You-ur welc-come," I stuttered feeling my face grow warm, I was talking to my crush!
"What is your name? I am Karly," She asked as she hugged me, making my face feel so warm I thought I was going to explode.
"Li-ind-da," I said stuttered so badly it didn't sound like a name, taking a deep breathe I said if again, "Linda, my name is Linda~"

After this things took a turn in a good way. Me and Karly started dating. The bullies got suspending after the principal saw the note I gave him. I started showing my art to the world and Karly took up painting. All I can say is, I'm glad I stood up go the bullies and I have tried to help others deal with bullies too.

The end

For this story, I was working more on the main character developing then how descriptive it was . Please feel free to tell me what you guys all think :3 honestly I did this more for the practice but I hope you all enjoy anyways.
Edited By Kiwi14 on 3/20/2020 at 2:22 PM.
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Posted: 3/19/2020 at 3:13 AM Post #22
Level 70
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Threads: 269
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Posted: 3/19/2020 at 10:37 PM Post #23
*more bump*
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Posted: 3/20/2020 at 12:07 AM Post #24
I couldn't stop listening to 'Not Gonna Die' So that's my Part A, Im still looking for my Part B, Nevermind, 'Clockwork' Caught me off-guard

Im gonna start writing on a different post
Edited By Wildcat2057 on 3/20/2020 at 12:13 AM.
Level 29
Eggcellent Designer
Joined: 7/14/2019
Threads: 30
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Posted: 3/20/2020 at 12:35 AM Post #25
PartA- Not gonna die
PartB- Clockwork
Here we go!..
Reminder: This is still a WIP

Hi, My name is Luna. I'm a girl, of course, and 18 in high school. Its only a month before we get out of school, so a lot of the kids are all exited and crazy. Especially the popular kids, who are my bullies.
Every day the bell rings for school to end, they wait for me outside and take me to a hidden spot and beat me up. I manage to cover most of the bruises and scratches they leave on me, but one day, things changed for all of us.

It was a Tuesday and some of the bullies were 'out sick', of course, that wasn't true, they probably just wanted to stay home and play video games or something. The bullies that were at school that day, did something different.
During lunch, they took me out to 'Play a game', as they said. And, being the stupid kid I am, I followed them to our hidden place. Then I knew what they were doing.
I said 'Again? I'm not surprised, your 'leader' isn't here so I'd suspect you would do it now instead of at the end of the school day.' And at that moment, I knew I messed up. But I wouldn't let them get to me.
One of them tried to kick me but I grabbed his leg and said' You should stop, really.' And drop-kicked him.
Then another tried to punch me but I moved out of the way and he hit the wall instead.
The one I drop-kicked was trying to catch his breath while the one who punched the wall was running around holding her fist like a maniac. The two other kids ran away in fear of ending up like the these two.

To be continued...
Edited By Wildcat2057 on 3/20/2020 at 12:50 AM.
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Posted: 3/20/2020 at 2:37 AM Post #26
cool cool^^
Level 70
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Threads: 269
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Posted: 3/20/2020 at 2:40 AM Post #27
Reminder bump, and anyone need extension?
Level 70
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Posted: 3/20/2020 at 10:21 AM Post #28
*cough* Yeah, probably
Level 70
The Perfectionist
Joined: 3/19/2020
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Posted: 3/20/2020 at 10:51 AM Post #29
Hi! I'm new here but I really wanna participate in more creative contests, sorry If I make stupid questions

To send you an entry do I post it on this thread or do I PM it to you? (also i'm highkey thankful for the youtube links, I needed new stuff to listen to while drawing)

((i did see ppl posting but I just wanted to make sure ;_; sorry))
Edited By Opossun on 3/20/2020 at 10:52 AM.
Level 70
Joined: 11/29/2013
Threads: 269
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Posted: 3/20/2020 at 5:43 PM Post #30
you can post it right onto here :)
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